Bossypants Finale

Bossypants was a great book. I loved her style of writing and her use of hilarious memories to bring across important points. Throughout the book Fey used many different lessons and to me the book did not have an overall lesson but was full of wonderful lessons and great memories. I loved how Fey used her voice throughout the book. There was not one point in the memoir were her voice was on point, it was great! I hope my memoir is as great as hers I just can't get over how great it really was. Something I would take away from this memoir would definitely be the voice in her stories because I have a voice but don't typically use it in my writing, I feel as though it has to be super proper, but she showed me different. I would also take away the fact that she uses her best and most hilarious memories to bring out serious and wonderful lessons. I will definitely use her style as a guideline for my own writing and I would gladly read the book again, who knows I might even be able to find more lessons. I highly recommend this book to everyone because it is not really gender specific and is fun for adults and young adults read I really recommend that you read it!


The Stranger in the Photo is Me

The Stranger in the Photo is Me was a great memoir but very hard to connect to. I say this because I feel as though the lesson in this memoir was the fact that you have to live life and that you can't take relive life. The lesson to me is hard to connect to because I haven't really lived life yet, maybe as I grow older I will begin to connect to this lesson more. I do relate to the fact that you have to live life because I always hear in my family "live life to the fullest because you don't know what is going to happen, or todays history tomorrow's a mystery." I feel like you can't relate unless you have lived. For example in the memoir he states that " people sixties and older usually ask why they took this road and not that one." I haven't lived enough to know what to think of this lesson yet and that's why I find it so hard to relate to. I also think that someone can change so much they don't recognize who they were and I feel that that was another lesson pointed out in this memoir. Overall I think this memoir was well written but to me hard to connect to because of my age.

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Bossypants section 5

This section of Bossypants was hilarious! I loved this section of Bossypants because it was full of humor an relatable stories. Everyone has fears, things they hate to do, and things they just don't want to do including me. I would never hold a giant spider because I am scared of them, I hate cleaning my room and I just don't want to do my homework, those are what I think about this part of Bossypants. Tina talks more about her husbands fears and less about hers because it is just funny. Tina's husband hates flying but she needed to get him out of that fear. One year Tina's husband won tickets to Austria which just happens to have some not so great wind conditions while flying most of the time, a perfect place to bring some one that hates to fly right! Well if you can't hear the sarcasm dripping off my teeth you probably it would be the perfect place to bring a person scared of flying. Tina decided to make this trip with her husband and let's just say she promised to never make him fly again. It reminds me of some of my memories like the time we got stuck on the four wheeler during a severe thunderstorm, with my little sister who isn't scared but hates being outside during thunderstorms. I was in the back of the four wheeler next to five year old Katelyn, and behind my dad. As we approached the top of Freeman Ridge I saw a bolt of lightning but said it was just head lights well Katelyn didn't think so she freaked! She was not so happy she was nervous but mad that we didn't check the weather. We needed up driving down Route 27, when we got home we were soaked to the skin and let's just say we check the weather every time we go four wheeling.


Knucklehead by Jon Scieszka

Knucklehead was a wonderful, well written and humorous memoir. I loved Knucklehead it was full of fun and memories which is what I want my memoir to be like. I loved how Jon used some of his most simple memories to relate to the audience. While I was reading this I was reminded of playing when I was little and even now watching my cousins and sister play. I really liked how he made this relatable through his stories and how he was based around his family. I really want my memoir to be based around my family and closest friends, because they are who shaped who I am. In this story what came through to me was the fact that one simple word can bring back so many memories, I feel as though I can say almost everyone has a word that brings back memories whether they are good or bad. I think the word that brings back the most for me is laughter, I know that sounds stupid, but that's it. I learned laughter is the best sound in the world. To me laughter is everything, all the good memories I have either have laughter in them or produce laughter, my favorite thing to do is make people laugh I don't care what people think of me when I make people laugh all that matters is seeing someone else happy. I feel like that's what I do best is make people happy. I got of topic there but it just shows how one simple word or memory can bring back so much more and make you think so much more, it's amazing. I loved this memoir it was relatable, funny and helped bring back some of my favorite memories. I hope my memoir is as great as his.

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Bossypants section 4

I loved this section of Bossypants, it was full of humor, hiking and pushing yourself to the limit. I liked this section of Bossypants not only because of how relatable it was but because of how Tina Fey incorporates lessons into the story. I think this section of Bossypants was trying to get across the point that you only get better by pushing yourself to the limit. The sentence that struck me most was " I would never have thought I could do that." It reminds me of times I learned I can do something if I try, for example when I went snowboarding I didn't think I could hit and land jumps but I tried once and failed tried again and failed and kept trying until I landed one. Every sport I have played I thought I would be bad at but turns out that I am a decent goalie and have quite the arm in softball. I was so proud and these are the moments I realized anything is possible if you challenge yourself. You don't change if you don't challenge yourself. I love how Tina Fey uses her funny memories to incorporate this lesson, in this section she hiked a mountain with two friends, one fell of a small cliff but she did learn that she could do anything if she tried. Even though she was tired on the walk to the bottom of the mountain. I just love the humorous aspect of her writing, I definitely want a memoir that is like hers. I seriously love everything about the book, the writer, the lessons and of course the memories. I don't know how she did it. The thing I would most likely want to use would be how she uses some of her funniest and most simple memories and makes them into lessons that everyone can relate to. I would definitely like to write a memoir using her writing techniques and am looking forward to the rest of the book.


Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe

Fireflies, is a beautiful well written memoir about hope and opportunity. I could relate to fireflies very well because almost every year we have a weekend based around just family and I find myself and many of my cousins catching fireflies. I find them as a beautiful way to bond and to me they represent much more than bugs. In the memoir I think the point was that hope and opportunity are always out there and that there is always light in a world full of darkness. The quote that pointed this out was "the jar glowed like moonlight." I thought this was important because it shows that there is light in a dark world and that is what lead me to thinking this was the lesson. That may also be why connected so well to this story. I always try to find the light in the days it's dark, I am that person who knows how to make someone happy and I know this will sound weird but maybe I am someone's firefly. I loved this story so much, I think it is by far one of the best short memoirs I have read probably because of the lesson and how simple but effective the story really was. I would definitely try to use Brinckloe's style of writing just because of how she uses a relatable story and makes it into a very deep and meaningful lesson for the reader, I find that so cool. The picture I use is actually my a picture I use often, it is my profile picture in my computer. When I chose this picture I thought about how this sums me up and I felt like it was connected to who I am, not only because I bond with family while catching fireflies but because I have people who are my fireflies and I might be someone else firefly. My favorite song a while back was actually Fireflies by Owl City. I find it funny and amazing how many times fireflies have came up in my life and to me they are not just bugs. I just can't get over how beautifully this is states what I have actually been thinking and how it spark so many new ideas.

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Bossypants section 3

In this section of Bossypants its all about that dad. Tina Fey talks about the importance of having her father in her life and what he has done for her.Throughout this section I had so many things I could relate to and that's what I like about Tina Fey's writing. She uses small relatable stories rather than using deep and long stories, because it provides a more relatable experience. For example when Tina talks about how her dad would congratulate her after a play reminds me of what my dad does for me after a game. The lesson in this section in my opinion might be that having a father is important to any child and what the father does affects the child's actions later in life. You could even say it's just to be able to have someone to talk to someone you can look up to. I am lucky enough to be one of those people who not only has a father I can look up to and learn from but many other people that I can look up to like my cousins. I would like to base my memoir around family and who is close to me because like Tina I feel that your family has a major impact and helps form who you are. I would also like to use some of her writing techniques like how she uses smaller stories, that is also easy for me because I tend to like smaller more meaningful memories than long and less meaningful memories.


Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

Mother tongue, to me showed you how life is being raised in a bilingual family. I thought the author Amy Tan did a great job explaining how people's knowledge is judged based on how they communicate with others. I can't relate to what Amy is going through because I have never lived in a different country and learned different languages, but it doesn't mean I can't relate to the the fact people are judged based on how they talk. I have seen kids who are very smart but can't communicate as well as others and are said to be stupid because of how they talk. Another thing I noticed in Mother Tongue was how Amy talked about having a passion for writing and having it not be proper, or proper v.s passion as I like to call it. She even states and I quote " I am not a scholar of English or literature... I am a writer."(paragraphs 1&2)She explains how if you have a passion for something then follow your passion and don't let others pressure you into doing something you don't like. I think that many people would definitely relate to how she has a passion for something but she doesn't do it properly. Overall I think she did a great job using her memories and making them into a lesson filled, and beautifully written memoir. I think I could definitely use her ways of writing, the way she makes her memories into a lesson is beautiful in my opinion and I hope that I can take some of her skills and incorporate them into my own memoir.

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Bossypants section 2

In this part of Bossypants, Tina talks about her friends growing and how she didn't fit in. I couldn't relate to this part of the story because I didn't know what she was feeling because I have always had friends and none of them were homosexual. Although some of her acting class memories reminded me of the dances classes I used to go to. In this section of the book a lesson emerged, I thought was she didn't care what people thought about who she was friends with, but added humor to make it more entertaining. She had some of the best times she had in her childhood with her friends who weren't considered normal. I think that I would definitely mention my closest friends in my memoir because they shaped who I am. I think this sectional overall talked about the importance of this section is having close friends, friends you can trust with your deepest secrets. Some of the writing styles I could use was how she brings her memories back and the way she uses detail to explain them.

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Once More To The Lake

One More to the Lake is a well written and deeply spoken memoir. The whole time we were reading this I connected to his memories, and was able to find potential memories I could use in my own memoir. At first when I heard the writer was E.B White I thought the memoir was going to be more childish and not as deeply written as it was. I was definitely wrong, when I thought this while reading this part of his memoir it was the exact opposite. He used his senses a lot in his writing and I think that would be a style that I could use, because when I write memories I tend to use at least two or three of my senses. He also used a small memory that is important to him and made it something that others can connect with. Something that annoyed me a little was some of his wording. For example when it said "I had trouble making out who I was next to me and who was walking in my pants." I found the wording a bit weird. Overall I think I learned from his writing and found memories and styles I could potentially use when I write my own memoir. His universal truth was in my opinion, was that you need to realize that as you grow older things will change and that you need to accept change. The first time I read this I didn't see the universal truth but once I reread it I understood. I think it took me more time to understand because I am still young and I haven't experienced parenthood and what it is like to relive your memories and I think that is important to understanding this memoir.


Bossypants entry #2 chapter 1

The first chapter of Bossypants, is full of jokes, memories and harsh comments. The chapter starts off with her first day of kindergarten and how she had her favorite toy and blanket. She also talks about how she got the scar on her face, during her spring semester of kindergarten. She was slashed in the face in an alley way behind her house, but still finds a way to make it funny, which is not only funny but also inspiring because she overcame this problem. She even say she hates the people that say her scar is beautiful, in the book she says, " The grossest move is when they say they're only curious because it's so beautiful. Ugh Disgusting." I love the small remarks she makes. I saw in the first chapter just how Tina Fey writes, it's almost as if she doesn't care which is why I like her style of writing. I am looking forward to reading more of her fun, joke filled and inspiring memoir and maybe use it to help me write my own.



Bossypants by Tina Fey is said to be full of humor, jokes and funny stories. I chose the memoir Bossypants because I feel like I can relate, because I have many funny memories and for those who know me well I am actually really funny. I am also looking forward to seeing how she became who she is and if anything inspired her to be who she is. I've looked at reviews and heard from some people in my class that it is a great book, on Barnes and Noble it rated a four out five. I hope to learn many things about how to overcome problems and how to make people laugh. From what I have heard this book is suppose to be very funny and very good and I hope I am not disappointed.


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