The End of the Book :( 20-27

Chapter 20:

I Personally would of attended the feast if I was in the Hunger Games. I would of because I would of been curious to see what the sponsors gave me and how much they really cared about me. I also would of went because if I was in need of medicine or food. I think Katniss should have got two things in the bag because she was taking care of Peeta. The needle for Peeta’s leg was a big help but she didn't get anything out of it. They deserved something better. I think I would of been disappointed if I was Katniss and saw I didn't get anything. I picked this picture because the medicine/needle (link to image) played a big part in the book. If Peeta didn't receive the needle he probably would of died. Then Kantiss would of been sad and would of been attacked.

Chapter 21:

I though this chapter was the most shocking out of the whole book. I think this because I never would of thought Thresh would let Katniss go when he had the chance to kill her. I personally would of killed Katniss if I was Thresh. Especially when there were only 4 tributes left. If Thresh Killed Katniss she wouldn't of won and Peeta probably would of died as well. I think he would of died because he wouldn't of been able to defend him self with his injured leg. I think Thresh was upset that Rue was killed because she didn't deserve to die so young and they were from the same district. She wasn't hurting or disturbing anyone in the arena. I think he was mad that she was killed because Rue and Thresh was both black. Maybe he felt comfortable not being the only colored person in the arena. Or maybe they had a relationship back home.

I picked this picture because I thought it really fit what Thresh felt like and it fit the scenery very well. He was really upset that Rue died.:'(

Chapter 22:

I think it was a good decision of Haymitch to send food instead of water and medicine because they had water and medicine at the time. They didn’t need water because they had water right beside their cave and some medicine was also waiting for them at the cornucopia. The food helped them get threw the games the most because the food they were receiving gave them a lot of protein. If Haymitch never sent them the food they wouldn't of stood a chance. They most likely would of starved to death. They might of been able to hunt and gather food but it wouldn't have the protein they needed. Check out this "Protein" link.

Chapter 23:

The real relationship between Katniss and Peeta on and off camera is changing. In the beginning it was more of an act, but toward the end it wasn’t as much of an act. I think Katniss was acting in the beginning, but I think Peeta really likes her. He admitted his feeling for Katniss in the interview and then he always wanted to kiss. In the beginning Katniss seemed to be faking it because all through the book she seemed like she just wanted to make it through the games and get back home to her sister and Gale. Towards the end Katniss said she wanted to kiss Peeta more and more. So I don't really know if she truly likes him or not. What do you think?

Chapter 24:

I think Peeta won’t feel that bad about killing Foxface later on. When it happened Peeta thought it was unfair in someway. He kinda felt like she shouldn't of died and it was his fault. He was blaming it on himself for being so loud with his injured leg. He said on page 319 if it weren't for in loudness Foxface would never of found them and wouldn't of died. I think Peeta is just happy that him and Katniss made it out alive. Im sure he thinks about it on and off but it doesn't affect him than it did when it happened. I personally wouldn't of felt bad when it happened. It would of meant to me that there was one less person I have to worry about. How would of you felt?

Chapter 25:

The feast really changed the outcome of the game 100%. I think it changed it because if Peeta never got the needle for his leg he might not of made it. He might of died of infection or not of been able to run away from Cato or the mutts. I think Cato should got something less valuable. All the tributes should of got something of the same value. I know Cato still died with is metal body protecter but it would of been easier to kill him if he got something as the same value as Peeta. I think Katniss should of got something out of the deal. All they got was medicine and that was to help Peeta not Katniss. Well........ Katniss really didn't need anything but she should of at lease got something out of it.


(Link to pictures)

Chapter 26:

I think Katniss and Peeta’s decision to attempted suicide was a good idea. I personally would of done the same thing if I was them. I think it was a god idea because it made them win the Hunger Games. I think if they would of ate them the Capital would of freaked out. It would of ruined the 74th annual Hunger Games. The Capital would of just been spending money for sponsors for nothing. I wonder what the Capital would of done? I wonder if they would of picked new tributes? Im glad Peeta didn't kill himself for Katniss. Im glad Katniss stopped him because it wouldn't of been fair. Do you think it would of been fair?

Chapter 27:

I think Katniss and Peeta’s relationship off camera is going to end. I definitely think Katniss had a little feeling for Peeta in the arena. But that was in the arena. They had to get along or they wouldn't of got food. I think Katniss is going to go for Gale when she gets back home. Gale and Katniss are perfect together. They are perfect hunting parterres and can keep food on the table. I think if Gale and Katniss got marries and had kids they could support them. But on the the other had all Peeta knows how to do is bake and frost bread. They wouldn't make a good pair at all. Yes I know he might be “hot” in girls perspective but other than that he is useless. “Looks isn't everything.


Peeta and Katniss= LOVE 15-19

Chapter 15:

I think it was a really good decision that Katniss stocked up on food before she entered the Games. I think it was a good idea because if Kantiss couldn't find any food in the games she would last longer on the food in her stomach. Im sure Katniss gained some wait when she was in the capital and I think that helped her. If she loses wait in the games she will just be losing the weight she gained in the Capital. I would of done what Katniss did. Kantiss is a really smart person and thinks things over in her head before she does something. I think this strategy has got her threw some difficult obstacles. For example on page 187 she cut the beehive out of the tree on to the Career Tributes. She thought everything over before she did it. I picked this picture for the link because I think this is the type of food Katniss ate in the Capital. And a lot of it.

Chapter 16:

I think by Katniss joining a alliance with Rue is the smartest decision Katniss has made in the games so far. I think it was good for Katniss to have someone there with her for protection and someone she can count on. Katniss got more sleep she has ever got that night because she didn't have to worry being surprise attacked. Its really to bad Rue passed away though. Katniss finely got someone she could trust then something like this happened. This really would of killed me if I was in Katniss’s shoes. katniss took it like a champ and took the fact she was gone. On page 237 “ Bye Rue,” I whisper. I press the three middle fingers of my left hand against my lips and hold them out in her direction. Then I walk away without looking back. :’(

(Link to picture below)


Chapter 17:

I think katniss’s hearing loss is REALLY going to effect her game play. I think this because she isn't going to hear other Tributes sneaking up behind her. Or hear them at all period. Im glad it wasn't both ears or she would be screwed. The explosion must of been REALLY loud. I bet its really scary for Katniss not able to hear everything around her. I guess shell just have to use her eyes instead of her ears. When she first lost her hearing she was very scared. I think it was the most scared I have ever seen Katniss. On page 224 is when she was really scared.

I think this is what Katniss did when she lost (link to image) her hearing her ear!

Chapter 18:

I think the reasoning of the games change was because the Capitol whats Katniss and Peeta both to live. I think they really like Katniss and Peeta being all lovey dovey and thinks they are perfect together. I think they have been threw a lot together in a the past two weeks and want them to live to tell there experience together. I personally think if Katniss and Peeta make it they will get married. I hope anyways.

Chapter 19:

I personally think Katniss’s and Peeta’s feelings for each other are starting to become real and not a act. I think in the beginning it was just just a act to get sponsors. I think this because earlier in the book she didn't really like Peeta at all. On Page 298 katnis says “ This is the first kiss where I actually feel stirring inside my chest. Warm and curious. This is the first kiss that makes me want another.” :)

LOVE (link to image)



Blog Reflection Questions

Chapters 10-14

Chapter 10:

I Think the Gamemakers has to insert trackers into every tributes because so if one of the tributes die they can find them. I think the trackers have something to do with the cameras as well. Or it could have something to do with the parachutes. Or most of all to see were the tributes are and what they are doing. I don’t think its very necessary to put them in there arms thought. I bet that herts a lot. I think they should have a type of ankle bracelet or something that you can not get off. Like Prisoners. Some prisoners that get out of prison and are on probation have these type of trackers on there leg so the LAW can see were they are at ALL times. I think they will remove the trackers of the winners when they leave to go home because it would probably get infected in that area of the arm or something. Or maybe it would affect the growth in that arm. That is what I think anyways. I have talked to other people in the class and they thought maybe they would keep it in as a souvenir to say you made it threw the Huger Games.

Chapter 11:

I personally think that it was a very good move of Peeta to go on a alliance with the Career tributes. The Career Tribute kind of no what they are doing and are very skilled. I know I would of joined the alliance if I was Peeta. But the bad thing about the alliance is that they are going to eventually have to turn on each other. Also you can never really trust an alliance 100%. Like In the chapter when Peeta left to finish off a girl a couple of the Career tributes were bickering back and forth weather to kill Peeta or not. Also they were saying that they are using Peeta to find Katniss.

If you click in the link "alliance" there is a picture of two men shaking hands. I picked this picture because when you join an alliance you commit to something. That hand shake repersent honesty and saying "I've got your back"

Chapter 12:

I don’t really think it is fair that the Gamemakers can interfere with the Games. For example shooting fire balls, Catching the forest on fire,Setting the cracker jacker hives in places, putting poisonous berries every were, and more. I don’t think its fair because thats not a game of survival for the tributes. And thats what it supposed to be about. On page 174 the Gamemakers were shooting fire balls at Katniss. Katniss got hurt pretty bad out of this deal. Her calf was burn to a crisp. This could of killed Katniss if she didn't have the skills she has and the ointment. I can kinda understand when they catch pieces of the arena on fire to get the tributes closer together when it is getting boring though. I personally hate bee's so I don't think I could of handles being around the beehive like Katniss did.

Chapter 13:

I think that Katniss’s burn (link) will affect Katniss in the future because she might not be able to run as fast and get away from other tributes as fast. On page 176 Katniss says " My calf is screaming, my hands covered in red welts." I don't think Katniss's calf is really screaming but I am sure it hurts ALOT. Also I think the burns on her hands will effect her climbing skills as well. The burns pretty much decreased her opportunity of winning. But who knows? Other tributes could be burnt as well. The ointment was a big help. I think Katniss should keep the ointment that Haymitch gave her so if in the future she gets any more burns. I honestly think that it is REALLY stupid that the Gamemakers can interfere with the games.

Chapter 14: OUCH! I HATE BURNS!

I personally think the career tributes are going to try to kill or beat up Peeta after him letting Katniss get away alive. I think this because they were using Peeta in the first place to find Katniss. I think they are going to be mad. I think it was very nice of Peeta to do this though. Peeta pretty much saved Katniss’s life once again. I predict that Peeta is going to run away and stay with Katniss. I hope this anyways. If Peeta does this I think they have a better chance of winning. I think this because they know each others strengths a little bit and will take care of each other when one is hurt.


The Great and Mighty Hunger games Chapter 6-9

Chapter 6:

  1. The technology ( image) from the Capital is WAY different than the technology in district 12. The trains are like little houses compared to district 12. I wouldn't be surprised if the trains rooms were bigger then Katniss’s house. In the train the floor is a nice soft carpet. Im sure most of the houses in district 12 is wood. Also in the Capital the showers have multiple buttons of options. Like bubbles,hot,cold,mist and more. When you get out of the shower hot air blows all around you which dries you. This is very different from Katniss’s shower at home. Katniss’s shower is only one switch and that is cold water. The room Katniss stays in is
    bigger then Katniss’s whole house. This is more like a vacation to Katniss then anything I think.
  2. The technology link is a couple of articals that show how technology is getting better.

2) Im not really sure why the Avox girl and her brother was running away from the capital. Maybe it was because they thought they could escape. Or maybe it was because they knew they were going to be killed if they got caught running away and thought being shot with a spear is a better way of dying then suffering in the arena from starvation or other things. I really don’t think the boy should of been shot with a spear. He could of just been running for fun. I wonder why the girl didn’t get shot with a spear? What do you think?

Chapter 7:

  1. I think That Haymitch did not want Katniss and Peeta to show there real strengths during training with the other tributes so that the other kids didn't find out what there strengths are and weaknesses. If they act weak the other tributes will go after them first thinking they are weak and powerless. Once they encounter them in the arena they will be in for a wild awakening. This is a very good strategy I think. During the Private training they should give it all they got so they get a good score. I can’t wait to see what happens in the arena.

  1. I think the other tributes think Katniss is small,weak, and poor. I think this because on page 94 & 95 Katniss says “ Each must have 50 to 100 pounds on me.” There is a few kids that are the same size as Katniss but not to many. I don’t think her smallness will affect her in the arena. I think she is going to be faster and quicker then anyone else in the arena. This is going to be a advantage for Katniss. They will have to catch her to kill her. Im sure everyone thinks she is weak and poor since she is from district 12. Boy there going to be in for a experience if they think she going to go down with 5out a fight. They don’t know what Katniss has been threw and what she does everyday for her family. Like hunt,fish,trade, and gather herbs.

Chapter 8:

5) When Katniss first met Gale she was far away from home. She was gathering some food for her family when she stumbled upon a

rabbit in a snare trap (Image). When she saw the trap it reminded her of her father. Its reminded her of her father because her father used snares quite often when he was alive. Her fathers Snares were perfect Katniss said. Anyways Katniss kneeled down to observe the snare with the rabbit in it. She was observing it because she wanted to see how he did it so she could make a trap of her own that actually worked. Then Gale came out behind a tree and approached Katniss. Gale kinda accused Katniss for stealing his trap but I think he was just pulling her leg. From there on out Katniss and Gale just bonded. They made sure there family had food on the table. On the other hand Katniss and Peeta were forced to meet each other. It was a bad way to meet someone. They met each other because of the Hunger Games. Well there was that time when they met on the street and Peeta gave her the bread but I don think that really counts. I don’t think Katniss likes Peeta as much as Gale. I think this because Peeta’s and Katniss’s relationship is up and down all the time and Katniss knows Gale more than Peeta. This is going to affect there katniss’s relationships with Gale and Peeta. Katniss and Peeta is going to be with each other for a while so Katniss might start forgetting about Gale. Im sure Katniss will always have Gale in the back of her mind but she might not look at him the same as she used to. Katniss and Gales relation is stronger but the more time Katniss spends with Peeta the stronger there relationship is going to get as well. ( I also am a trapper and happen to use snares quite often. Snares work the best on smaller animals.)

  1. Im not really sure why Peeta asked to be couched separately. Maybe it was because he was jealous that Katniss got higher score than him ( score=Image). Or maybe it was because he didn’t trust Katniss and didn’t want her to no his skills. I highly doubt that thought because Peeta has been very nice and generous towards Katniss. He also held Katniss’s hand and let her kiss him. I guess I don’t know. Katniss and Peetas relationship go up and down so it might just be a phase or something. Im sure its something stupid Peeta is
    mad over. I think the Gamemakers were so fascinated by Katniss’s temper because she is such a nice and kind person. Well that is what they thought anyways. I don’t think they saw it coming. I think they were also fascinated that Kaniss would go that far with her tamper. She could of killed someone if she missed aimed. Im sure they were very mad in the inside but also very surprised how she hit the little apple right threw the center.

Chapter 9

  1. I don’t think what Peeta said about Katniss is going to really surprise Katniss. I think Katniss saw this coming because Peeta has been very helping and nice to Katniss from the start. I can tell you that I could see it coming anyways. Im sure Katniss acted surprised because everyone could probably see her. I can see her right now blushing in my mind. I think I would react the way I just said I thought Katniss did.

8) I think Gale was probably happy for Peeta when he confessed about Katniss. I think Gale was happy because if they like each other they will work together will last longer in the arena. This means they will have a better chance off winning until it comes down to last two people. This means if Katniss wins she will be able to see Gale again. I don’t think Gale cares who she goes out with. He just want to see Katniss win and get back to home. I think Gale and Katniss think of each other as more brother and sister then boy friend and girl friend.


The Hunger Games Chapter 3,4,and 5

Link to picture

Chapter 3:

  1. I think Peeta’s dad gave Katniss the bag of cookies because his dad wants Katniss and Peeta to work together to kill everyone. It also might be because Peeta and his dad are doing the sweet act to get Katniss to trust Peeta then Peeta will have a better opportunity to kill Katniss. Right now I really don’t know if I can trust Peeta and his father. I don’t think Katniss really knows if she can trust them as well. Threw out chapters 3,4,and 5 Katniss was talking about this. I don’t think Peeta’s father will keep his promise to take care of Prim. I think this because he was just saying was going to take care of her so Katniss and Peeta will become friends and work together. I honestly think Peeta’s father knows how good Katniss’s skills are in the forest so he wants his son Peeta on her good side.

  1. Im not 100% sure what Gale was trying to say to Katniss before she left for the Hunger Games but I kinda have a good idea. I think he was going to say “ I love you.” Its was probably in a friend way. In chapter one Katniss said that her and Gale didn't have feelings for each other that way. She also just could of been saying that to. What do you guys think he was saying?

Charter 4:

  1. The relationship between Haymitch and Peeta is kinda weird. I guess its just how you look at it. I think Peeta finds it kinda annoying that Haymitch is alway drunk. Well........... pretty much everyone finds it annoying. I think Haymitch purposely is getting Peeta all rowelled up not to be mean but to just get him ready for the tournament. I don’t think Peeta really see’s that though. Like on page 56 and 57 Haymitch said “ Here some advise stay alive” Peeta got up and hit Haymitch’s glass out of his hand. I don’t think that was really to get Peeta rowelled up it was just Haymitch being wise guy. Like I said I guess its how you look at it.

  1. I think Katniss’s family and Gale is going to affect Katniss during her performance in the Hunger Games. I think her family is going to effect her because Katniss will be to worried about Prim and how she's doing. I bet Katniss is scared to death that Prim might starve. Well Gale is helping out but what if something happens to Gale? Or will Peeta’s father step in? Also I think Katniss will be worried about her mother going back into one of her spells again. I don’t think Katniss is to worried about Gale but I know that it is killing her that she don’t know what Gales said before she left. Threw out the chapters Katniss has said many times why she is trying to shut Peeta out. She is basically shutting Peeta out because she think he is trying to to get her to love him. Well not exactly “love” him but get her to trust him. Then he will have a better chance to kill her. That is what Katniss thinks anyways. Im not really sure if he would do this because he seems like a really nice guy. It odd to be interesting to see how it turns out.

Chapter 5:

  1. Link for Picture = Katniss and Peeta.
    The relationship between Katniss and Peeta is very different from the previous chapters. Its is different because Katniss and him don’t really talk or interact in the other chapters. This chapter they kinda talk to each other and surprisingly held hand. In chapter 5 they were in a small carriage being pulled by horses to the capital. when the were leaving Cinna said something to Peeta and Katniss but they couldn't really hear them because of the loud music and every one yelling. Peeta thought he said to hold hands. I don’t think he said to really hold hands but Peeta just said that because he wanted to hold her hand. Thats what I think anyways. This was a BIG shocker for me because I’m surprised Katniss let him. I was surprised because in the other chapters she was saying that she is going to stay away from him. Like I said in question 4.

  1. The people from the capital are VERY different from people in district 12. The people from the capital are from the city so they will have different styles as they would if they lives in the woods. People from the capital have tattoos, plastic surgery, died hair, and were lots of makeup. what I can see is there pretty much all about how they look. This is very different from district 12. District 12 don’t care what they look like. They are just trying to stay alive and pray to have enough food for the week or for some day. I don’t really know what people from district 12 would think of plastic surgery or tattoos.

My Reaction/Opinion

My reaction to when Haymitch puked and Peeta said that he will take care of him I was very surprised. Usually men don’t volunteer to take care of a gross sick person. Its usually the woman who takes care of the sick person. I wonder why he took care of him when Katniss offered to?

My opinion of when Katniss threw the bag of cookies out the window that Peeta’s father gave her was I don’t blame her. If she never did this and ate the cookies she would of felt Peeta’s father was helping her out. Then she wood have a even harder to kill Peeta knowing her father gave her food. Like the bread. It is like the bread situation.

I don’t understand why in Chapter 5 why they were putting make up and other stuff on Katniss. My opinion of this is they should stay the same because it will show how there life styles are and how they dress. Also all of the makeup might affect her performance during tournament because she is not used to being clean and having makeup on. On page 62 is when they were getting her ready.

I was kinda surprised by when Katniss kissed Peeta in the carriage but I know she still don’t trust him. I know this because because after she kissed him she said. “Don’t be stupid. Peeta is planning how to kill you.” “He is luring you into to make a easy pray.” “ The more likable he is, the more deadly he is.” I kinda agree with her but also I don’t. I guess I know what to think. What do you think? On page 72 she kissed him.


The Hunger Games Chapter 2

The Big Surprise

I think Katniss believes in the statement “Older siblings need to take care of and have responsibilities for there younger siblings”. She goes my this statement a lot threw out the first chapter. She did this by gathering food for her sister and her family. Also katniss took Prim’s place in the Annual Hunger Games. This is a very big part that Katniss did this. This shows how much Katniss cares for her little sister. Katniss is pretty much giving her life up for her sister.

Peta and Katniss’s relationship

I think Katniss’s pervious relationship with Peeta is going to affect her performance and actions during the tournament. I think this because when you like someone you get sidetracked when doing something. You don’t act yourself. I know this form previous times I’ve been in. It is going to be very hard for Katniss to kill Peeta because he has helped Katniss’s family out with food. If you read page 30 and 31 in shows you what Peeta did for her family.

My Reactions

My reaction to when Katniss took Prim’s place was that I was not to surprised. I was not surprised because Katniss cares and loves her sister a lot and katniss would never let anything bad happen to her. As you know Katniss’s mom is in terrible conditions over her husbands death. Could you imagine if she lost Prim? Her youngest daughter? One page 22 it tell you the scenery of when everyone from district 12 gathered around for the drawing.

My reaction to when Peeta gave Katniss a burnt loaf of bread (link to burnt bread picture) was I was very surprised. I was surprised because Peeta didn't even know Katniss. I think he burnt the bread on purpose because he knew he had to bring it outside and her knew katniss was there. It was very nice of him to do this. Who knows Katniss and her faimly could not even be alive if it weren’t for Peeta. On page 30 and 31 is when Peta did this grateful thing.

I did not really understand the “sign” that the audience did when Katniss was up on stage. So could someone fill me in on that?


Hunger Games first chapter


As I read the fist chapter I saw the word “reaping” at least 10 times. When I read the dictionary definition of reap I thought “what the heck?” “This has nothing to do with the book.” But after I really took some time I kinda know now why this would be the appropriate word to describe when they pick the two kids to enter the anneal Hunger Games.The dictionary definition says some thing about men harvesting crops on pieces of land. So I started to thing about men picking the crops then I thought about the the Hunger Games picking to kids. I honestly don’t think this is the appropriate word they should use but it works. I think this because most kids my age would not know the meaning of “reaping.” Even if they did they would have to REALLY think about how it connects to the book. Link for picture.

The effect of hunger in district 12 is starvation which eventually leads to death. People are risking there life to cross the fence to get food/game for there family but it is trespassing. If you get cough for trespassing you would most likely get shot. So you pretty much break the law or you and your family starve. Katniss hunts every day for her family. Katniss’s dad tot her how to hunt the correct way and not get caught. I think this is not really fair for JUST her for be gathering food for her family. Her mom should help a little bit as well. On page 4 it explains what district is like.

After I read the chapter I can now make a a prediction of whats going to happen.I think that Katniss is going to take her little sisters place in the anneal Hunger Games. I think this because Katniss cares and loves her sister and will put her life before hers.

My reaction to when Primrose’s name was picked was sad and unfair. I thought it was unfair because it was her first year when her name was put into the drawing and she got picked. I thought it is sad because her family would have a even harder life if the lose Prim.

I don’t think its fair that katniss has to gather food for her family. I think her whole family should work together to get food. What would happen if katniss died? Would her family die because they don’t know how to gather food? I think they would anyways. The relationship between Gal and Katniss is pretty good. They are like best friends and they make good hunting partners. The relationship between Prim and katniss is very good. They help each other threw tough times and both care for each other. Also the relationship between the mom and Katniss is pretty much the same as Prim and Katniss. What I know so far is that they don’t have much money but there getting threw the tough times.


Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, First Bog Entry

The book that Im looking at is called “THE HUNGER GAMES.” I think this book tittle suggest to me that its about a person that is in multiple situations that she has almost staffed to death. I have heard classmates talk about this book and every person that I’ve heard talk about it they had good reports about it. The title gives me a little bit of an idea of what the book is going to be about because of my peers talking about it.

The author of the book is Suzanne Collins. I don’t think I’ve read any of her books in the past. I have herd about this author but no really specific information.

The cover art has a picture of a golden bird and circle around it. So I it has something to do with animals I think. The cover mood to me looks like it going to be kinda scary because the cover is black/gold. If it was a happy book It wold be bright colors.

I think Stephen King’s comment really stuck out to me the most, “I couldn't stop reading.” This stuck out to me the most because if a really good author like Stephen said this about another authors book it must be good. This really motivated me to read the book. I only recognized one of the authors in the testimonials and thats Stephen King.

After I read the back of the book I got really exited because by the way the author talking people might die in the book or come very close. Im very curious about if any one is going to die. I think now that I’ve read the back I think that It is about people entering a competition to see who can last the longest in the forest. I think this because on the back of the book it says that “ A place is sending a girl and a boy from ages 12 and 18 to a annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV.”

I found on that a LOT of people like this book. There are 4 1/2 stars on this book. Most of the reviews I read they all pretty much said “ I could not put down it down for one second.” “I was hooked when I first read the first couple pages.” The thing that really got me exited was that in some reviews there were people saying there was a lot of violence threw out the book.


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