Hunger Games: Blog 8 Chapters 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 Response

Chapter 20 Questions:

Q1. First of all I added a picture of a goat because the animal is what I this questions was based on and this is what I think receiving a goat for my birthday would look like. What my reaction would be if I got a wounded goat for my tenth birthday would be very, very surprised. If I was living in District 12 though and I got a goat I would probably be very happy because that would mean having cheese, milk and really just a pet to have at home. It would help me relax a little knowing that I would have some food to live off of and to have comfort of a new life in my house. It would be kind of scary knowing that the goat had a bad wound though, because if it was bad enough then the creature could very well die! Believing that I would have the healing techniques like Prim and her mother though, I wouldn’t be to worried. In this day and age if I were to receive a goat I wouldn’t know what to do but if this day and age meant living in District 12 and in control of the Capitol I would be very excited and happy.

Chapter 21 Questions:

Q2. I added a picture of two people shaking hands because this is how I pictured Thresh saving Katniss during the feast looked like. I think the significance of Thresh saving Katniss’s life was very important. If he hadn’t and had decided to end her right then and there that would be it for Katniss Everdeen and most likely the end for Prim. Knowing that Gale had found out and possibly gone into a stage like Prim’s mother Prim wouldn’t have anyone to look after her so it would be very hard for her to survive. Although, since Thresh saved Katniss by letting her live nothing like that will happen (unless of course Katniss dies by the hands of someone else). What I think Rue meant to Thresh was that of like all other tributes, they came from the same districts and grew up together so to see that person die would be kind of heartbreaking. And for Katniss to take care of Rue like that and give her a respectful funeral I think it gave Thresh peace for him knowing that she has left the world in peace. So really what I think Rue meant to Thresh was that she was a kind of distant relative to him so it was hard for him to see her go.

Chapter 22 Questions:

Q3. I added a picture of a syringe because this is how I pictured Katniss giving Peeta the medicine would look like (even though in the book it said he was given a syringe). I thought the decision to send Peeta and Katniss food instead of medicine or water was a good idea. I think this because since their cave is right beside a stream and since they are both well and healthy after Katniss gave Peeta the shot the one thing they really needed was some decent food, and that is exactly what they got. It was also important that they got food because they needed the energy to fight the remaining tributes and get through the arena to win the games. I think it would also be important to get medicine though because you never know when you could get a simple cold or a fever and end up on the ground with a sword through your chest due to you not being able to defend yourself because you were too sick and weak to. So even though it would be important to get things like water and food I think it is also very important to get medicine.

Chapter 23 Questions:

Q4. I think the real relationship between Katniss and Peeta on and off camera is that they kind of both have crushes on each other in real life but on camera they are just totally in love with each other! I think whenever Katniss is thinking about Peeta and her feelings for him, Gale always seems to just pop up in her mind so she starts thinking about Gale instead of Peeta, so it kind of seems like she is stuck in between both of the boys. I’m kind of unclear of how Peeta thinks of Katniss for real because I know in the arena he is always trying to keep up the love act for the Capitol but I’m not sure wether half of what he is doing is truthful or fake. In chapter 23 page 311, “This perplexing, good-natured boy who can spin out lies so convincingly the whole of Panem believes him to be hopelessly in love with me, and I’ll admit it, there are moments when he makes me believe it myself? At least, we’ll be friends, I think. Nothing will change the fact that we’ve saved each other’s lives in here. And beyond that, he will always be the boy with the bread. Good friends. Anything beyond that though. . .and I feel Gale’s gray eyes watching me watching Peeta, all the way from District 12.” So Katniss explains right there in that paragraph that she is even kind of confused with her and Peeta’s relationship, even though she knows she doesn’t really love him she knows she still kind of has some feeling’s for him, while she also has some feelings for Gale too.

Chapter 24 Questions:

Q5. I think the reason for the Gamemakers to force Cato, Peeta and Katniss together was because they were the last three tributes left and it was time for them to end the games. I think it also was a way for the Gamemakers to make a last exciting move in the games and get the audience to sit on the edge of their seats with anticipation to see who would turn out to be the 74th annual Hunger Games winner. Otherwise, if the Gamemakers hadn’t forced them together the games would draw on for a very long time and the audience would be fairly bored just watching Katniss and Peeta kissing and hugging and whatever Cato had been doing at the time. I don’t really think the Gamemakers tactics to get the tributes together is a very fair, but sometimes what they do is what they have to do because they can’t have the games go on forever.

Chapter 25 Questions:

Q6. I added a picture of this dog/human like mutation because this is almost exactly how I pictured the mutts in the book to look like. I think the use of mutations in the final battle scene was for the Gamemakers to remind the tributes of who they had killed before inthe games and so it would bring them to think about what they did and in sorrow they would sort of allow the “mutts” to kill them. Unless someone like Cato was ruthless enough to just kill the creatures right then and there as they would to an opposing tribute. I do and I don’t really think it was fair for the Gamemakers to use mutts. I do think it was fair because the Gamemakers altered the deceased tributes to become mutations so in a sort of way the Gamemakers basically just brought back the tributes to kill the

remaining tributes just in another body and one of which thetributes could not control. I don’t think it was fair because the Gamemakers altered the tributes to become dog like creatures and to be a lot stronger and faster than the tributes were before which could easily kill the remanning tributes if they were not on their guard or not skilled enough to fight them off. So again I think the use of mutts was fair and it wasn’t. My personal reaction to the mutts was that I thought they were really, really cool. I thought it was cool that the Gamemakers transformed the dead tributes into dog like creatures to go back and fight the tributes who had ended them before. I think it was just a really cool way of ending off the games and it was sort of a way for the tributes before to gain redemption on those who had ended them before.

Chapter 26 Questions:

Q7. Katniss and Peeta’s decision to commit suicide was a way for them to kind of slap the Capitol in the face and prove them wrong against all odds. Katniss was always talking in the book about how she wanted to shame the Capitol for what they were doing and like how Katniss gave Rue the funeral this was a huge way of proving them wrong. I think what they did (Katniss and Peeta) was a good idea. I think this because every day of their lives the people of Panem have to live under the control of the Capitol and do whatever they are told but in the arena when Katniss and Peeta shared the berries to die together if they both could not win they proved the Capitol wrong and were going to do things their way if they had to. I think that what they did was a form of rebellion and it is important to show those traits if you desire to live under your own free will of the world. Even though the Capitol will most certainly not take kindly to this rebellion and will do what they can to get back at them, I do think what Katniss and Peeta did in the games was a good idea.

Chapter 27 Questions:

Q8. I am not very sure how Katniss and Peeta’s relationship will turn out after the cameras go off because even though in the arena they were all about love and everything, that was all for show and sponsors, so believing that Katniss is not totally all about love for Peeta I think their relationship will not turn out how Peeta (if he actually liked Katniss for real) expected it to. We all know that Katniss defiantly has feelings for Gale and possibly for Peeta as well for all they had been through but I think if Peeta finds out that Katniss isn’t as into him as he thought she was I think their relationship will make a turn for the worst. When Katniss and Peeta go to all of the districts for their victory tour they will most likely act as a couple once again as they had in the games, but I am pretty sure it won’t be very true feelings. So I am fairly certain that Peeta and Katniss’s relationship will not progress as much as it would in the arena when they are back in the real world.

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Hunger Games: Blog 7 Chapters 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 Response

Chapter 15 Questions:

Q1. How I think Katniss feels after killing the two female tributes during the tracker jack attack is that she is somewhat way, way deep down sorrowful. Even though the hunger games is about kids killing kids, and they were gonna kill Katniss anyways if they got the chance, if she plans on winning it was something she needed to do. Also after killing the tribute girl Glimmer from district 1 Katniss got her bow and arrows so it was basically a big plus for her. I know I would feel kind of bad especially thinking about how the girls parents would watch her suffer to death at home on t.v, although seeing how District 1 is all about luxury her parents may be snotty enough to not care about their daughters death and just kind of dismiss it. It is probably the right thing for Katniss to feel sorry for what she did but in that kind of time and place it was okay not to feel to to sorry. Katniss must remain strong throughout the games and the only way she can get sponsors is by doing so, so I think its important for Katniss to kind of not think about it.

Chapter 16 Questions:

Q2. First of all I added a picture of a man flipping a coin because that is how I believe the choice of Katniss joining an alliance with Rue was like, which would be a 50/50 chance on the turn out of the situation. The way I think about Katniss’s decision to form an alliance with Rue was that it was a good idea and a bad idea. I think to be on Rue’s good side is a very good advantage because she is so sneaky and resourceful, but if it had come down to just Katniss and Rue it would be very hard to kill her because she would be such a good partner and friend. A way the two could resource from each other is that Rue knows mostly everything about agriculture because her district is all about agriculture so she can find good berries and vegetables while Katniss is excellent at hunting. So the two would make an almost unstoppable team. I also believe though that if one person (Katniss or Rue) came out victorious over the other then they will never be the same again because they will always be thinking about how they had to kill one of there very dear friends. So I think at the time it was a good idea for Katniss to join an alliance but overall its not such a good idea.

Chapter 17 Questions:

Q3. I added a picture of a big explosion because this is how I pictured the careers food supply blow up its just a little exaggerated. Anyways, I think it will be very, very hard for the career tributes to survive without their stockpile because in their districts they mostly only grow up to train for the Hunger Games, as in fight train. So if (or since it happened) their whole entire food supply just disappears, or explodes, then they will practically starve to death. Guessing that they never had the chance to hunt in their districts they will most likely die unless they somehow manage to go kill every last one of the opposing tributes before they starve. I can only imagine that it will be a very hard struggle for the Careers to survive. Also knowing that the Gamemakers had made obvious sources of berries poisoned out in the open the careers will probably think they’re safe to eat so out of starvation they will eat them and die. So I believe it will be a very hard challenge for the careers to survive after their food was destroyed.

Chapter 18 Questions:

Q4. The significance of the funeral that Katniss put on for Rue was that it was really important. I thought it was important because Rue was a good friend to Katniss and Katniss had to show some form of respect to her because of that. I think it also was a way for Katniss to help give Rue a peaceful life after death, as well as Katniss giving respect to district 11. Like Katniss said on pages 236-237, on chapter 18, “I want to do something, right here, right now, to shame them, to make them accountable, to show the Capitol that whatever they do or force us to do there is a part of every tribute that they can’t own. That Rue was more than a piece in their Games. And so am I.” So really Katniss was trying to show that Capitol that she was more than just a killing machine or a “piece in their game” but a real human being. When Katniss set up the funeral for Rue she knew that with all of the flowers that the Gamemakers would have to show it so when they did people would realize Katniss is not a hollow killer and is someone who actually cares. I think that what Katniss did was a very important message to everyone in Panem and would be recognized as an act of respect.

Chapter 19 Questions:

Q5. I think the feelings that Katniss and Peeta show for each other are both a little real and fake. I believe this because when Katniss found Peeta he was badly wounded and had a terrible fever, and the only way for Katniss to heal Peeta (besides prior knowledge) was by needing certain supplies. The only way for Katniss to get some of those certain supplies was by getting sponsors which of course would be a perfect moment for Katniss to show affection for Peeta. Katniss would do stuff like give Peeta little kisses on the cheek and snuggle up to him at night when it was cold so she eventually got some useful supplies. I think partly when Katniss was doing that she was just for the supplies, but I also believe that she was genuinely scared for Peeta’s life. I think the relationships in this book are very weird considering how Katniss is always thinking about Gale and what they would do in a certain situation while Katniss is also thinking about Peeta and wether she should like him or not.

Chapter Thoughts, Reactions etc.

First of all I would like to say that I really like the idea of two tributes from the same district winning because that really puts a nasty edge on the games. It also allows for Peeta and Katniss to survive if they teamed up. I also have to say that Rue was defiantly one of my favorite characters in the book yet. I liked her because of her sneakiness and that she teamed up with Katniss. They really made a perfect team. It really, really stunk though that she had to die! That really made me angry so I was practically happy that that jerk Marvel from District 1 was shot right through the throat by Katniss. By far I think these 5 chapters had to have been some of the best ones in the book.

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Hunger Games: Blog 6 Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 Response

Chapter 10 Questions:

Q1. I have a picture of this tracking camera because it makes me think of how the Gamemakers are watching the tributes in the games. Anyways, I think the Gamemakers inserted the trackers in the tributes arms because it was probably a way to make the action of the games more lively. For example if a tribute was off hiding in the arena and they could not see them on the video cameras then the Gamemakers could use their tracker to find the tribute and force them into action like shooting large fireballs at them. That is actually probably exactly how the Gamemakers found Katniss so far away from the tributes by using the tracker in her arm. I don't think the Gamemakers will remove the trackers from the tributes because that is probably another way of the Capitol showing their power to all the people of Panem and that they are still in control of everyone.

Chapter 11 Questions:

Q2. How I would have handled the Cornucopia would probably be by focusing hard on which weapons I wanted (which would be the bow and arrow and possibly if I could snag a sword as well) and when the time was up charge it as hard and fast as I could and fight like a tiger to get the things I wanted. Maybe I would kill a couple of tributes in there if I could which would most likely be the careers and get out of there as fast as I could. Even though I would risk my life to get the weapons I wanted I think it might be the best choice especially if I was like Katniss and could hunt really good! After I had gotten the weapons I wanted I probably would have then ran into the woods as fast as I could and wait in a tree nearby the cornucopia and then after nightfall I would sneak back over to the battle zone and scour the dead bodies and the cornucopia for any remaining items that could be of future use.

Chapter 12 Questions:

Q3. First of all I added a picture of puppets on strings because this is how I believe the Gamemakers are treating the tributes, like puppets. I don't really believe it is fair that the Gamemakers have such a large amount of control over the tributes in the games like shooting fireballs at them when they are really far away from each other. I think that is basically cheating because the interest of the Hunger Games reality show is kids killing other kids in battle, so to see gamemakers kill the kids in effort to keep the show interesting is kind of evil and lame (even though the whole idea of the Hunger Games is evil). If the Gamemakers have to actually keep track of the kids all the time to keep a long going battle why don't they just make the stadium smaller therefore the tributes are always close together and there is more fighting! The objective of the games is to try and survive the hardships of the wild while all the while you must be on your guard of enemy tributes waiting to strike you at any moment, it is not trying to stay alive from the Gamemakers! If that was the case they should just think about making a new television show about kids or average people fighting obstacles of the Gamemakers in effort to stay alive instead of people fighting against other people.

Chapter 13 Questions:

Q4. I don't really think Katniss's burn will affect her future play because she has survived through enough hardships in life that I think she will be able to remain strong and strive throughout the games with serious willpower. Like she said in chapter 3 page 36, "Besides, it isn't in my nature to go down without a fight, even when things seem insurmountable." So that quote really explains how Katniss has had to survive through a lot of struggles in life and will not give up until she has finished what is needed to be done. Hearing that quote also explains that a burn will not stop Katniss from succeeding her goals. Sure I think it might slow Katniss down a bit but it is nothing that will stop her completely. She also has a lot of motivation back home to help her strive to like Prim, her mother, gale and the baker. So I don't really believe that a burn will affect Katniss that much in the games.

Chapter 14 Questions:

Q5. What I think the careers will do to Peeta after he let Katniss get away will be that they will turn on him in effort to kill him immediately or they will capture him and try to torture him to death for letting Katniss the one they had been after get away. I guarantee that they will not be very pleased with their "partner" and what he has done, especially after Katniss had dropped the tracker jackers nest on the careers and actually killed two of their members. I'm thinking they are going to really want some serious revenge! Although they may kind of feel a little thankful to Katniss because the careers would have had to turned on each other eventually so that may have helped them a little bit. Even so I think Peeta is going to have some serious trouble on his hands.

Chapter Thoughts, Reactions Etc..

One of my first thoughts I wanted to share was that I thought it was really unfair that the Gamemakers have such a large amount of control over the tributes. It is hardly fair at all! My second thought is that I really like how Katniss is always climbing really high up in trees and making little camps it is super cool! I think I would probably do the same thing Katniss would do. I also really liked how Katniss came up with the idea of throwing the tracker jackers nest on the careers camp. It sure got them to run!

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Hunger Games: Blog 5 Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9 Response

Chapter 6 Questions:

Q1. First of all I added a picture of futuristic technology because in Panem the technology is crazy so I thought this picture really fit for this question. Anyways I think the type of technology in the Capitol compared to the type of technology in District 12 is VERY different. First of all in the Capitol all the people have to do is press a button on a table and poof, there is a huge gourmet meal in front of them! While in District 12 everyone has to earn their meals by hunting every day or trading in the seam and the Hob. Also when people in the Capitol have to take a shower all they have to do is step in a tube shaped thing and press a couple of buttons and they are sprayed with soaps, oils, waters and pretty much anything that could possibly clean you or make you smell better! While in District 12 the people really never worry about taking showers or bathing because the only thing they are worried about is surviving. District 12 does have electricity sometimes though only because they have to watch important messages from the Capitol sometimes or if they want to watch the games. So really the Capitol’s technology holds the futuristic theme while District 12 has the old fashioned, medieval theme. There is a huge difference between the two places, technology wise.

Q2. Honestly I don’t know why any person would run away from the Capitol because it is probably the best place in Panem that someone could be in! But anyways I think the Avox girl was running away from the Capitol with her little brother because possibly they had just stolen something and like Katniss said to Gale in chapter 8 on page 111, “Just remember, stealing’s punishable by death.”, so my best assumption would be that the children stole something from the Capitol and were running away from the Peacekeepers who then killed the Avox’s brother and cut her tongue out because they could use her as a useful servant.

Chapter 7 Questions:

Q3. I think Haymitch told Katniss and Peeta to not show their real strength in their training because, if they were to show off their skills and strength the other contestants would get a feel and understanding of what they could do when they’re in combat. So if they are able to fake their moves their opponents would underestimate them where then Katniss and Peeta strike when they least expect it. Also Haymitch may have told them to do that because if Katniss and Peeta do not chose to work together they will not know each others strengths therefore they can be evenly matched against each other. (Although I almost guarantee Peeta and Katniss will help each other so I could basically disregard my own prediction.)

Q4. I am not very sure what the other contestants think of Katniss because while they are training everyone mostly stays to themselves because they have to focus or they don’t want to form relationships with people they have to kill. Also I bet the kids that come from the richer districts like District 1 are probably snobby and think that District 12 kids are not good enough to talk to them so they just make instant judgments before hand. I know there is one kid though that seems to like Katniss a lot because whenever Katniss looks back she always seems to catch the kid looking at her, “I throw my spear, which I’m not to bad at actually, if I don’t have to throw too far, and see the little girl from District 11 standing back a bit, watching us. She’s the twelve-year-old, the one who reminded me so of Prim in stature.” I am kind of curious why this little girl is always staring at Katniss and wether it is positive or negative thoughts, and as for the other opponents my predictions are blank. Which in other words I don't know what they are thinking because the author never really talks about at all.

Chapter 8 Questions:

Q5. Katniss met Gale hunting in the woods with many rabbits in snares while she met Peeta when Katniss was scouring the streets looking for food and he handed her a couple of burnt loaves of bread. Their introductions were partly connected because both times Katniss was looking for food yet they were separate because Peeta’s introduction was an act of kindness entirely from the heart while Gale was kind of just helping her because he needed a hunting partner. I think the beginning of Katniss and Gale’s relationship and Katniss and Peeta’s relationship will affect their future relationships because Peeta gave a more generous and kind relationship to Katniss while Gale gave her a more accepting helpful friendship, so if you put 2 and 2 together you could basically say that Peeta and Katniss’s relationship is probably going to end up more about love for each other while Gale and Katniss will probably stay more siblings with each other. I do though have very mixed felling’s about what is happening between everyone though because Katniss’s feelings are rapidly changing so you never can really tell what she is thinking.

Q6. I think Peeta asked to be coached separately because he was afraid that if he stayed and watched Katniss he may have the upper hand against her because he has more strength and he wold know all of her moves if they came up against each other. I think another reason he asked to be coached separately was because since he said he had a crush on Katniss in chapter 9 I think the more he stays with Katniss the more heartbroken he will be because he knows at one certain time he will come up against Katniss in the games and he will have to make the dreadful decision of either killing her or letting her kill him. I think the Gamemakers were so fascinated with Katniss’s temper because the whole day they have to sit through 24 contestants showing off their moves to them where they then have to judge them based on what they saw. So instead of seeing an average kid training like always, they saw Katniss get irritated by their way of not showing any interest in her and shoot the arrow straight past the Gamemakers and through the pigs mouth into an apple, clearly putting them in harms way. I think this probably excited the Gamemakers because of her ferocity which is why they gave her the 11 point score. If I were the Gamemakers though I probably would have payed a little more attention to the contestants because if that happened more often you could probably get killed!

Chapter 9 Questions:

Q7. How I think Katniss will react to what Peeta said in his interview is she will probably change her thoughts entirely of him and FINALY, maybe start to look at him in a new way instead of that he is just plotting a plan to kill her in the games. I honestly think it will be a very hard thing for Katniss to take in because this whole time all she thought of him was that he was just a lying trickster but now it will be different. Although I bet she will make up an excuse for him saying that like it was only a lie and a way to impress the audience. So its kind of hard to think about what Katniss might say about this because there are a lot of ways it could turn out. If I was in Katniss’s position though right from the start I would never have thought he would be planning anything against me because in the beginning when Peeta gave Katniss the loaves of bread truly from his heart I would have known he was a nice person and never have even gone to think that he might be planning someway to kill me. So if I was Katniss and Peeta said that about me I would probably be very taken back and probably just accept it.

Q8. I added a picture of someones fist in a wall because this is how I believe Gale feels right now in the book. Anyways, I think how Gale reacted to what Peeta said about Katniss is that he was very angry. He probably thinks that since
Peeta is in Panem with Katniss Peeta will have a better chance of winning her over. I think the only way I can picture Gale reacting to this from watching the T.V is him punching his fist straight through a wall! I defiantly think Gale is jealous because all the time when Gale and Katniss were together Gale was trying to confess his love to her but she just kind of disregarded it. So for Katniss to hear this come straight from Peeta‘s mouth her emotions will defiantly change which is not very good for Gale. I also defiantly think Gale has feelings for Katniss! I mean seriously, there are so many facts that you could trace that lead up to his love for her. Even when Gale was leaving the tent and Katniss left for the games he was about to state his love (so I think) but he was cut off by the guards so he never had the chance. There is defiantly a love triangle going on between Gale, Peeta and Katniss and both of the boys defiantly have feelings for Katniss so I am interested to see who she might chose or how it will turn out.

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Hunger Games: Blog 4 Chapters 3, 4 and 5 Response

Chapter 3 Questions:

Q1. First of all I chose to add a picture of chocolate chip cookies in my first question because in the book cookies are very rare in District 12 and for Peeta's dad to go and make cookies for Katniss because she has to go to the games is a pretty generous gift! I think Peeta’s dad gave Katniss the cookies during his visitation because in the chapter on page 37, it explained how Katniss knew the dad because they would often trade with each other at the market. Although, Prim traded with him more because she would trade him generous amounts of goats milk when Peeta’s mother wasn’t around and in turn the father would give them larger loaves of bread. So I think since Katniss and Prim were such good traders and customers to Peeta’s dad, and since Katniss is basically going off and signing her own death warrant because she has to go to the games, Peeta’s dad found this kind of sad and

Q2. I’m not quite sure what Gale was trying to tell Katniss before she left for the hunger Games. I know when Gale came in for his visitation with Katniss, she saw him in another way than she had seen him in all her life, so I am curious to weather if what Gale was about to say was about that he will always love her or if he will promise to take care of Prim when Katniss is gone. I am kind of turning towards the fact that he was about to say I will always love you, because Katniss is going to be gone for a long time and possibly die, so considering the fact of Katniss and Gales relationship as friends had begun at such an early age and had carried out for such a long time, it will be very hard for Gale to see her go, and basically have her disappear from his life. he wanted to be kind so he gave her cookies which were very rare around District 12. I also do think he will keep his promise about helping out and checking on Primrose once and a while because Katniss, Prim and the Baker knew each other for a while and since Prim is basically losing another mother I think the dad will notice the importance of helping Prim, and along with Gale, lend a helping hand to her.

Chapter 4 Questions:

Q3. I think the relationship between Haymitch and Peeta is very complicated. I don’t really know enough about Haymitch to make any judgments yet, but I do know he is a serious drunk and I could probably tie that into how he acts with Peeta most of the time. Like on page 56-57, on the train at breakfast when they were all eating and Katniss asked for advice from Haymitch, Peeta got mad at a statement from Haymitch which was, “Here’s some advice. Stay alive.” Peeta didn’t find this amusing at all so he, as it said in the book, “lashed out” at the glass of supposed alcohol in Haymitch’s hand and shattered it. In response Haymitch then hit Peeta in the face knocking him to the ground. It almost seemed like from that statement the only thing dearest to him is alcohol and if it is in some way harmed he might abuse the one who has harmed it. So I really believe Haymitch’s relationship with Peeta really revolves around how Haymitch is acting at the time and usually if he is drunk or not.

Q4. I think Katniss’s family and Gale will affect her performance in the Hunger Games because Prim and Gale were very dear to her, and to have to just shut them out of her life would be such a hard thing to do for her. I think another way she could be affected is by worrying about Prim surviving, since it’s a possibility Katniss’s mom might fall back into her dark world, though Katniss should remember that both Gale and Peeta’s dad said they would promise to help take care of Prim so she shouldn’t be to, to worried. I also think Katniss is shutting Peeta out because he seems like he could be a very challenging opponent in the games. And since she feels like he is trying to be very nice to everyone and truly genuine she feels that he could be very dangerous because when he has lead everyone to believe that he is a kind soft person that most likely doesn't know how to fight, he will then strike when his opponents least expect it. So really Katniss doesn't want to form a close relationship with him if he is trying as hard as he can to kill her in the games.

Chapter 5 Questions:

Q5. I think the relationship between Katniss and Peeta is very confusing throughout chapter 5. At first Katniss really dislikes Peeta because she believes he is trying to get under her skin and form different relationships with everyone he meets so he has many people favoring him in the games. But as I progress through the chapter Katniss begins to really like Peeta and feels like he is a nice person, though when he shows affection to people she feels different and mad at him. Like when Katniss and Peeta were on the chariot riding through the Capitol with their capes and hats on fire, Katniss was really happy and having a great time when all of a sudden Peeta asked Katniss to hold his hand because he was afraid he might, “fall off” so she did, and when they got off at the training center she then thought

that maybe that could have been another trick of his, so she evilly gave him a kiss on his bruised cheek. So throughout the chapter Katniss really has mixed feelings towards him and wether she can trust him or not.

Q6. I chose to add a picture of an oddly dressed woman for this question because in the Capitol everyone has very odd ways of dressing so I thought this picture would be appropriate visual aid for this question. The views regarding the statement, “Plastic surgery, tattooing, and other body modifications are personal choices and could be viewed as a fashion statement or art form,” of District 12 versus those of the Capitol are VERY different. In District 12 everyone has, basically, scrap clothes or very cheap clothing because it is a very poor district, while in the Capitol everyone has painted skin pierced body parts crazy clothing and tatto
os only because they have enough money to afford these things and they have a different feeling of style. The people of District 12 honestly don’t really care about how they look only because they are bent on trying not to starve to death and survive the harsh environment they live in while the people in the Capitol are rich enough to be able to sit back in their homes and watch T.V while their food is served from the push of a button, or in their free time (basically every day of their life) go out and modify their bodies in different ways. So really the views of clothing and fashion between District 12 and the Capitol are very different in many ways.

Final Response, extra notes etc..:

One of the notes I took in the reading that I found was fairly interesting was on page 52 paragraph 1, when Katniss was explaining about the root named Katniss that practically saved her and her families lives. I found it pretty cool because when Katniss found the roots she was bathing in a pond out in the woods searching for food for her family when all of a sudden she came across these roots. The roots served as a delightful meal for her and her family, but the connection I really found was that these plants saved Katniss’s life just like Katniss saves her mother and Prim every day. Another note I had that was pretty cool was on page 58-59 paragraph 9, when Katniss was explaining the

reason on how her ancestors lost their rebellion, which was pretty crazy! It turns out that since the Capitol is located in the Rocky Mountains the rebels had to scale the mountains in order to reach the city, so the Capitols air force just easily shot the people down off the mountain which was crazy! So thats pretty much the reason why none of the districts have rebelled ever since, because the Capitol is nearly untouchable unless you go by air or train. I chose to add a picture of the 'Rockies' for this question because in the history of Panem the Rocky Mountains were a very big factor of the rebellions loss.

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Link for Rocky Mountains Picture.

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Hunger Games: Blog 3 Chapter 2 Response

Q1. First of all the reason I chose this picture of an older sister hugging her younger brother is because it kind of reminded me of the relationship between Katniss and Prim (of course Prim isn't a boy). The two sisters are very close so this picture just struck me as a very good message and picture of them. Anyways, Katniss’s feelings about the statement, “Older siblings need to take care of and have responsibility for their younger siblings,” are that since she and her sister Prim’s father had died in the mine explosion their mom had basically turned into a zombie that did nothing, or in Katniss’ mind a completely changed person in a “dark world”. Therefore Katniss ended up taking lead of her family, which basically meant supporting her entire family with food and everything they needed to survive. So since Katniss’s mom does nothing to help her family Katniss, like I said in my last blog, basically took Primrose in as her own daughter. Here is a quote I found on page 27 paragraph 1 in the 2nd chapter that really shows how Katniss had to take lead in her family, “I was terrified. I suppose now that my mother was locked in some dark world of sadness, but at the time, all I knew was that I had lost not only a father, but a mother as well. At eleven years old, with Prim just seven, I took over as head of the family. There was no choice.” So since Katniss found her mother would do nothing to help their family she took the role of being the leader.

Q2. For this question I chose to add a picture of a burnt loaf of bread. I did this because in chapter two I thought that the burnt loaf of bread was a really important part of Katniss and Peeta's relationship, because it was technically what had introduced them to one another. So I found that this photo really seemed to fit for my blog on this question. I think Katniss’s previous relationship with Peeta will affect her performance and actions during the games because that act of kindness from Peeta towards Katniss years ago when he gave her the loaves of bread really gave Katniss hope of a brighter future. So to go against him in the games and try to kill him in order to win will be a very tough thing for her to do. A passage I found in the book that supported my response was on page 31 paragraph 3 which was, “It didn’t occur to me until the next morning that the boy might have burned the bread on purpose. Might have dropped the loaves into the flames, knowing it meant being punished, and then delivered them to me.” From this passage I implied that Peeta felt bad to find an eleven year old girl digging through garbage for food for her family so he lent a little help towards her knowing he would have to be sacrificed, which was very nice of him and will make it hard for Katniss to not feel that kindness of that day when she will be trying to kill him. The second passage I found was on page 32 paragraph 2 which was, “To this day, I can never shake the connection between this boy, Peeta Mellark, and the bread that gave me hope, and the dandelion that reminded me that I was not doomed.” What that passage showed was that from the way Peeta treated Katniss, little hope was born so Katniss had more to move onto. This nice thing Peeta did to Katniss will be very hard to shake emotions away from when they are both trying to end one another in the games.

Q3. What I mainly based my notes from chapter two on were reactions and opinions of mine. The first reaction I had was from page 21 paragraph 3 line 5 which was, “One slip. One slip in thousands. The odds had been entirely in her favor.” My reaction was, “That’s just crazy Prim was chosen! Out of thousands of other kids she was the one to be chosen for the games.” I was very surprised when Prim was chosen I had just thought that one out of “thousands” were such big odds it was crazy! The next note I took was an opinion from page 21-22 paragraph 4 line 3-7 which was, “And then I see her, the blood drained form her face, hands clenched in fists at her sides, walking with stiff small steps toward the stage, passing me, and I see the back of her blouse has become untucked and hangs out over her skirt. It’s this detail, the untucked blouse forming the ducktail, that brings me back to myself.” My response was, “That single paragraph gives me such a detailed picture of what’s going on in my head I almost felt like I was there while that was happening in the book.” I said this because that really was such a clear description of what was happening that I really had believed I was next to Katniss at the time. The 3rd note I took was from page 25 paragraph 2 line 9 which was, “She zips back to the podium, and I don’t even have time to wish for Gales safety when she’s reading the name. “Peeta Mellark.” My reaction was, “Who is Peeta Mellark?!" As I read on a little bit I found out Katniss knows him so who is he? When I had first read this I hadn’t known who he was but as I read further it is soon to be revealed in the chapter that he is an important character. And the last note I took was on page 31 paragraph 3 lines 2-6 which was, “It didn’t occur to me until the next morning that the boy might have burned the bread on purpose. Might have dropped the loaves into the flames knowing it meant being punished, and then delivered them to me.” My opinion was, “I think its nice to know there are that kind of nice people in district 12 and even in our real world. It really gives people hope for what’s to come later in life.” And that’s true because just a little bit of hope is enough to make a single person try just a little bit harder at life.

*The reasoning I had for linking the words Responsibility, Leader and Hope was because in the questions for chapter two I believed that those words really had meaning to them and were really important in chapter 2.

Link to sibling taking care of sibling.

Link to Burnt Loaf of Bread


Hunger Games: Blog 2 Chapter 1 Response

Q1. The word reap would be an appropriate term to describe the history of Panem up to its present day because from its definition reap means to, “cut or gather (a crop or harvest).” In the book each year children from the ages of 12 to 18 have to put their names on a piece of paper and into a globe where their names could be chosen and if they are, they are taken by force to be in the Hunger Games where they then have to fight to the death. So the word reap could be implied as the children being the crops or harvest where as the Capitol would gather them up and put them to use, as in the games.

Q2. The effect hunger has on the people of District 12 is that many people have to starve because they sometimes can’t afford food at the markets. Also its a way the Capitol keeps their power over people because they supply the people with food where the people then are forced to put cards with their names on them in the globe which they then could possibly be in the games if they are chosen. Throughout the chapter it explains how a lot of the time Katniss has to go out into the woods with her friend Gale to hunt for food because the more she gets food from the capitol the more cards with her name on it go into the glass globe where she could be chosen to be in the Hunger Games. Even though Katniss and her sister Prim have a mom, from the first chapter, I got the feeling that Katniss is the one that kind of supplies the food for her family and really takes care of Primrose as her own daughter. When Katniss and Prim’s father died in a mine explosion Katniss had to become the tough older sister and in some ways take over their fathers position in the family. On page 9 I found how much trouble a family could be with food sometimes,

“I never want kids,” I say.

“I might. If I didn’t live here,” says Gale.

“But you do,” I say irritated.

That conversation that Gale and Katniss had was one of the many reasons food has such a big effect on people in District 12. Another example of the food effect I found was on page 3 which was,“Even though it was years ago, I think he still remembers how I tried to drown him in a bucket when Prim brought him home. Scrawny kitten, belly swollen with worms, crawling with fleas. The last thing I needed was another mouth to feed.” Those three sentences really explained how much of a nuisance food was because for Katniss to

tryand kill her sisters new cat because she had to feed extra food is just crazy!

Q3. The setting of the story so far consists of a very harsh set up of the new North America also know
as Panem. The government or Capitol of this new continent is so harsh that to make a point of their power they go as far as to annually
have kids kill one another on live TV as sport. Some predictions I have made based on what I have learned already are that eventually
people might get so tired of the
Hunger Games that they will try to rebel against the Capitol once again. Even though the reason for the Hunger Games is because the people rebelled before I think it is possible that they will do it again. Another prediction I have is that since it is so hard to get food in District 12 lots of people might begin to realize they must secretly hunt for their food like Katniss and Gale do in order to survive. Pretty much I think lots of people are going to start making many sacrifices in order for fairness of their lives.

Q4. I was very surprised when I read about the pulling of Primrose Everdeen for the Hunger Games! The main character of the book is Katniss Everdeen so I thought she was supposed to be chosen for the Hunger Games! I was really confused when I read this. One of the examples of how I could have probably foreshadowed this event was on page 15 when Katniss said, “I hug her, because I know these next few hours will be terrible for her. Her first reaping. She’s about as safe as you can get, since she’s only entered once.” When Prim had entered her name at least once into the games since she had turned twelve she had a slim chance to be chosen which oddly she was. From those sentences, the author set it up so she gave you a hint of Primrose to be chosen. Suzanne Collins, the author, also explained the odds of Primrose to be chosen against Katniss so she made you think opposite of what was to happen. Another example of foreshadowing this event was again on page 15 when Katniss said, “I protect Prim in every way I can, but I’m powerless against the reaping.” So there were a couple of ways to foreshadow this event you just had to kind of pay attention to what was going on in the story.

Q5. The chapter 1 notes I took while reading were taken from the narration of the book. The first note I took was from page 3, “This is the day of the reaping.” I said, “I’m curious what the day of the reaping might be? Maybe it’s the day kids are selected for the Hunger Games, from what I read in the blurb.” The second note I took was also on page 3 which was from, “Even though it was years ago, I think he still remembers how I tried to drown him in a bucket when Prim brought him home.” I said, “Why would Katniss try to drown her sister Prim’s brand new cat Buttercup in a bucket of water when she first got him!? I know it’s another thing to take care of in their family but still you don’t just kill it!” The next note I took was on page 18 from, “Taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch- this is the Capitol’s way of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy. How little chance we would stand of surviving another rebellion.” I wrote, “This is a very harsh way for the Capitol to ensure no rebellions, because to have kids kill one another is just crazy, cruel and wrong!” And the last note I took was on page 20 from, “Effie Trinket crosses back to the podium, smoothes the slip of paper, and reads out the name in a clear voice. And it’s not me. It’s Primrose Everdeen.” I said, “Primrose Katniss’ younger sister was chosen to be in the Hunger Games, to fight to the death. How is she going to win the games if she is so young!? What will Katniss think of this I wonder?” Most of the notes I took on the chapter were mainly reactions I had from what I read. What I think of the characters (Katniss, Primrose, Gale etc…) and their relationships so far are that they all are very tough and strong from how the new North America (Panem) has treated them and that they are all very close like family because they have to help one another in order to survive. Finally what I think the General plot of the story is, is average people striving to survive in a newly governed harsh North America.

Rage Fist Picture Link

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Hunger Games: Blog 1 Book Analysis

Q1.The book I am reading is called, “The Hunger Games”, the title suggests to me that this book is probably going to have action in it because the word Hunger and the word Games which follows suggests that the people enlisted in the competition will be very eager towards this “Game”. My mom, brothers and many friends have told me about this book and all of them have had great reviews on it. From what my family and friends have said to me I now have a pretty good understanding of what this book is going to be like from reading its title.

Q 2.The author of this book is, Suzanne Collins, her name is unfamiliar to me because I haven’t read any other books of hers, so I’m pretty excited to see what her type of writing is like in this book!

Q3. The cover of the book suggests to me that the book will probably be a dark action type of book. I get this feeling from the Black background of the book and the picture of a bird with an arrow between its beak. Although the Gold coloring of the bird symbol does really catch my eye which leads me to believe that it might not all be just a dark action story. The font of the title and author name also pop out a lot on the cover because of its white coloring. So the cover really gives me different feelings on how this book might be like.

Q4. From the comments on the back of the book I am believing that the book is very well set up and done. So well done that Stephan King said, “A violent, jarring, speed-rap of a novel that generates nearly constant suspense.... I couldn’t stop reading.” Or what Stephenie Meyer said was, “I was so obsessed with this book...” And even John Green, “Brilliantly plotted and perfectly paced.” All of what these famous writers have to say make me very excited to read this book! I know Stephan King is a very famous Horror writer and Stephenie Meyer was the writer of the very famous Twilight Saga series, I am not so sure who John Green is but I know he is well known by others. What all these writers have to say about this book is pretty impressive so I’m excited to see how the book will turn out.

Q5. What excites me about the book is that the setting takes place in North America which is set up into 12 Districts instead of one big Government. I’m curious to learn more about the “Annual Games” because it said that the games are a “fight to the death”. For background knowledge I learned from the blurb that in the book North America has a game every year which involves one boy and one girl between 12 and 18 as representatives of each state to be in the games. According to the blurb on the back of the book, the setting of the book takes place in a ruined cruel and harsh North America where the only way the capitol can keep the twelve districts in place is by holding the annual games. The world is now a very rough place where teens have to end up fighting others to the death for their own safety. From what I read in the blurb I imply the theme of the book to be about making serious choices that involve life, death and love.

Q6. From the reviews I read at everyone that has read the book loved it! The lowest rating I was able to find on the book was 4 stars. One of the reviews I read from Amazon was by a person with the username of E.R Bird who said that when they were reading the book they got the feeling they were actually a part of it because it was so good! Another thing a person said was that the book was so addicting they would pick it up and when they put it down hours had passed without them even knowing. A reviewer named Michael A. Behr didn’t really like all the violence included in the book but all the same he loved it. All of this information excites me so much I can’t wait to jump into the book! I also just love having a book where you’re into it so much time just flies.


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