chapter 6 and 7

In chapter 6 titled The Wrong Train she got on the wrong train on the way to a music school. She was not worried about getting stranded when the wrong train dropped her by the side of the track. I would have been worried because it was an unfamiliar place and I would be thinking than another train would never stop. In this same chapter it talks about on of her music teachers and how she would help the teacher roll joints. Even though she was exposed to pot she said that she had no curiosity nor did she want to try pot. She understood that pot was illegal and worried about getting in trouble with the law. I think that is crazy that a 12 year old was rolling joints but the good part was that she knew that it could mean getting in trouble with the law. Also this surprised me that she was not curious but also it is so different compared ton kids in the newer generation because they are more curious. Today you hear a lot about teens and younger people experimenting with drugs and alcohol. I just found it so funny how the times have changed and the younger people have became more interested in gangs, drugs, and alcohol. In chapter 7 titled The Worst Year of My Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, the one thing that stood out to me was how Shania Twain made the decision to move her mother and siblings out of the abusive home. I would not be able to make that big of a decision that would affect everyone. Also when she turned 16 her mother went back with her siblings to her abusive father. Shania refused to go and she only kept very little of her belongings she only kept one suitcase of clothing and sent the rest with her mother and siblings.
These photos are on a page in the book and I took a picture of them.

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Knucklehead By: Jon Scieszka

I loved the use of the humor it helped it to be relatable. I was able to relate in a lot of ways and in a lot of places. On place I was able to connect quickly and off the bat was when Jon said that his dad surrounded him with books that he wanted to read and it helped him learn how to read. My connection to this would be that I can't remember a single time when there has not been a book in our house that I have wanted to read. Actually I don't remember a time when there has not been a single book. Another her place I connected to was when they said that their dad always listened to them, no matter how ridiculous the topic may seem. Also in this same area the lesson came through very clearly to me and the lesson I got was don't tell but show. Also in per teams people learn from experience versus speeches. The last thing I kind of connected to was having the hectic house hold because even though my family is a little smaller it seems like we are never going to be home. Another thing about a hectic house hold would be we are all involved in different things that interfere. One thing that stuck with me was how Jon made his family seem like their own little army. Each person seemed to have a roll the dad was the general or person in charge while Jon and his five brothers were like the soldiers. The whole learning from experience came through when Jon decide he wanted the foot locker with the army men and other combat toys. But his dad warned him and he ignored it. When the foot locker with the combat toys in he realized his dad was right


Fireflies by:Julie Brinckloe

Fireflies to me was more than just a children's book but a piece carefully constructed to be a beautiful but simple memoir. I think this memoir helped Julie to show some of the things she feared and enjoyed in life. I love how the dark and light represented more than just day time and night time. But they represented feelings. The dark represented like sadness and Julie was fearful of the dark. The light represented happiness and there were not fears of the light. I think the lesson would be to look for the possibilities in life and make decisions wisely because there are consequences in life. When I read through this for the first time I thought the lesson was that there are things in life you might not want to do but sometimes it can make or break it. I was also considering that the lesson could be that even if the world may seem dark and evil there is some light or good in the world. I believe that all of these lessons could apply depending on your out look on the darkness and light. I could relate to any of these lessons, because my parents have said these but in other terms. I truly do believe that that the lesson I chose fits it nicely. The lesson I chose was that there are possibilities in life along with decisions to be made and consequences to be faced. One little quote that would makes my lesson really work is " It was growing dark. My treehouse was a black shape in the tree and I wouldn't go up there now. But something flickered there, a moment - I looked, and it was gone. It flickered again, over near the fence. Fireflies!" That quote shows the difference between how she felt with the dark and the light. One thing that stood out to me was how it seemed to me like all of the children were seeking the same thing, the light and happiness.
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Shania Twain chapters 4 and 5

I at first had thought it was sad that Shania never really established a relationship with her biological father. But after I learned that she did establish a relationship with her step father I was happy. I also found it nice that her step father thought of her as his own and forbid anybody to use the terms "step" or "half" in the house. At the age of ten she started writing her own music and she often put stories into songs. Also at the age of ten her mom started getting her gigs in bars. When she would get these gigs the other musicians would not take her seriously at first. Shania had no intentions what so ever of sharing her music to her family others. I loved the fact that her step father would rather find ways to make it through than to go the easy route and depend on the state and government. One example is they raised chickens of their own in the basement of the house they were currently living in. They raised the chickens for both eggs and meat. One section from the book that stood out among all the other was in chapter four titled Roast Beef Families on page fifty - three, " My (step) father lived by the optimistic outlook ' Where there's a will, there's a way.' He was not easily discouraged, and I was encouraged by his positive attitude, although I didn't like mustard sandwiches or the fact that that was all I had to look forward to in my lunch at school. But he was right that it was better than nothing." I found this little bit interesting because the (step) father was so positive even though he knew how hard the times were and how poor they were. I think he tried to be strong for the families sake seeing as Shania's mom was always depressed and the girls needed support. On thing that surprised me in chapter five was she had her first drink of alcohol at the age of twelve. She was curious because she was exposed to it while she played in the gigs. One night when her ( step ) father and mother were sitting at the table sipping their coke and whiskey. Shania and her cousin Kenny were playing guitar and singing when she said that she wanted to taste it. Her step father said ok and mixed her a drink with very little alcohol in it. Shania did not think the there was enough whiskey so she asked for more, and her ( step ) father gave her more. I am sure that my parents would not have let me drink even a little sip of alcohol at the age of twelve. My parents don't really drink either though, they only drink on special occasions. I don't think I was even interested in alcohol at the age of twelve and I am not curious now either.These photo's were in the book and they are around the same time as what I read about.

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Mother Tongue By: Amy Tan

I found Mother Tongue very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. I could relate it to other memoirs but not my personal life. One of the connections I made was to Shania Twain's memoir and how she used the hardships as a way to encourage herself to move forward more and to strive to do more. I think that shows thru a little bit because Amy Tan does not let her mothers English affect her whole life but it does affect some of her life. The making it thru the hardships reminds me of how my parents and many adults tell me that if I set my mind to something I can accomplish it. Also I thought this could kind of relate to William Zinzer and how he stressed that you need to write about everything not just what is happy or good but what is important. Amy Tan wrote about the bad or not so good things as well as the good things. One thing that stood out to me was Amy Tan at first said her moms English was good and clean and very understandable, but later she contradicted herself and described her mothers English as broken or fractured. This memoir was very nicely written. Here is a photo of her and her mom.

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From This Moment On By: Shania Twain

Shania Twain does not make her life look picture perfect. She starts right in on the retaliates of her life. She does not hide the hardships, this relates to William Zinzer because he said that it was important to write everything not just the happy memories. She does not make it seem like she has the perfect life she shows that even if people are famous they go thru hard times. I think she uses her hardships as a way to push herself, to further accomplish things I think she uses them as motivation to keep going. One of the things she did not let affect her singing career was when she was younger money was very tight, they often lived in very small houses. In chapter two titled Timmins on page twenty - one she talks about how she sung in front of her first grade class and she sang " Take Me Home, Country Roads." After she sang she was often called a " show off " because she was good at singing. Kids would make fun of her because she could sing. I am sure that when I was in first grade I would not have had the guts to sing in front of my peers. In chapter two on page thirty - three Shania Twain said that " Ultimately, I've realized that my responsibility is to do my best, whether I succeed or not. " I can relate to that quote because my parents are always telling me they don't expect me to be perfect at what I do, as long as I put my all into it and do my best. Also to connect to sports all the coaches I have had say it's not about winning or loosing ( succeeding or not ) but that we had fun and did our best. In chapter three the titled Tomboy on page thirty - seven Shania talked about how she felt that singing and her other music was the only way to really get thru to her parents. I found that very interesting seeing as I can get thru to my parents by simply asking and talking to them. I am able to use patience to wait to get their attention.
This photo was in the book and these are a few of the photos from when they lived in timmins.

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Once More to The Lake by E.B. White

April 17,2015

Once More to The Lake was not very easy for me to connect to because I have not aged very much. But one spot I was able to connect was when E.B. White said that the lake was a sacred and holy place that brought back memories. This made me think about when we go camping and how beautiful it is and always will be. No matter what else is going on in life you have this one place you can escape to. When things go wrong you are still able to have a place where you find total peace and happiness. E.B White also showed that you can experience things that have happened in the past weather it is through others, a place, or simply an object. The thing that stood out the most was it could happen any where, it does not have to be a specific place. I was having trouble connecting because of the way time passed and I am not yet an adult. I also had a hard time with connecting to the how E.B. White remember things through his son.


I have started!!

April 14,2015
I am so excited that I have finished the first chapter titled, "So That's What Happened To Me." From This Moment On seems to have a good flow and I have learned that Shania Twain as a child moved around a lot. I have also learned that Shania Twain was born a still born but she was still alive it was a miracle. I also learned that she had a father who abused her mother and she many times watched the abuse happen. This was a shocker to me because she is so up beat and happy in her music and she is inspirational. Also her aunt died giving birth to her cousin and her parents took her cousin in because they felt that it was the right thing to do. Shania Twains first name as a child was Eilleen. Also Shania said that her first music lesson was her kindergarden year and it was the first day. Shania said that they only got to play with the instruments for a few minuets, but that was here favorite thing to do. I like how she got exposed to music at a young age and then she was able to turn it into a career later on. It is amazing to see how Shania went from watching her mother be abused to being an inspirational singer. I love how this shows that even if you go through a lot you can still be a good role model. I hope that I can someday be just as inspirational as Shania Twain.
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From This Moment On by Shania Twain

April 7,2015
I selected Shania Twain because I am interested to see how she got into the career of music. I hope to learn about how she got through the rough patches in her life and what type of environment she grew up in.
"Packed with intimate details that may surprise even her most dedicate fans."
"Moving and revealing."
~ Publishers Weekly
"A painfully honest recollection that exposes her deepest vulnerabilities to a worldwide audience."
~ Hartford Examiner
I found these quotes on the book.

From reading the back of the book Shania Twain went through a lot of rough patches in her life time and she made it through them. Now Shania Twain is an inspiring and heart warming person full of wisdom.
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Fairytales unit

I had lots of fun and enjoyed the fairytales unit, I had lots of fun. I am looking forward to blogging about my memoir.Photo taken by me