Grade 4

Suggested Outline for At-Home Learning:

A tip for maintaining your child's interest throughout the day: break their learning up over the course of the day, or give them breaks between activities. At school, we always do a GoNoodle or two when we switch from one subject to another.


  • At least 45 minutes of reading (can be independent, read to child, or child reads out loud)
  • Read a variety of genres - both fiction and nonfiction
  • Write about reading (at school they would use their reading journal) - 15 minutes or more
  • Pick out words they don't know, search for the meaning using context clues, dictionary, or online.
  • Writing: free-write using a story starter or a prompt (links below)


  • Skills to retain:
    • multi-digit addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm (with borrowing or carrying, like 543-378)
    • multiplication
      • multiplication table facts (from 1x1 to 12x12)
      • multiplying 2, 3, or 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers (345x3) using partial products or the standard algorithm - they just learned both methods in the last 2 weeks at school.
  • At least 45 minutes spent doing math

Social Studies and Science:

Now is a great time for your child to investigate their own interests in science and social studies. Look through the links below for some ideas.




NEW! - ZEARN - this online program directly aligns with the curriculum we would use in class. I have created an account for your child - please email me for login information.

NEW! - Math Games Document linked below!

Social Studies and Science

  1. Ask a question
  2. Gather information and observe (research)
  3. Make a hypothesis (guess the answer)
  4. Experiment and test your hypothesis
  5. Analyze your test results
  6. Present a conclusion


Math Games

Math Games

Ideas and directions for some math games - this is a live document that both Ms. Hughes and I are adding to.



If you would like to use this, please email me or send me a message on Remind so I can send you the login information.