Chapters 20-27

Amazingness!!! I love this series!!!!!!!

Chapter 20-

I have to say this first. I think the feasts are a really brutal way to bring the tributes together. I guess the Gamemakers really want things to end! Plus they want some action. I guess they got it huh? I have to say that I wouldn't have attended this feast if I didn't need anything desperately. But if it was a matter of life or death I think I just might. I would be totally scared to face any of the tributes at that point. Because all of them would be desperate to be home at that point and they would be twice as deadly as they were when they first entered the arenas. So yeah. I really wouldn't go to the feast unless it was a life or death thing.... I wouldn't want to risk my own life for something that I could live without.

Chapter 21-

:) <--- Thats what I thought when Thresh let Katniss live. Actually my face was more like this. -----> :O I thought it was a nice gesture. Rue obviously was very important to Thresh. I know because of this part on page 289 Thresh says "Just this one time, I let you go. For the little girl. You and me, we're even then. No more owed. You understand?" This shows that Thresh thought he owed Katniss for taking care of Rue. I think Thresh felt so terrible that little 12 year old Rue was in the games that he became desperate to protect her and act like an older brother. Oh! Maybe they were related in a way! That would make Thresh's protectiveness towards her! What do you think??? Picture

Chapter 22

I think that Haymitch sent them food because it was the thing that they really needed. If they needed water Katniss can just go down to the stream and get some. Water really isn’t something that Haymitch needs to send them. Plus, Katniss said that the cost of things would go up every day of the Hunger Games. She said that what would buy a full meal on the first day wouldn’t but a cracker on one of the last days. I think thats because they want the tributes to have less support from their sponsors. Thats probably the reason Haymitch didn’t send medicine. Or... he wasn’t allowed to becasue they wanted action. Yeah probably the second reason. I don’t think that they needed medicine either. I think that they were doing just fine living in that cave.

Chapter 23& 24, FOXFACE- If you don't like it get off my blog :)

I thought that Foxface’s death was pretty important. She hadn’t been a very big part of the book but I always wondered how she was surviving. Suzanne Collins should write a book in the perspective of her. It would be cool. Then again it would be cool if she wrote books in the perspective of all of the tributes. It would be so AWESOME!!!! But back to Foxface. I heard something on the internet the other day, that somebody had a theory that she committed suicide! I thought that was pretty interesting! That maybe she was smart enough to tell the berries were poisonous and just decided that she didn’t want to be in the games anymore and just killed herself. I think her goal in the first place was just to survive and not kill anybody, let them kill each other and be the only one left. Also it was an important part in the book because she one less tribute to come between Katniss and Peeta going home.


I really don't think that while Peeta is in the games Foxfaces death will be a big deal to him. I think that he will just worry about Katniss's and his own safety. I do think though that he and Katniss will both have nightmares from the games.

they've seen to many horrifying things to just ignore the fact that they have killed people. I think that is the Capitol's goal. To make the victors so traumatized about what happend that they will just fall apart. That's about what happend to Haymitch. Along with other reasons... That I can't talk about without giving things away. OH! I finished Mockingjay! It was SOOOOOO awesome!!! I don't care what anyone else says! I loved it! I didn't think that it was a bad way to end the series. But back to Peeta being traumatized. I know for a fact that the two of them both get traumatized by what they see in the arena. I think that Peeta will feel bad about killing Foxface in the end. Very sad. :( I have to say, Foxface was one of my favorite characters. I kind of wanted her to win. It would have been pretty cool to have a book in her perspective... :)


Chapter 25
I have to say that while reading this I was so shocked about the use of mutations. They were really something. I thought that it was so cool that they made the mutations like the tributes. That was pretty cruel. It was like one of those Disney movies when the animals become like the humans in a way... But this was a little more nightmarish. I really think mutations are cool. But I have a question. Who ever thought of making such creepy things???? They should be shot or something! But the Capitol would never execute something that would make them power over the Districts! Thats one of the things I hate about the Capitol. Very few of them care about human life as it is. They have lost all of their humane senses. You know somebody is twisted when they enjoy watching little kids kill each other on live television. Thats just terrible. And don't forget mean! I am 13 and I consider myself to be pretty mature and old but when you read a book life this you feel like just a little kid! I mean Prim is just a year younger than us and I considered her to be a baby in my head! Then I realized how young we all truly are. And to have to face those mutations? That would be so hellish. :( I think that the Capitol is just a stupid colony of people who have been warped out of their own humanity. :(

Chapter 26
Suicide attempt..
Katniss and Peeta's suicide attempt was pretty smart. I can tell you right now that suicide does not go over very well with the Capitol. Just saying. The Capitol must have a winner! I guess they would rather have two winners than have none. I think though that Katniss and Peeta's suicide attempt was an act of love and also rebellion. I know Katniss loves Peeta because why else would she rather die in the arena with Peeta than just kill him and go home to her family and Prim. I think that she has spent so much time pretending she likes him that she finally realizes that she actually does. I think the suicide attempt was a great idea. It got them both home didn't it? I thought it was a really good way to end the book. And I have to ask you, Do you think that this will have a really big impact in Catching Fire and Mockingjay? Leave your answer in the comment section below. (Ray William Johnson reference) Haha It's funny because no one else got the joke....

Chapter 27
You're in trouble....
The Capitol thinks that Katniss's and Peeta's suicide attempt was an act of rebellion. The only thing I have to say to that is... DON'T CHANGE THE RULES AND THEN CHANGE THEM BACK!!! STAR CROSSED LOVERS ARE NOT GOING TO KILL EACH OTHER!!! GRRRRRR >:(
*Clears throat because that was awkward* I'm glad I got that off my chest. I hate the Capitol. If I was Katniss I would so start a rebellion. Because thats what I do. :) No not really. Well not about being Katniss and starting a rebellion. I so would have done that. Rawr. <---- Awesome randomness >:3 If I was Katniss also I would be so worried about the Capitol coming after my family and Gale. I would be extremely worried about my own safety too.



Chapters 15-19

Chapter 15
Hello Everybody. Long time no blog. :) I missed you! :3. Lately I have just been on YouTube watching The Huger Games stuff. Assessing whether or not Whitney is a better Katniss than Megan. For the record I think she is... But speaking of Katniss, She sure ate a lot when she was in the Capitol didn't she? I cant say that I blame her. After nearly starving to death was on her agenda every day, one expects her to gorge herself with all of this great food! I'm just saying that I think

it was a good thing to do to stock up on food before the games. It gave her more energy. If she hadn't done that, if she was still eating what very little she was getting from hunting in district 12 she wouldn't have been so strong. She would have been fairly weak and she wouldn't be so healthy. I think that it will also be a bad thing as well. She has gotten so used to eating all of this rich food at the Capitol that I think it will be harder to adjust to rabbits and crackers. I'm just saying. But she seems to be adjusting quite nicely. It's a really good thing that she has hunted all her life an knows the ways of the woods.
<----- Thats Whitney and Megan. Whitney is the one with the gun. It's a fake gun! Whitney is a better Katniss :3 I combined two pictures for this so here is the links for both.
Megan Picture
Whitney Picture

Chapter 16
I Like Foxface. She reminds me of well.... me. I think she is something of a stalker- a follower. Thats the me part. Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from being a leader and... I admit I am a little bit of a stalker. :/ Another reason I like Foxface is because she looks a lot like my friend Tessa. She's not really my friend but she's an idol of mine and I like to refer to her as my friend. Deal with it. She has the best red hair. No offense Levi! She recently dyed it though. It's now like a red with streaks of yellow and orange. I don't really like it. She is a little bit of a stalker too. She used to stalk this guy named Frezned.... Wait WHAT? What the heck am I talking about? I honestly have no idea. Can we get back on topic please? Thanks. I think Foxface follows people around because she dosen't have the skills to survive in the woods so she gets other peoples skills from them.- I finished the book, and saw the movie twice. Fot those of you who haven't seen the movie or haven't finished the book yet... I won't say what happens. Heehee. :) Any way back to Foxface. While sneaking around she also gets to see how the tributes get their food and where they keep it. She could steal things anytime. And, she can hear the other tributes plans to kill people and their strategies. :) So I think that it's a good thing to be sneaking around like that. :) The Picture is of Tessa. Tessa Picture
Chapter 17
Now I like to have my music really loud. And sometimes I have trouble hearing things. And one time I had this metal ring for a neclace and I had it in my ears and it snapped and made my ears bleed. That hurts. But that is nothing compared to what happend to Katniss. She blew her eardrums out and made them bleed! Thats terrible! It's terrible for two reasons. For one, how is she going to hear things? She relies on her hearing so much! Not just for hunting but for knowing when someone is around her. The other thing is the other tributes could use this to their advantages. She can't hear so she won't hear if someone throws a spear at her or comes walking up behind her in the woods. She is in a lot of danger with her ear like this. Lets hope she can get it fixed at the Capitol. You know what would be cool? If kids listened to music really loud and then their hearing went away and the doctors put something in your ear to make you hear better! People wouldn't have to worry about hearing loss!! :D Only I would think about things like this.
Headphones Picture

Chapter 18
I thought the funeral Katniss put on for Rue was very sweet. While Rue was against her in the games she still was Katniss's ally. I thought it was a really nice gesture to district 11. To lay Rue down for her eternal sleep in flowers. It made a statement that said "Rue was all about district 11 and she was proud of it." It probably gave some condolence to Rue's parents to know that she went with respect. I have started the second book and just to clarify- No spoiler alert here- that the funeral did mean something to the people of district 11. Thats all I will give away so far. :) I think giving Rue the funeral gave Katniss some peace of mind too. I think she knows now that there was nothing else she could have done for Rue and that it was a good thing to return Rue to the flowers. I also think that it connected to Primrose because she is named after a flower and Rue reminded Katniss of Prim. After all Prim is Katniss's little flower isn't she? :)

Chapter 19
Katniss and Peeta are so cute together! The parts when they were in the cave together were so sweet! I know for a fact that the feelings between them in those scenes were special. Speaking of the feelings, I totally think that Peeta isn't acting I think that he actually loves Katniss. I have believed that since he first said the words. I also think that Katniss loves him too. I think that she is denying it to herself but the feelings are still there. I think Peeta is a source of comfort to her and she feels like he is taking her home in a way. He is a part of District 12 and he talks to her and makes her think that things aren't as bas as they really are. I think that they are staging their feelings for each other but they both love each other deep down.

------> I know it's not them from the movie! I just Liked this picture! OKAY?!?!?!

Anyway. Thank you for reading my blog, and may the odds be ever in your favor ;)


Chapters 10-14


I have to say I understand why the Capitol inserts trackers in the tributes. I think they do it not only so they can see where you are and drive you together but to make sure you are alive. How else do you think that When Glimmer died they knew the exact moment she died? I think that the trackers are hooked up to the cannon so the exact moment that a tribute dies the cannon goes off and sends the hovercraft to come get them. Another reason which I mentioned before is that they need to know where you are, if there is a way to get out they want to make sure that you don't escape. Plus they also need to know where you are at all times so they can drive you together. I don't think that they would keep the trackers in but if they did I think that I know the tributes would find some way to get them out.

Chapter 11

Mwahahahaha!!!!! >:) The Cornucopia! I really think that is a really brutal way to start the games. You just throw out all of the tributes to fight in a bloodthirsty winner takes all competition in a field where mines could blow your legs off. Thats a great way to start the games! #Sarcasm. I don't get how they stop the mines from exploding when you step off. I mean how is there mines that will blow your legs off one second and they cant blow your legs off the next? does anyone know? My strategy would probably be that I would wait a few seconds until everyone else had gone into the woods or died and then I would pick up whatever was left of the supplies. Then after I got some supplies I would hide in the Cornucopia. I soooo would have hidden in it. >:) If I needed supplies I would just get out, wave at the crowd, run into the woods shoot a rabbit and come back. I would totally live in it. Every time a person would walk by I would shoot then with arrows or knives or whatever. The best part would be that nobody but the people watching would know that I was in the Cornucopia. It would be totally inconspicuous. I could get caught I guess.. if I had to go out and hunt or something and another tribute was out where I was hunting.... But lets not think about the downsides, okay?
Cornucopia Link
Chapter 12 :)
Water. That was Katniss's biggest concern. I honestly think that Haymitch did a good thing to withhold water from Katniss. I think it made her stronger. Haymitch was probably teaching her to fend for herself and telling her that she cant always rely on him. I think that Haymitch is only going to send her supplies if it is like a life or death situation or she is in a ton of pain. Like with the burn. He gave her the ointment because she was in a ton of pain and she couldn't have probably gone on with her leg so burnt. Plus, PLUS the sponsors are the people that send Haymitch the money so she can get these things! They probably didn't give her the water because they would want to see if she died or not! But she did find the water eventually didn't she? So she's okay... for the time being. ;) Haymitch would be proud. Haha. I really don't think that he hates her. I think that he really does care about her and that he wants her to win. He did send her the ointment didn't he? He wouldn't have done that if he didn't like her. I think he likes her "fiery" Personality. No pun intended. Okay so there was a pun intended. What are you gonna do about it?

Chapter 13
I LOVE FIRE!!!!!! I just think it's so pretty! Yay! I often imagine a world filled with fire.... but not like this one. I think the fire affected the games because it pushed all of the tributes together. Unless... one of them is hidden in the cornucopia..... haha, very unlikely. I was pretty obvious the the Capitol was trying to push everyone together to make the action more enjoyable. I think that they used fire because it would destroy all that it touched and it would make the arena smaller so all of the tributes would be closer. Thats just my opinion.
------> Beautifulness :) My Fiery Picture :3
Anyway, before we were so rudely interrupted by my unnecessary fiery picture, where were we? Oh yes. When everything burned they lost a lot of supplies. Wood, animals for food, maybe a few water supplies... you see the Capitol is already making things scarce. It will be harder to get the things that they need when they are so close and so much stuff has been destroyed.

Chapter 14
I don't like the Careers. But I do think that Peeta has a good reason for being with them. Sometimes it's better to be on the bad guys side rather than be against them. But I think Peeta shouldn't have made it so obvious that he let Katniss get away alive. I don't think that the Careers will kill him though. I think that they will do something to him that they assume will kill him so they don't have to get their hands dirty with his blood. Maybe they will cut him in a fatal place, stab, make him get stung with tracker jackers... I don't know...


My reactions...

The first thing I have to say is.... Why the heck would they make tracker jackers??? ..... Those hallucinations must be really scary! Honestly any hallucination is really creepy! One time I had this really high fever and I was sitting downstairs and I thought Santa Fell off the roof! :D Honestly! True story! I hate when I see things. It's really annoying. And it's creepy.


Chapters 6-9 :)

Chapter 6
1. The technology in The Capitol is extremely superior to the technology in District 12. In District 12 the Technology reminds me of an abandoned home. Everything works but its in horrible condition. At the Capitol its like all futuristic and such. Seriously? I want a shower that you can adjust the water heat to what ever level you want! I want a fan that blows me dry when I step out of said shower! I want a "robot" that will do my hair in the morning! Actually I think the hair one would be the gaget I would use the most. Apart from my IPod and Laptop of course, because you all know that I live on the internet. The technology differs quite a bit between the two places.
District 12- a place where most people don't even have showers- just buckets they fill with water and heat up
The Capitol- a place where the showers wash you and blow you dry. There is hardly a difference, right! #sarcastic.
Jeez! Don't these people at the Capitol care at all about the wellness of their people?????? Oh wait! They don't care at all! >:( If someone dies of hunger don't they say it was influenza or whatever???? :/ Maybe if they cared more, the people of the Capitol wouldn't have to cover like that! Jeez! Whats this world coming to?

Link for picture

2. Okay so the Avox girl fascinated me. Maybe it's because I love horror and I have seen Dead Silence. Dead Silence My friends, is a horror movie where this woman named Mary Shaw is accused of killing a little boy and then they cut her tongue out and kill her. She has a vengeance against this family and comes back to life and controls her ventriloquist puppets. She kills this guy named Jamie's wife and Jamie goes into a rage and tries to find Shaw. While he's trying to find her Mary starts "silencing" all of these people by cutting out their tongues. Wow! I got really off topic really fast! Yeah its a lot more complicated then I explained it to be. Just go watch the movie! It's awesome!!!!!! Back to the Avox girl. I think that she was running from the Capitol either because they stole something or they were running away from the hunger games. Those are the two biggest reasons I think she was running. At least they let her live! But cutting out her tongue was a little cruel. :P


Chapter 7
3. I think that Haymitch wanted Peeta and Katniss to not to show their strength because when you train it is basically when you get to see what competitors can do. If you go into the games and people don't think that you are a strong competitor the will wait until the end to make a move on you. On page 41 Katniss says that the strategy of acting weak worked for Johanna Mason and she lasted until the end. I think Haymitch wanted the other tributes to go in with low expectations on their ability so they wouldn't go into full attack mode early.
4. I honestly think that the other contestants think that Katniss is full of herself and thinks that she honestly a bit full of herself. Except for the little girl who was watching her and Peeta train. Isn't her name Rue?? I think so. I think Rue is fascinated by Katniss in a weird sort of way. ..... Um yeah. When Rue is watching her and Peeta train she is looking t Katniss more like she is trying to figure out a mystery rather than just observing her skills. I wonder why she is acting like that... What do you think?????? I really don't know why she would she would observe her like that unless she thought Katniss looked familiar. Maybe they have some special connection.... Okay I have to say this. This vacation I was incredibly bored and tried to find Youtubers that resembled some of the tributes. .... I know. I just happen to be an insane person that has access to a computer...... So yeah...

5. Oh I love this question! I love Katniss's relationship between both Peeta and Gale. :) I think it has the classic twist of a love triangle. Then again this book is not about love. I think that it is a little strange that the way both relationships turn out. In the beginning of Katniss's and Gale's relationship Gale thought Katniss was stealing. I don't know about you but if I thought someone was stealing my stuff I would probably not want that person as my friend. Although, after Gale accuses Katniss of stealing, she kinds of jokes around with him when he asks to see her bow. This was on Page 111. I think it's a very odd way to start a friendship. And then on the other hand she has Peeta. Peeta had given her the bread and stopped her from starving. I think that if I was in that situation I would want to be friends with the bread boy. It would have been a great friendship starter. But Katniss now hates Peeta although he saved her life. I guess she doesn't really hate him, she just doesn't want to get too close to him and then have to kill him. That would stink. I know I would not want to kill a friend of mine. Even a friend that is not very close to me. I would just have this terrible conscience telling me that I was a horrible person.
6. Awe. I think Peeta made a very bad choice. I think that he should have stayed with Katniss just to know her battle strategy. Also it was a very bad idea to make Katniss think that he wanted to know battle strategies to defeat her. You all know that, that is the conclusion she jumped to. It was a bad idea to get on Katniss's bad side. I honestly think that he asked to be coached separately because he wanted his own strategies in the games that Katniss didn't know about. Another thing was I thought that Peeta and Haymitch would talk about how he would introduce his little crush on Katniss. I also think that it was a good thing to coach them separately. I honestly think Katniss needs to go solo and have no attachment to anyone and just fight.
I think the Gamemakers were so fascinated with Katniss's temper because they need some tributes that are "fiery". No pun intended. Actually there was a pun intended. Sorry. Hehe. I think that they gave her such a high score because they think she will be a good person to entertain them in the games.


7. OMG! I loved this chapter! Peeta made me laugh so hard! I mean it's hard enough to tell a person that you like them in real life, but to say it in front of the entire country of Panem..... WOW. I think Katniss will react and like almost kill Peeta. I think she will push him down and just scream at him. Sounds like her. If I was Katniss I would just sit there on a couch and be like...... Wow. That was kind of expected. I wouldn't kill him over telling the truth. But wait! How does Katniss know that he is telling the truth??? I hate to say this about Peeta but does anyone else think that he might be lying? When I first read chapter 9 I was like, No! Peeta is not telling the truth! He just wants Katniss to have a soft spot for him so she won't kill him in the games. That was my first reaction. Now I'm not so sure. It doesn't seem like something Peeta would do. Does it? I don't know.....

8. HAHAHA!!!! I can just imagine Gale's face as he sees what Peeta has to say. I think he would be disgusted at Peeta's confession and think that he was just using the weaknesses in the crowd. By that I mean, you all heard the way the crowd just melted when Peeta confessed his love for Katniss. I think Gale thought that he was just appealing to the crowd. I thought that Gale would start hating Peeta because of the way he just gushed about his long love for Katniss. I really think that the anger that Gale feels toward Peeta will be directed to jealousy. I really think that he won't be jealous because he saw Katniss's face when he said that. I think he will laugh because he knows how Katniss is and the way she hates drama. I think he knows after so many years with Katniss that she has no emotional attachment to anyone but her family and him.

Okay the other day I was searching the internet and I found a video about the hunger games. Its more a music video. I love it SOOOO much!!!! It's by one of my favorite youtubers. Winterspringpro. I cant exactly feature the video on my blog but it would be really, REALLY awesome if you went to go check out the video at home. I cant get the URL on here because it it blocked but just type in Hunger Games Britney Spears and it should be the first result. Go check it out!!!!!!!


Chapters 3,4,5

Chapter 3 :D

"He pulls a white package from his jacket pocket and holds it out to me. I open it and find cookies. These are a luxury we can never afford." <------ COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! Okay I think first of all that the Peeta's dad gave Katniss the cookies because he feels bad for her and has the feeling that the cookies cold be her last meal. They very well could be! From the way they describe the games, the contestants
have no food, they have to salvage for water and firewood and they always have to worry about being murdered.
Also I think Peeta's dad gave her the cookies because he actually cares for her and considers her family. Another hypothesis I made was that maybe Peeta had this crush on Katniss for many years at a time and his father finally figured it out and wants to be nice to her because he knows his son cares for her. I defiantly think that the baker will keep his promise to care for Prim because he thinks that her family has been through enough. Also Katniss has been a supplier of meat for their family for a while and I think that the tables will turn and the baker will be a supplier of needed supplies.

Picture Link :)

2. Okay. I wrote TONS of notes for this part in the book. I have stated my opinion on this so many times that its scary. GALE LOVES KATNISS!!!! I thought he loved Katniss from the very beginning of the book when Katniss said they had been friends forever. The way he talks to her in chapter one when he talks about running away with Katniss and starting a relationship and a family with her. I think it was obvious that Gale was going to say that he loved her and to be careful because she is too important to him to lose. It is slightly out in the open that Gale has really strong feelings for Katniss that are more than friendship feelings. In this passage in the book "Finally, Gale is here and maybe there is nothing romantic between us, but when he opens his arms I don't hesitate to go into them. His body is familiar to me - the way it moves, the smell of wood smoke, even the sound of his heart beating I know from quiet moments on a hunt - but this is the first time I really feel it, lean and hard -muscled against my own." It explains that there is defiantly some type of connection between them..... I don't know... :) The more this book goes on the more connections I can make to the love triangle from Twilight. :)........ I totes cropped the picture----Here is the link to the full Pic Link to original Picture

Chapter 3
I think that Peeta and Katniss both hate Haymitch but they have to put up with him because he is their mentor for the games. I think they hate him because he is a crazy drunk who just dosen't give a flying fig weather he dies or not. I think Peeta is quite sick of Haymitch and everyone thinking he's so great just because he made it through the hunger games successfully. I honestly don't think that Haymitch can possibly be a mentor to either Katniss or Peeta because of Haymitch's reputation and they way he has treated them both, with punching Peeta and just plain disgusting Katniss. I honestly don't think either of them will take his advice, or they might considering all he said was "Stay Alive." on page 56. >:[

4. I think that Katniss's family & Gale will influence her to keep going in the games because of this passage on page 36. "I don't care if we're rich. I just want you to come home. You will try won't you? Really really try? asks Prim. "Really really try. I swear it." I say. And I know because of Prim, I'll have to. This really shows how much she cares for Prim and wants to come home to take care of her. I think Gale will affect her performance because he is her best friend and he has been there for her all these years. I know that if I was in these games I would want to come home to my friends and I wouldn't want to devastate them with my death. I think She is shutting Peeta out because she dosen't want to get too attached to him and also because she thinks he is putting on the sweet act and really truly will kill her if she gets too close. Will this benefit her??? I don't know...... :)
----------> I cropped This one too here is the link Link to original PictureChapter 5

Throughout chapter 5 Katniss and Peeta have weird on and off spurts of liking each other and hating each other. Oh wait! Thats just Katniss. Katniss goes from thinking that he is untrustworthy to thinking that he is just being nice. on page 49 She thinks he is just being nice and then thinks this horrifying thought; "It's because he's being kind. Just as he was kind to give me the bread." The idea pulls me up short. A kind Peeta Mellark is far more dangerous than an unkind one. Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there. And I can't let Peeta do this. Not where we're going. So I decide, from this moment on, to have as little as possible to do with the bakers son." I think that Peeta is just being a nice guy, and Katniss should lay off him. But I do see her reasoning. If I was in that situation I would trust no one and try to get people to like me more because I wouldn't want to get killed!!! I really think that Peeta is just being a nice guy because when they were on fire he offered to take off her cape, as long as she took off his. If he really didn't like her he would have found some other way to take his cape off and just let Katniss burn. I think that Peeta should try to distance himself from Katniss a little and stop being so friendly. I have a feeling that if he keeps being friendly that Katniss will take it as an attack and attck him during the games.

I also think that Katniss and Peeta have a spark, that will turn into a full force flame of crushing as the book goes on. No pun intended. Hahaha. :P There is definatly some chemistry between them
that will affect the way both of them act in the games. :)

Link to Picture

I think the people from District 12 feel that if they dress up the way people dress up in the Capitol, the people at the Capitol will take it as a form of rebelling. Also District 12 isn't rich at all so it would be pretty hard to dress like Effie Trinket all the time. I think Katniss thinks dressing like the people at the Capitol is foolish and just looks ridiculous. The people at the Capitol look ignorant and stuck up from my perspective. Can't they just dress normal????

Picture Link

Final Response

The first thing I have to say is that I loved the fire outfits that they chose for Katniss and Peeta. You all know that I incorporate fire in a lot of the drawings I do. The PEMDAS poster, the little flower Thanksgiving thing, ect... But i could really picture these outfits! 1. because this summer I imagined these two characters Amber and Daniel, that I was going to write a book about. They dress quite similar to the outfits Katniss and Peeta wear. Only they are on fire. It was really cool to make that mental connection. Another thing I just loved was the passage on page 57-58 when Haymitch was giving them the advice to stay alive. Wow that was intense! Throwing the knife was something Amber would do too. Amber and Katniss are a lot alike and thats another reason I enjoy this book so much. I Thought this was so cool! Someone else did a Hunger games Blog! Check it out -----> Link to hunger games Blog


Chapter 2

1. Okay first of all WHAT????????? Poor Katniss. The situation is just plain and simply peril. Should she let her sister die? Or should she basically commit suicide by going into the games? Decisions decisions. I think that she did the right thing though. If I had a younger sibling that was in the same situation.... I would rather die that let my younger sibling die. I do care that way about my little cousin John. If he was in a death wish situation- I would probably step in and take control rather than see him die. My brother Forrest- would probably do the same for me- even though he doesn't show his affection toward me much I can tell the instinct to protect me is there. I feel that as an older sister if you know that your little sibling is going to die you should step forward....... DUH! Also Katniss feels more like a mother to Primrose than probably any other person feels to their little sister. Katniss feels so super strong about the statement "Older siblings need to take care of and have responsibility for their younger siblings." I think she feels so strongly about it
because of the fact that after her father died, she had to have full responsibility for her sister and mother. The first two paragraphs of chapter 2 explain how Katniss feels toward Primrose getting into the games. She explains how she feels physically as well as mentally. "It was as if the impact had knocked every wisp of air from my lungs, and I lay there, struggling to inhale, to exhale, to do anything. This is how Katniss feels after her sister is chosen for the games, and after she falls out of a tree. If the feelings are alike doesn't that show how terrible it feels to know that your sister has a death wish? I know Katniss feels obligated to take care of her family because of the fact that her father is dead and she feels she is their only hope for survival.

<--- Two sisters that seem to have a very close relationship.

2. Okay. First of all, DUH! The relationship she had with Peeta is defiantly going to affect her performance in the games! She says herself in chapter 2 PG 25 "Peeta Mellark! Oh, No, I think. Not Him. Because I recognize this name, although I have never spoken directly to its owner. Peeta Mellark." She obviously knows that she cant kill him because Of the bread experience. When they shake hands for the hunger games on Pg 33 you can tell that they have some sort of really nice connection from the experience. You can
also tell that Peeta is worried about both of their safety because of they way he shakes hands with Katniss. He gives her hand a squeeze which basically says. Were doomed. She says at the end of chapter 2 Pg 33, "Oh well, I think. "There will be 24 of us." Odds are someone else will kill him before I do." I feel that she and Peeta will have a very "special connection" in the games because I am getting foreshadowed
events that they like eachother. I also think that she would be able to kill him, just not with a light heart. She has something to fight for. Primrose. She is the light of Katniss's life, and Katniss feels she had to protect her. I know Peeta's presence will affect her greatly in the games but she knows she has to protect Primrose.

<---- Burnt bread that reminds me of the bread that Peeta gave Katniss

3. I noticed in this chapter that Katniss does to some extent knows how to survive in the games- and feels that she may. On page 22 shes says "Prim let go." I said harshly, because this is upsetting me and I don't want to cry. When they televise the replay of the reapings tonight, everyone will make note of my tears, and I'll be marked as an easy target. A weakling. I will give no one that satisfaction. She obviously cares about her reputation as a tough girl, and wants to carry that reputation through the games.
She reminds me a lot of Bella from Twilight- not just because of the looks but because she is so stubborn and wants to protect her family in every way possible.
<---- This picture I found online and thought she looked just the way I pictured her in my head. As a tough girl who knows she can do whatever she wants and feels that she has to take care of herself.

I chose that song because I think it really represents the way Katniss feels when She had to leave Prim defenseless- and also the way she feels about her father being gone and the way his presence is still in the house. An example of his presence is that every day Prim polishes her fathers mirror because she feels he still would be angry if she let the coal dust settle in to it.


Chapter 1 :)


1. The term reaping is used throughout the first chapter. I think its an appropriate term to use because the definition figurative receive (a reward or benefit) as a consequence of one's own or other people's actions : except for the fact that the hunger games are (for the contestants) used as a punishment and for the people watching its a treat because their kids don’t have to go. The history of Panem is people starving and having to fight for their food. Suffering is a big part of this book in the town of Panem.

2. The effect hunger has on the people of District 12 is the effect hunger has on anyone who has starved for a long time. They have the survivors way of thinking. The people that are hungry can't have pets, they have dinner. Its every man for himself. You can tell because of this passege in the book states, pg 11 "No one in the Seam would turn up their nose at a good leg of wild dog." Now. If the people of District 12 wern't starving do you think that they would really eat dogs? Katniss says "meat is meat" in Chapter One which shows how much the people care about what they eat for meat.

3. The setting is, to be honest, dark and dreary. It is the kind of town that predicts death. The setting gives me a gut feeling that there will be TONS of death in the games. I also have a gut feeling that hunger will be a huge part of the games. I think in a way the different districts represent the different people in the game, struggling for survival. Each person that goes in the game carries a piece of the games that they learned in their district. I predict that when Katniss goes in the games that she will have to use a huge part of what she has learned in the games at her district in the Hunger Games.

4. My reaction to the name Primrose Everdeen being pulled was like OH MY GOD SHE IS WAY TO YOUNG!! I was like freaking out. It was huge. I wasn't exactly taken by surprise because of the back of the book, (hint hint publishers that kind of ruins the story) but I was still very unhappy with the pick. I also saw foreshadowing of this event when Katniss said that there was a little to no chance that Primrose would get picked. Now I have read tons of books and usually when a character says something is not going to happen, guess what? It happens. Like people say in our class, I think she jinxed herself. Time after time in other books when a character gets something set in their minds that they are certain won't happen, it always seems to happen. In the book Breaking Dawn By Stephenie Meyer, something similar happens to Bella that threatens her life that she was POSITIVE wouldn't happen.

5. Most of my reactions were connections to District 9 to other places that are dying because of lack of money and food. Either its from a disaster or a dictator there are a lot of places like that in the world, and there are a lot of kids that have to take the load and work for their family's. During chapter 1 the relationship between Gale and Katniss kind of told me maybe about a relationship between them...? Its kind of cute! its like an average relationship/friendship between two people that have known each other for a long time and they slowly fall in love. :) This is a link to a Breaking Dawn Website


The Hunger Games

1. The title of the book is The Hunger Games. The title The Hunger Games suggests to me that people will be fighting for their lives in grueling, hardship games that will test their ways of living, survival and how much they want their lives to go on. When I heard the “games” part it reminded me of Saw, for obvious reasons. After hearing glowing reviews of this book from people that normally refuse to read, it is obvious that this book is an action packed thriller. As for the title giving me information, as I said before it reminded me of Saw which might not be a good thing. Then again not everything has to be like Saw and the “games” could be totally opposite.

2. The author, Suzanne Collins seems to be quite famous as I have heard of her from several people that recommend the book. I have not read anything by her but I am quite looking forward to it. When I first heard of Collins, I was probably intrigued because Collins is my brothers last name. I am also interested in her because I have fallen in love with books that have been written by bestselling authors

3. The picture on the front suggests to me that the people in the book will be fighting for their lives because of the arrow for obvious reasons. The gold ring on the front makes be think that maybe certain love between characters will come up sometime in the book. The bold all caps print somehow makes me think of seriousness and loudness because thats what all caps generally means. The dark cover evokes a mood in me that reminds me of death and darkness that will probably be a huge factor of the book. link for picture

4. Now, I love Stephan King’s and Stephenie Meyer’s books. I also know that they both have specific ways of writing that seem to be light as well as very dark. Knowing both these authors and being able to value both of their opinions makes both of their reviews mean 10,000,000 times more to me. Putting it into consideration that they both loved the book makes me wonder about the writing style of this book. Perhaps knowing both authors helps excite me more about this book.

Stephan King Link

Stephenie Meyer Link

5. After reading the back cover I can honestly say that I can feel the suspense seeping through the pages. I am honestly chomping at the bit to read this book. Just knowing that this book is very dark “and dark is my style” increases my curiosity and makes me really REALLY wants to read. Absolutely nothing causes me to be hesitant at this point. I now know that this book is based in North America and people are playing an extremely dangerous reality TV show. The theme I think is dark and secretive just because of the part that says “ a fight to the death on TV” on the back cover.

Link for book review :)

I am looking forward to learning about these "games". My perspective on the book hasn't changed at all, I am still so stoked to read this! As you all know I LOVE horror movies and books so if this book is like one, like the review says I think I will love it! I also loved the readers comparison to the movie Jaws because I think that yes, you don't have to see things to be terrified of them. I have a huge feeling I will be getting in trouble for reading ahead! In all of the reviews pretty much everyone says that they were up all night reading this book. My interest has been caught. :) Most everyone has given this book 4 1/2 stars so that must mean its good. :) Michael Behr who gave the book 5 stars has said that the violence and story lines tie together perfectly which is a quality I look for in a good book.


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