Hunger Games: Dawn Of The Victor


FINALLY!!!! THE BOOK IS OVER!!! I CAN FINALLY SAY WHAT I WANTED TO SAY IN MY LAST BLOG!!!! Sorry I had to let that out because I really wanted to say some spoilers in my last blog. But anyways this book was... AMAZING!!! I give it an easy five stars. How bout you guys? I thought this book was very exciting and interesting with a cliffhanger at every chapter. Now that I have seen the movie and already finished the second book I really understand what was going on at some points I didn't understand in the first book. Speaking of which I really recommend this book. I am already finished along with Brendan and Olivia who have finished it and are now on the third book. Very great series and a very great movie. So now you have read my reactions and are now about to read my answers to the questions, leave a comment saying what amount of stars you give this book.

Chapter 20

So the feast huh? Whoever read my blog last time will understand my response. After I left my partner or fellow tribute because I wouldn't know what to do medically so I would abandon her and fight against the other tributes for the backpacks. I would've gone because it would increase my chance of survival and the chance of winning the games. I know that the careers would be stalking the backpacks for the first tribute to try and get their backpack and kill them and then take their backpack. So I would get there as fast as possible and take off for the pack right off the bat so the careers wouldn't have time to get prepared for the first tribute to come out so I could make an easy escape.

Chapter 21

So the significance of Thresh saving Katniss was very loyal because after she was very loyal to Rue, Thresh payed her back by sparing her life and killing a huge threat to Katniss. I think that Rue meant so much to Thresh because they were probably a really close family or something and Thresh really cared for them and since Rue got picked to go into the games he had to try to save and protect her. I respect Thresh because he really looked out for Rue during training, but he didn't really look out that much for her in the games. Like Thresh didn't even form an alliance with her, so Katniss took that spot.
Rue and Thresh

Chapter 22

Okay so I think Haymitch definitely made the correct choice of sending food. That's what they needed more than anything at that point. They didn't need medicine or water because a stream was right next to their cave and Katniss had gotten the medicine from the feast in chapter 21. So if I was starving and didn't need water or medicine and I got it from a sponsor I would be very angered because I already have those supplies and now I have to go out on an empty stomach and hunt for food. So yeah Haymitch made the right choice. What do you guys think?

Chapter 23

The real relationship off the set = NOT REAL!!! In book two Katniss states that she loves Gale, and Gale loves her. But she is in a totally fake relationship with Peeta. The reason she is in a relationship with Peeta is because if she isn't, the Capital would kill her right then and there. So enough about book two back to one. It doesn't really explain there off-set relationship except for in the games. But it does mention that Katniss doesn't really feel that way for Peeta and the book says that after all the staged kisses... So yeah I think that Katniss doesn't really feel that way for Peeta.Chapter 24
The decision to push Katniss, Peeta and Cato together was so they would fight, why else. It was the finale of the games so they were going to add something very interesting like the mutts. It was a very cool addition to the games because it made sense that the mutts wore the number of the district they were from. Because all the mutts were was the dead tributes put in attack mode to the remaining tributes. So yeah the Gamemakers put the dogs in to have an interesting finale.

Chapter 25

So what I think is the mutations were used in the end because they wanted to have a really good finale for the games. It really made the end more intense and interesting. So was it fair? Ummmm... Everything they have done hasn't been fair. Putting kids into games to kill each other. Is that fair? Letting kids become famous for killing other kids is that fair? So really nothing that the Capitol does is really fair I think. But anyways my reactions to the mutations were unexpected. Like I expected a bunch of wild animals running from the woods from like another fire or something. But nope, I was wrong. Leave a comment and tell me what you guys thought it was.

Chapter 26

So Katniss and Peeta about to attempt suicide, smart and dumb. The smart side of it being is that it is defying the Capitol of it's power, but the dumb side is that they're going to die and leave their families hungry and alone. I don't think it was a very good idea honestly,because they will just make your life even worse if you don't obey them. So I would try and kill the other tribute from my district. If I knew that person it would be hard, but I would think of it as saving my families lives and push through it and kill the other tribute.
Rebellion FIst

Chapter 27

After the lights go out and nobody is watching... NOTHING WILL HAPPEN BETWEEN PEETA AND KATNISS!!!! Katniss doesn't really love Peeta she loves someone else... But I won't give that away from book two. So I don't think that their relationship will last because it was just a performance for the Capitol. She didn't even know Peeta until the reaping. Now all she cares about is saving Peeta's life.

Final Goodbyes

I hope you all liked this book I did. If you are going to read Catching Fire it's very very VERY good!!!! I'm just starting Mockingjay and so
far I'm enjoying it. But anyways I didn't really like blogging or taking notes so now that I'm reading without any notes or blogs I can focus much more on my book. I hope you guys read the next two books BYE!!!!!


Hunger Games: The Tables Turn

Let me just warn all of you all of you that I have read the book and I want to let you know that I will not intentionally put things from other chapters. And since I have read the whole book I will not be making any predictions. I will make connections and other stuff, but NO PREDICTIONS!!! So I hope you enjoy my blog.


Okay so I thought that chapters 16, 17 and 18 were the most interesting chapters so far. They were full of action, blood and death. But chapter 19 was when Katniss found Peeta covered in mud so his wound would heal. I didn't like this chapter as much as the others, but it did play as a huge role in this book. But enough of the chit-chat lets get to work.

Chapter 15

I think this is the chapter where Katniss stepped up and wasn't afraid to kill anybody that came at her now that she had a weapon she was familiar with. Okay so loading up on food before the games can be very helpful but can also be very deadly. The good part is that it gives you plenty of energy and concentration. But the bad part is that it will make her want more food in the arena. But Katniss is a good hunter and will be able to find food by hunting and scavenging.

Chapter 16

Okay so people were saying that Katniss teaming up with Rue was a very dumb idea. But I thought it was brilliant. Rue has the ability to stay off the radar and be able to spy on threats like the careers without being caught so she can bring back a status update on the careers. And Katniss can fight and kill things from a distance. And isn't afraid to fight for her life. So I don't know why people would say that was a very dumb idea because I think they make one hell of a team.

Chapter 17

Not being able to hear is terrible, and not being able to hear out of the other ear is the next worse thing. Because while you're doing something you can only hear from one side which leaves you vulnerable to your other side. So for Katniss it's terrible timing because she is in the middle of a life or death situation called the Hunger Games. And she is also so a hunter. And the two main things you need for hunting is eyesight and good ears along with patience. So it makes it much harder for Katniss to find food and be able to track tributes and animals. So it will most likely effect her gameplay in a big way.

Chapter 18

So what I told you in the beginning comes into play here because I can only due one question because the other one is what is the reasoning behind the game change. I already know that so I'm going with the other one. So the significance of the funeral for Rue... I think myself it was a bit much, but to Katniss it was a big deal, because Rue was only 12 and Katniss has a sister that's 12. And with Katniss being the older sibling she cares and protects her. So she felt Rue was almost the same as Prim. And I'm not the older sibling so I wouldn't know how to care for a younger brother or sister.

Chapter 19

So as my fellow classmates you probably know I'm no good at medical purposes. I can't really handle seeing open wounds with gushing blood, but I can handle watching it on TV. So if I were Katniss and I were in her position I wouldn't know what to do and would probably become sick to my stomach. I know that I wouldn't be able to help so I would just probably stay where I was and not go looking for Peeta. I know it sounds selfish, but I wouldn't know what to do and wouldn't want to waste much needed food and energy to save Peeta.
Thanks for reading my blog and for bearing with me!!! HAPPY BLOGGING!!!!


Chapters 10-14 Responses


Okay first I would like to share my reactions. I'm glad we are finally into the games. Chapters 1-9 weren't very appealing to me very much. I couldn't stand the hole Peeta and Katniss thing. I thought this was supposed to be action packed and intense not boring and romantic. I better stop now before I get carried away with myself.

Chapter 10

Okay the first question. These Gamemakers had the trackers put in their arms for many reasons. One of them is that if one of the tributes just keeps going and can't find food and water, the tribute will just keep going and eventually end up dying and it won't be very interesting for the audience. Another reason is that if the games get to boring, the Gamemakers will do something to get them closer together and fight or kill a tribute to warn the tributes that if you don't get fighting you will be the next one to go. I do think that the winner will have the tracker taken out because it wouldn't be fair to have to keep a tracker inside you all your life so these Gamemakers can find you whenever they want.

Chapter 11

So you guys, or gals, would like to know what I would do at the Cornucopia. Well keep reading and you will find out. So as soon as the gong went off I know everybody is going to be grabbing weapons and attacking the other tributes. Well not what I would do. I would run from the cornucopia and wait until the night to go back. I know there wouldn't be any weapons but that's not what I'm getting at. I'm
saying I would hide in the cornucopia for protection. I know it sounds dumb but I think it's a good idea. If not you try and go find protection out in the open with the other tributes and see how long you last. Sorry I got sidetracked there. But anyways I think that the cornucopia would be great cover and a great spot and wait for an enemy to come along and get a surprise attack.
This is a picture of a cornucopia.

Chapter 12

Okay I think that many people will criticize the Gamemakers control over the events and situations that arise in the arena, but I am going to defend them. I think that if they don't take charge, the tributes won't be able to find the others and then the Hunger Games won't be as interesting. I mean like I wouldn't want to be sitting on my couch watching people just eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. I want to see kills, not some phony-bologna kids running around. So I hope the Gamemakers keep doing what they're doing and make sure to remind the tributes that they mean business.

Chapter 13

So I have a few opinions on how the fire affected the game. First, is that it destroyed Katniss' little camp near water with food and shelter. Second, it gave Katniss a burn which most likely won't affect her to much. And third, the careers now know that Katniss is close to them. It also may effect other things such as wild animals. It may kill off many wild animals like rabbit. Those are the animals Katniss will need in order to survive. Or it could push the wild animals closer to her and help her out even more.

Chapter 14

Okay so after Katniss' three tracker jacker stings she will continue to fight and not give up and kill the careers and probably let Peeta survive for a thank him for everything he has ever done, but I don't think that she will let him kill her so easy, like Katniss will put up a fight and maybe even end up killing Peeta and win. Or the last option is that they both end up winning the games because they're both
from district 12. Or just because they need a winner.

This is a picture of the careers.


Chapter 6,7,8 and 9 Responses

First Reactions

Okay I just want to say this before I do any of the questions. I thought when Katniss shot the arrow at the Gamemakers she was showing strength and she isn't afraid to do the unexpected. I hope she shows these kind of actions during the games.

Chapter 6

1. The type of technology they have in the Capitol compared to the technology they have in District 12 is very different. In the Capitol they have a bunch of lights and colors and everything, but District 12 only has electricity for a limited time and the time they can watch television is when the Hunger Games are taking place. So usually they use candles during the evening.

2. I think the Avox girl and her brother were running from the Capitol because she was afraid that if she stayed there they would do bad things to them. And what do you think they did they cut her tongue off just so she couldn't speak or anything. So they thought if they could escape everything would be fine and they could live happily with no harm. I think it was a smart choice to run away, but I don't think they thought it through completely because the hovercraft shouldn't just know where they are.

Got picture from google images.

Chapter 7

3. I think Haymitch didn't want Katniss or Peeta to show their strength during training because he probably thinks that if they show that
they're weak that the other tributes will save them for last. Or that if the other tributes see how good they are they will team up and attack them then when they are killed they will get back to the game.

4. I think the other tributes think that she may be a little crazy, but ready to fight because on page 102 it says, "Without thinking, I pull an arrow from my quiver and send it straight at the Gamemaker's table." I think that really gave everybody something to think about. So they might think that she has a lot of guts and courage for not being afraid to shoot an arrow at them.

Got picture from google images.

Chapter 8

5. When Gale and Katniss first met it was in the woods when Katniss was only 12 years old. Gale saw her trying to figure out how he
made a good snare for animals and Gale caught her and said on page 110, "Well, Catnip, stealing's punishable by death, or hadn't you heard?" So the beginning of their relationship was kinda mutual, but compared to the beginning of Peeta and Katniss' relationship it was a lot better. All Peeta did was throw Katniss two loaves of burnt bread and then didn't talk to her until the games began. So in my personal opinion, Gale's relationship with Katniss was better than Peeta's.

6. I think that Peeta asked to be coached separately because he couldn't stand being around Katniss because he had a soft spot for her and didn't want to be around her because he would feel to fond of her and start to not focus and then not be prepared for the games. So it was a strategic move so he could focus on his training other than being around Katniss. I think that the Gamemaker's were so fascinated with Katniss' temper because it will be a good tool to use during the games, because if you become mad at somebody it makes it a lot easier to kill them.

Picture from google images.

Chapter 9

7. I think that Katniss won't be very surprised because of the way he wanted to hold her hand on the ride through the Capitol. But I do think that she will be surprised that he admitted it on live television. If I was in her position I wouldn't really care because I am ready to kill that person and I wouldn't let anything get to me, not in this position I wouldn't.

8. i think that Gale didn't get to surprised because Peeta also stated on page 130, "I don't know, but a lot of boys like her," So after hearing that I don't think Gale was that upset or jealous because if a lot of boys like her you can't stop them all. i do think Gale has feelings for Katniss because after 4 years spending time in the woods together you would get to know them and start getting feelings for that person. So I do think that Gale has feelings for her.


Chapter 3, 4 and 5 response

Chapter 3

1. I think that Peeta's dad gave Katniss the cookies for a good luck sign, but I also think he did that so she would care for him and not kill his son because she wouldn't want to hurt him. I don't think that he will keep his promise because I think he will be more focused watching television and seeing what his son is doing if he is dead or winning.

2. I think that Gale was trying to tell Katniss, "I can't lose you! You're my best hunting partner and my best friend, but it's really because I love you Katniss Everdeen." That's what I believe he was going to say to her because it said in the book that Gale's voice sounded like he was holding back the tears.
I got this picture from google images.

Chapter 4

3. I think the relationship between Peeta and Haymitch isn't good, but also isn't bad either. Because when Peeta hit the red stuff out of Haymitch's hand he got mad and punched him in the face. But I also think that their relationship is good too like how Haymitch made a promise with them about if they didn't stop him from drinking so much alcohol that he would give them advice about the games. I think that Haymitch could act as a mentor to Peeta because he probably has no experience hunting or being in the woods like Katniss. So yes even after a slap in the face Haymitch could still be a mentor to Peeta.

4. I think the way Katniss' family and Gale will effect her is that if she kills somebody she doesn't want to be known as a cold blood killer and not afraid to do anything. So if she wins and comes home Prim might be afraid of getting her mad because she will be afraid she will kill her. And why I think she is shutting Peeta out is because she knows that if he grows on her she will feel guilty killing him and it will make it even harder to win.

Got this picture from google images.

Chapter 5

5. The relationship between Peeta and Katniss was all sweet and nice and how Peeta feels about Katniss, but then Katniss remembered, "Don't get attached to him." Then she kisses him on the bruise on his cheek. So I kinda think the feeling is mutual between them.

6. The Capitol thinks that tattooing, plastic surgery, and other body modifications are personal choices and could be viewed as a fashion statement or form because towards the end of chapter 5 after all the dress up they come through the Capitol and everybody is clapping and cheering. But back in District 12 you hardly ever see tattooing or all that stuff probably because District 12 is so poor.

Other Responses

I noticed that when the stylist said that women look better without makeup and I thought that it couldn't be more right because women scare me when they have too much makeup on.
Another thing that I noticed was how much Peeta was hitting on Katniss, he was saying when they were holding hands that if she let go he would fall. That was like one of the most pathetic pick-up lines I have ever heard.
The last thing I have to say is that if a girl ever did something to hurt me on purpose they will get hurt right back.


Hunger Games Chapter 2 Response

Back when

Chapter two was pretty much all flashbacks and how Katniss takes Prim's spot in the Hunger Games. In one of the flashbacks Katniss talks about how her mother didn't get a job when she said she was going to, but her husband died in the minefield and all she did was lay in bed and do nothing. So Katniss took over as head of the household and cared mostly for Prim.


Katniss cares mostly for prim because she doesn't want Prim to get hurt, but at the same time she wants her to get ready big world. She obviously loves Prim because she took her spot in the games which I don't think anybody would ever do. I'm the youngest one in my family, but my sister doesn't give a rat's rear end about me.

Lives on the line

I do think that Peeta and Katniss' relationship will effect Katniss more than Peeta because Peeta probably doesn't remember or doesn't care about Katniss that much. But I think it will effect katniss because Katniss' family was about done, and then Peeta gave two loaves of burnt bread to Katniss. Katniss owes Peeta a favor, but how is she supposed to do that when you need to practically murder him? I would try and wait for somebody else to kill him.

Can you believe it

I think the biggest reaction of everybody's including my own was when Katniss volunteered to take her younger sisters spot in the games. I wouldn't volunteer unless I was like an awesome ninja or something. Many people wouldn't volunteer, it takes a lot of guts to fight to the death on live TV.


I didn't like this chapter very well because it didn't take place in the present because I really wanted to see what would happen after Katniss took Prim's spot in the games. But instead we had to listen about Katniss' past which to me wasn't very interesting because there's no time like the present. But I guess some of the information was pretty helpful because it kinda helped me understand chapter one a little better. I also thought that Peeta could be a nice kid because he gave some bread to Katniss, but I also think he could get angry by the way his mom treats him and how District 12 treats them.


Chapter One Review: The Hunger Games

Based on the definition of the word reap, I think I get a better understanding of Panem’s history. Because on the day of the reaping they all gather in the middle of town to choose one boy and one girl to enter the annual Hunger Games. And I do think this is an appropriate term to use to describe this day and this act because, reaping is another term for gather. And on this day all the people in District 12 gather in the middle of town and watch one girl and one boy get drawn from a glass ball, to see who goes to the Hunger Games.

The effect of hunger and starvation has on the people of District 12 is that people, like Katniss, have to go out into the woods and collect food for themselves to feed to their families. I also have a passage where Katniss says something in the woods, “District 12. Where you can starve to death in safety,”. I got that from page six, paragraph one. That really made me think about how bad of a town District 12 was. And when Katniss came back with all her food she was trading with people to find better food for her family. I honestly would rather be in danger, with food, other than be in safety, without food.

I picture the setting an urban town that is jam packed with people that are starving and have to crawl through a fence to find food on their own. I picture where they were when they were picking names for the Hunger Games like the middle of a village where people would gather for celebrations. One of my predictions is that when Katniss figures out her sister got picked she will want to switch with her so that Primrose won’t have to go to the Hunger Games at the age of 12. And one other prediction I have is that Gale will be picked for the boys because, his name is in the glass ball 42 times and books usually do the unexpected. I got this picture from google images.

At the end of the chapter Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’ little sister, got picked. I thought that Katniss would be picked because books usually do the obvious, but not this one. This book surprisingly didn’t do what I expected. Usually I can guess what will happen before even reading one page of a book. It was also Primrose’s first year in the reaping so it was very unexpected. I’m really surprised.

My biggest reaction in chapter one was when Primrose got picked instead of Katniss. I couldn’t even believe it. My prediction is that Katniss is going to step up and take her sister’s place in the Hunger Games. One of my opinions on Gale is he is a tool. He starts complaining about things in the forest thinking it will change something, but what he doesn’t realize is that nobody can here him, and nobody cares. I think one of the biggest relationships is between Katniss and Gale. They meet up in the woods almost 24/7. Gale clearly likes Katniss the way he was hitting on her. The general plot is that Katniss learned how to hunt without getting caught from her father, got food and traded with the town citizens, got ready for the reaping, Primrose got picked.


The Hunger Games Book Analysis

Q1 and 3. I am reading the book Hunger Games. These are my first impressions of this book. When I look at the cover of the book it feels like this book is going to have action due to the bird with an arrow in it’s mouth. The title “Hunger Games” makes it sound like there is going to be a series of games kinda like the olympics. I have heard people talk about this book before, such as my sister and a couple of friends. I have a good feeling that this book will be good from all the things I have heard.

Q2 and 4. This book was written by a woman named Suzanne Collins. I have never read a book by her, but right above her name it says that she was a New York Times best-selling author which means this book is probably going to be good. Also on the back, Stephen King, who is a very famous author and he said that this was a very good book and he couldn’t put it down. Other authors also commented which were, Stephenie Meyer and John Green. I know that Stephenie Meyers was the author of the Twilight Saga, but I have never heard of John Green.

Q5. After reading the blurb it really sparked my interest and made me want to know what will happen. I’m really into action like fighting and on the back it says that one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from all 12 districts from Panem will fight to the death on live TV. The only part that would make me hesitant would be the names of the people. I commonly get confused with characters until at least five chapters into the book, and with all of the weird names I might get confused and not understand it. The setting takes place in a place once known as North America in the nation of Panem. It is a very dark and mean place that send one boy and one girl from all 12 districts to the Hunger Games just to keep things in line. The themes are survival against humanity and life against love.

Q6. I went to the website and read a very good review. I saw that many people were commenting that they couldn't put this book down and that this book hardly had any romance and a ton of violence. That's what makes me want to read this book really bad. I'm really into books that are filled with action and that can be intense at times. This book also had a four and a half star rating which is very impressive. One of the reviews also stated that Suzanne Collins can really write narrative pieces very well and keep you entertained from the first few pages all the way to the end. From all the reviews I saw this is going to be a good book no doubt.


My first blog entry

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