The Hunger Games Movie

Well I think that the movie was not good because it does not even have a little detail in it and when the part when Peeta’s wound was really bad and in the book Katniss go’s to the feast and gets the pack full of stuff that she needs to heal Peeta, but in the movie Katniss gets the pack and takes it to Peet and she puts the ointment on and then they go to sleep, the next day the

I picked this picture because I like to show you what they looked like.:
wound was all gone. Also my evidence is that in the book when Katniss and Peeta where being chased by the mutations he still had his wound so he could not run that good, but in the movie his wound was all healed and he even ran right beside her and he got up there with no problem. I hated to part when they showed the dogs and they did not look like the other tributes and they did not have the same color hair and eyes like they did in the book. But I would not recommend watching it in the movie theaters because it is a waist of money. One of the other thing that that I did not like was that in the movie they showed only three or six mutations but in the book they had one for each tribute. I hope that the.


The Rest Of The Book!!☹

Chapter 20,

The feast!

I would have to say that it depends on how badly you need what is inside the pack and if I needed it so badly I would go anyways because you would die if you did not get it so why not try, and maybe if you are lucky you will live and get the stuff out of the pack safely and get back to your hide out. Well at least you will have a chance to live and I don’t think that anyone would want to die when you have only a few more days to go,also I think that I would not want to win because you have to guide the next tributes next time.:| I put this picture on because that might have all of the stuff that Katniss needs for Peeta but she got him to stay alive with what the gamemakers gave her.

Chapter 21,


Well the significance of Thresh saving Katniss did not really surprise me at all because him and Rue where in the same district and him and Rue must have been close,plus he heard that Clove said that she killed Rue and she also said that Rue was Katniss’s friend and I think that Thresh felt bad for Rue because she is only 12 years old .If I was Thresh I would have done the same thing because Rue is only 12 she is just a little girl and she could be crushed in a instant so who would not want to help her. POOR RUE!!!!

Chapter 22,

Good or Bad?

Well I think that the decision that Haymitch made was a good choice because they already had water and the medicine is at the cornucopia and he knows that Katniss has a bow and she can shoot really good because Peeta told him that his father buys her rabbits and every time she shoots them perfectly in the eye. I think that Katniss is really smart because she knew that Haymitch would not be that mean to her so she just guessed that she was near water and she proved her theory wright. I picked this picture because I think that this is what Katniss was thinking at the time she could not finde water.

Chapter 23,

True or False?

The relationship between Katniss and Peeta on camera is fake but kind-a believable because when they where getting off of the train at there district and stood on the stage they held hands and Katniss said “ I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go.” I think that she likes him but loves Gale.♡♡♡

Chapter 24,


There decision of making Katniss,Peeta, and Cato together was a good idea with the dogs because the games have to be over some time. I think that the gamemakers knew that Katniss and Peeta would win because they both did good on the scoring and showing what they could do. I think that there was another reason that they sent the mutts was to hope that Peeta dies because they only want to have one winner and Peeta is already wounded.

Chapter 25,


I think that the mutations where not fair because she could tell that they where the other tributes because of the color of there eyes and the color of there hair that they had. I think that it was os unfair because the gamemakers used the other tributes to make the game more fun but I thought that they supposed to be shipped back home, also Peeta can not run that fast because his leg is injured.

I picked this picture because I think that is what the mutations looked like in the book!

Chapter 26,


I think that Katniss’s and Peeta decision to do suicide is a good thing to do because it got them out of the game because before when the gamemakers changed the rule they said that if both of the people from one districted could go home safely but when Katniss and Peeta killed Cato the gamemakers announced that there can only be one winner, that was so sad.GOOD CHOICE!!!

Chapter 27,

Cameras off!

I think that after the cameras go off that Katniss really loves both Gale and Peeta but she feels more comfortable with Gale and they know each other but with Peeta she only feels like she needs to pay him back for the favor of saving her family with the brent bread, I don't think that she really likes Peeta. She might go and stay with him but that might change because she loves Gale and he is perfect for her.


Chapters 15-19

Chapter 15,

Well I think that Katniss’s decision on loading up on food was a good thing because when you are sleeping you wont get that cold when you are fat, and when you don’t eat food for a wile you loose allot of weight so it was a really good choice to eat as much as she did before the games.

Chapter 16,

Katniss’s decision to have an alliance with Rue was a good thing because Rue knows allot of ways to get food without hunting them she can kill birds with her weapon but she is the most good at collecting nuts and berries to eat and to also survive off of. When Rue was back in her home town she had to share her food with her siblings so they could live and that is why she is so skinny,her father and her family would sing with the birds to send messages to one another. But with all of those skills she is also the best tree jumper (she is like a squirrel). I picked this picture because it was so sad and I like how the author did it in color pencel.

Chapter 17,

The effects that the loss of Katniss’s hearing in her left ear is a great loss because she uses that ear for protection from the other tributes to hear where they are around her so now she has to turn her head to the right side so she can see if anyone is following her, also the left ear was a use for hunting because she needs it to here if there is any pray near buy and to check if she is being to loud and is scarring the pray away.

Chapter 18,

I think that the reasoning they changed the rule to “ if you are from the same districted and you win you both get to go home” because when Peeta said I love Katniss the whole crowd felt really bad for them and with all of there talking in the cave you could really tell that she loved him because she felt bad for him wile he was in pain.I mean who would not!

Chapter 19, I picked this picture because it is so cute and I like how it looks with my blog.

I think that the feelings that Peeta and Katniss are showing in the cave is real but they think that its not but I can tell that she loves him,because she said that she wanted more but she did not know why she did. I also think that she loves Peeta but she is not comfortable with him, but with gale she is so used to him and she knows she has feelings for him.


Chapters 10-14

Chapter 10

I picked this picture because it gives the seen that the Tracker Jackers are really alive, but they are called a different name.

1,On Page 143 Katniss has a tracker inserted in her arm because the Gamemakers probably need to know where they are at all times,to have the camera on the tributes at all times because they need them for the TV show and to tell is they are dead.Even if they need a tracker they still will need one to be able to tell if the tributes are dead so the Capitol will tell one of the hovercrafts to go and pick up the body, so the body will be shipped back home to the tributes districted. I think that they would maybe take the tracker out but probably not because they might use them to track you later or they might scan you to tell if you have been in the games or not before.

Chapter 11

2, I would of handled the situation in the cornucopia by, breathing deeply and being relaxed so I could think of ways to survive and feed my self, and also think of the things that might be in the middle that I might need to grab. If I was chosen to be in the Hunger Games at the Cornucopia I would have ran as fast as I can to the middle and grab all the stuff that I could without stopping to fight or,let the other tributes fight it out before I go in and wile they fought I would run in and grab what I thought I would need.

Chapter 12,

3,I would have to criticize the Gamemakers control over what happens in the games because when they get to do what ever they want they could kill you right there if they wanted or they could burn you to death or in this situation bring you in closer so that there will be more fights and dramatic seen's for the viewers that watch the TV show. Also when they bring the tributes more of them will form groups and take on a loner, but they did not relies that after they kill each of the loners they will have to attack the others in the group that they have formed. If I was them I would be a loner like Katniss because you could have plans and know one alt's would know at the same time plus you would not have to search for more food than for just you, you could eat it all by your self and not worry about the others.

Chapter 13 & Chapter 14

4,I think that Katniss’s burn will not effect her allot if she ceps putting the medicine on it and lets it heal before she go’s in a battle, but what really will effected her will be Tracker Jacker stings because all of the rumors about them killing you if you get enough stings or the hallucinations. I am also afraid that she might not wake up but I believe that she will live.

I like this picture because I think that it shows how Katniss's burn might look like because when the fire hit her it could of burned her skin off just like this.

Other Reactions!

Page 143, What is up with the trackers they would really hurt if I got one, also if I got one I would do anything to prevent not to have one in me. GROSS!!!!!!Page 135, When Peeta told Katniss that it was not real it was just one of his fame moments I was so mad but I was not surprised at all. Page 198,199 what about that green stuff that comes out of the Tracker Jackers stings.... GROSS!!!! I mean I would have killed my self before it even came out. Page 175, Ya it is so fun to watch people die on TV. Page 177, so I gess it is true that Katniss is on fire, Ha! Ha!

I <3 GALE!!!!!! Who do you like Gale OR Peeta?


Chapter 6-9

Chapter 6-9

#1,The technology that the Capitol is allot greater than district 12’s because the first time that Katniss went into her districts floor she was amazed with how the elevator was clear glass and she said that she has never really been in one before.Also when she said that she was in the shower she pressed all of the buttons because she had never been in a shower before.The technology in district 12 is really nothing because Katniss said that she had never seen a shower before she had only herd of them, tall buildings,elevator, and docent have to press a button to get any kine of food from all around the world in just a minuet.

#2, I think the Avox girl was running away from the capitol with her brother because for one thing who would want to be decorated with fire that could burn your face off.Also they might have just wanted to get away before the Hunger Games begin so they would not loose each other.

#3,I think that Haymitch did not want Peeta and Katniss to show there real strength during training with the other tributes because if you show all of your strength the other tributes they will know how good you are and might know your kill move and fined a way to stop it.If you don’t show them they wont know how good you are and think that you are week but on the inside you know that you can take them down.

#4,I think the other tributes think that Katniss has a very mad attitude and will do anything to win.The evidence that shows that are when she shot an arrow at the apple in the judges hand to get there attention when they went looking at her, for that they gave her a score 11 because of her anger for them.

#5,The beginning of Gale and Katniss’s relationship started when Katniss was first hunting and she saw that there was traps that hung rabbits and she saw that hers would never catch any so she examined them and see how the person did them. Then Gale jumped from behind a tree and said “are you trying to steal them” “no! I was just looking at them!” ,and after that they became hunting partners.The beginning of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship is that they met because the smell of yummy bread because Katniss was hungry and was trading animals that she had killed and she was really hungry. I think that there relationship is effected because Katniss really wants to be nice to Peeta because he gave her a peace of bread when Katniss and her family where about to starve and where loosing hope. With Gale it is a whole different story because they met when they where both hunting for there family’s and Katniss was checking out his traps because she has never been able to get them to catch anything.

#6, I think Peeta wanted to be coached separately because he new that after he said that he loved her in the interview that she would not want to be around her because he knew that she would probably kill him if she had to. I think that the Gamemakers liked Katnisses temper because it showed them that she was not afraid to fight for her life and it was a really good think to show them that she was not pretending to be anything but her self.

#7, I think that Katniss will be so upset and torn between both of them because she loves both of them and wont be able to choose. I would have reacted in the way I don’t know because I guess it depends on who I feel the most connected to and do other tests to see witch one I would pick.

#8, I think that Gale will reacted to Peeta’s outburst is that he will be so mad that he will want to go there and punch Peeta in the face so hard, I think that he will be so jealous because he will regret for not telling her that he loves her to death and he does not know if she loves Peeta or not. Gale defiantly has feelings for Katniss no madder what all of the facts say about Katniss and Peeta.


Chapter 3,4,5

Chapter 3!

#1, I think Peeta’s dad gave Katniss cookies because she made a good choice of taking over Primroses place in the games and that Peeta has a crush on her. I think that Peeta’s father will help Primrose because he knows that Katniss’s mother was in a trance and that she might go back into one because Katniss might die. #2, I think Gale was trying to tell Katniss I love you but he did not have a chance because his time was up. I think he was going to say I love you because Gale and Katniss have a strong relationship with hunting and they know what each others family is going through.

Chapter 4,#1, The relationship between Haymitch and Peeta is not a really good one because Haymitch is drunk all of the time and Katniss and Peeta think that he is not a really good coach because all of there past teems that did not survive. I think that Haymitch is going to stop drinking some and make it so there team will have a good chance of winning, and after the slap in the face I think he got the sense nocked back into him.#2, I think that Katniss’s family and Gale will effect her in her performance because I think that she is really worried about her family allot even that she knows that Gale is taking care of them she does not wont her mother to go in a trance again and not cope with Katniss's death. Gale will effect her because deep down she likes him allot and she wont’s to know what he was going to say to her before her time was up when she was allowed to have visitors.

Chapter 5!

#1,The relationship between Katniss and Peeta is that Peeta is playing with her and Katniss relies that and she said that she could play that game to with him so when she kissed him on his brews at the end of chapter five. I think that he is playing the game but also has a crush on Katniss at the same time. #2, District 12 is like a place where everyone in town makes money off of doing hard jobs and they don’t make allot and don’t where silly and freaky costumes every day. They don’t have time to put there close on fire and put makeup on they have to go do a hard job to get money to get food on the table. The Capitol on other hand wheres costumes all day long and is all rich and happy to see kids fight for there lives. The kids that are fighting are thinking about there family’s back home and what are they doing and how are they going to cope with there child’s death and you can even see them die on national TV.


Page 61, When the people where waxing the hair off her legs, I can see where she is coming from because once my sister wonted to try it and I went with her, when they ripped the wax and paper off of her leg and she screamed so loud it hurt my ears. After her legs where so red and her eyes where watering so hard and she never wanted to see wax again. Page 54, “up,up,up! its going to be a very big,big,big day.” Why would you say it’s going to be a big,big,big day that is just so stupid, Katniss is going to die today. Effie Trinket is really weird and she acts like she is evil all of the time. Page 45, The other people that where picked to go to the games where weird and looked funny when they first showed up before they got a make over. I would like to read more about them and there districts.


Chapter 2 ( So Good)!


I wonder if Peeta burned the bread just so Katniss could take it to her family. I hope that Katniss’s mother will help with the feeding and everything els and not go in lala land again. Katniss needs her to strong and do more stuff for Primrose when she is not there, even when she is back Katniss does not wont to come home to see that she has no family. I hope that Katniss will fight for her life so that she can go home and not worry about the Hunger Games till it is time to draw the names.

Picture from One good web sight that you might like if you have not read the book yet! Get Started!


Q1, Katniss feels the need to take care of her mother and Primrose because her father died and her mother took it really hard and her mother sat there and did not fined a job or get food so Katniss had to move up a slot and take her mothers and fathers place. On page 26 it says that her mother would stair at a far distance and do nothing, so Katniss had to feed Primrose so that she would of died of starvation and she is so young that she didn't know what to do in that type of situation.

Q2, With the past things that Katniss and Peeta have been through I think that it will affect there performance because Katniss feels like she has to pay him back for helping her family when times where ruff. I think that Katniss is going to go easy with him because she really does not wont to kill any one, but she will if she has to.

Picture from games

Q3, Page 23,“ I feel someone tugging Primrose off of my back”. For one thing that is so sad and I think that it was so sweet that Katniss took over her little sisters place in the hunger games. Page 26, After Katniss’s father died her mother would stair in the distance; that just made me wont to cry and also to tell her to snap out of it at the same time. Katniss had to take care of her and Primrose, she had to hunt for her family and take all of the responsibility all at once. Page 29, “When I passed the smell of warm bread overwhelmed me,” well why would it have not when you are hungry you will eat anything so you wont starve to death. “ I will have to kill him of someone els will”, that is a little harsh to say that but I would of killed someone to save my own life. Page 30 “ what had his mother hit him with” well even if he burned the bread that is so wrong to do that to your kid, Peeta is just a boy and it probably was not his fault.


The 20 First Pages of a Good Book! The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

By: Emily Poulin

* Q 1,“The Reaping Day” would be a good term for the day when they choose one boy and one girl to go in the Hunger Games, because reap means to suffer the results of consequences. The children have to suffer the consequences if they are picked and so does the family they don’t wont to loose there children. picture from

Image from

*Q2,Hunger effects most of the people because they are not really rich like the governor. The hunger in there town effects Katniss Everdeen because her family is very poor so she has to put more tickets in the globe to get three servings of oil,rice and sugar. So she has more of a chance of being drawn. In the book Katniss said that her mother has had to do the Hunger Games once. Katniss has to get the extra tickets to feed her family because her father died in a mining accident so she has to take care of the family.

*Q 3 and 4 ,My predictions are that Katniss is going to disagree that Primrose is going to be in the Hunger Games but the person who drew the tickets wont let her do that for her sister. I think that Primrose is to young to be in the Hiunger Games, Katniss said “through the crowd I spot Gail looking back at me with a ghost of a smile.”I hope that they wont fight because they are friends and that would be sad to kill your friend. I cant wait to see who the boy is picked to play in the Hunger Games.

*Q 5, My first reactions on the book are, why do they pick children to kill one another to be in the Hunger Games that is just cruel. I can connect with Katniss because I like to go hunting with my brother Josh, and her dad tough her how to hunt. I like Katniss because she isand so am I, so I know how she feels when she has to where a dress. I think that the relationship between the characters is that Gail does not no that Katniss loves him.


The Hunger Games

picture from:

The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

Looking at the cover of the book Hunger Games, the title looks like a bird is being shot with an arrow and the circle is like the scope around what the hunter is shooting.I have never heard of this book till now, the title gives me a vary negative present like something really bad is going to happen.

The author of the new book we are reading is Suzanne Collins, I hope it will be a good book because I have never read a book by her. I have only seen other people reading this book but I haven't really looked over one of her books.

The art on the cover makes me think that something is going to be killed it also gives me a mood of hunting because of the arrow, the circle is like the scope and the things around it looks like they are pointing at the bird.

The one that stood out to me was “ I was so obsessed with this book....” By Stephenie Meyer. I reacted to this one because I have read some of her books and they are really good but I would never think that she would read book like this. I only now two of the comment writers( Stephen King and Stephenie Meyers). After reading what they commented I think I might like the book because I kinda don’t like Stephen King’s books.

The only thing that excites me is that there is the word “ LOVE” because I love to read books with romance and fighting in them, my curiosity about the book is why the sister took the place of her life for her little sisters. I think the overall plot will be about fighting for your life and I think the theme is realistic fiction because it could happen in a different country. I think the setting is in a forest.

The people that get there books from the web site Amazon. They gave the book a four and a half stars, they liked the book because they liked the world that Suzanne Collins has created and the main characters are easy to connect with and are really likable. It has not impacted how much I will like the book at all.


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