Chapters 20-27

Wounded goat for my birthday!(not)

My reaction to getting a wounded goat for my birthday would be to act grateful. the reason that I would key word act to be grateful is because I wouldn't want that person to feel like they meant nothing to me and that I hated their gift its just that I wouldn’t of planed on getting a wounded goat for my birthday.

Was Katniss’s decision to grab the bag right?

I think that it was a good decision to go after the backpack in the cornucopia because she lived through it and it had supplies that were needed at the time so why not. I would have done the same thing! This is the Hunger games and if you want to stay alive you have to risk your life to get what you need I mean just being in the games is risking your life so y not do your best and try your hardest to stay alive as long as you can.

Why didn’t Peeta wake her up?

I think that Peeta just liked to watch her sleep, but I would have woken her up if she was in a pool of blood. I mean I would want to check and make sure that the person “sleeping” is still alive. Its says right on Page 290 "Not sure. I woke up yesterday evening and you were lying next to me in a very scary pool of blood," He says.This says that even thought it was scary he still did not wake her up he let her sleep she could have died.

Katniss and Peeta off camera?

Peeat and Katnisses relationship on and off the cameras are the same. Katniss thinks that they have cameras everywhere and so she doesn't want the audience to get as some say board so she can’t just flip. At first she does it for things she needs but then it stars to become so real I mean why would you keep kissing if it meant nothing?

Gamemakers forcing tributes together?

I feel that the game makers are getting tired to bring them all together because no body has died in a while and they do’t want this to last forever. So in order for the games to end soon people or tributes have to die.


6)The feast gave the tributes a chance to kill others so that they could get even more supplies to survive in the rest of the games also if one tribute died the others would have access to that persons bag. So the impact on the end of the game was that I think they would have had more health problems if Katinss hadn’t gone to the feast. They would have been starved and been dehydrated.

Attempt suicide?

Well I think that if both Peeta and Katniss had swallowed the berries that they would have both been dead and the other one wouldn't be lonely. If one would have died the other would most likely go through depression just like Katnisses mom did when Katnisses dad died in the explosion. The capital would be furious because they changed the rules so that the two lovers could win together and then they both die. If they did die and I lived in the capital I would be mad that I had sponsored them and then they die. I would stop and ask myself what does everybody think of a person who bets on not one but two people and they both die?

Katniss and Peetas relationship?

I think that Peeta and Katinss will get in a fight because of Gale. The reason that I say that is because if she goes hunting with him what else will she do with him? In the next book it will be interesting to find out which boy she picks and how she will treat Gale. What will she tell him about the cave what parts will she leave out that were on TV ? Will she look like a lier?

The picture of the feast is to explain how small # 12 was a t the Fest compared to the others.

This goat is the one that Prim goat for her tenth birthday!

P.S: You should go on u tube at home and look up the parody of Grenade by bruno mars! Its so funny!


Chapters 15-19

Chapters 15-19

Katniss and killing tributes in the tracker jacker attack! I think that she didn’t realize that she had killed them until she actually saw that they were dead when the anthem played.If I were Katniss I would have been like that just means that the odds are closer to being in my favor. Which means I'm still alive and might stay alive.I think that Katniss feels that the games have really began because she didn’t actually kill them the tracker jackers did but she cut the nest so it was there cause of death. She also didn’t even really think about it until later. But deep down inside I bet she was thinking of Prim and her mom.

Katniss and Rue?

I think that katniss decision to make Rue her ally was neither right or wrong. She did it because Rue reminded her of Prim. Another reason why she might have teamed up with Rue is because of what Rue did for her with the tracker jackers remember she warned her about them.

Careers and no or little supplies?

I think that the careers will start to kill each other until one is left it has to be done soon enough. Or they will have to find dead peoples stuff but wait Katniss blew all of that up cause they had it in the huge pile of stuff.

Game change!

I think that the reason behind the game change was that the audience saw what Peeta was going through and knew about the interviews and that it was no joke that if they had even the slightest bit of chance at winning they had to win together.The gamemakers have a soft side to.

Are Katniss and Peeta just pretending????

I think that Katnisses feelings for Peeta are real but she's just not admitting it yet but she will soon. But this goes both ways as we already know Peeta is in love with her and he did take a huge risk with teaming up with the careers and when seeing her not saying anything so that she could stay alive.

The picture of Katniss and peeta is so cute!


Chapters 10-14


I think that the reason that they insert the trackers because they have the rule that you may not exit the arena so thats how they can tell if your out of the arena.Another reason that I think that they have the trackers is so that they know which camera to turn on to see the fight that is going on because they are all about the and making people watch all the fights to see who dies. I think that after the games they remove the one tracker in the winner of the games but they just turn off the ones in the dead. The reason that they would just turn off the ones inside of the dead people are because they are to lazy.


At the cornucopia I would have done the same thing that Katniss did take whats in front of me but not go in for things inside the horn because of the careers they want things and why die when you could just let them have it and run for your life literally. The reason that you just let them have the things that they want is so that you can run and get as far away from others as you can so you can think of a plan to stay alive. The cornucopia is to get and idea of what it might have looked like.

Game makers?

The fire effected the games a lot. Now Katniss has burns and its harder for her to fight other tributes to stay alive. This is probably is just one of the very many things that the game makers will do to make people get hurt fight and maybe even die but they like to watch people die. I think that the game makers are very cruel and uncaring people to start out with because who in there right mind would want to see kids killing one another to remind them of how life is around but how could it possibly be that bad if the have buttons in the showers to choose what type of soap you want and to dry your hair. If they have that much technology then why can’t they make life better for others? The answer is simply because they are cruel and uncaring people as I told you before. The game makers need to stop the hunger games and start helping people make a better life for others around them. Page 175 “Somewhere, in a cool and spotless room, a gamemaker sits at a set of controls, fingers on the triggers that could end my life in a second. This quote shows just how cruel hey are.


I think that Katnises burs will effect her later on in the games. The reason that I think that is because burns hurt and when they hurt you can’t do much with that part of the body and so if the careers come she’s done. If she can’t move her legs fast enough then she will not be able run or climb to safety at night or even during the day. If this does happened which i hope it doesn't then the gamemakers are as some might say wrong for setting the fire.

Tracker jackers!

I think that Katniss will recover from the tracker jackers but it will take a few days. I think that one of her sponsors will send her some sort of medicine that she will put on it and get better. But within a day she will run out but she will just have scars left and pain but she will stick through it. Even though it may seem as she will die I don't think she will she is the main character and they usually never die in the middle of the book. so if she is going to die it will be later o in the series. The Picture of the tracker jacker is again what is could look like.

Thoughts, Feelings and Predictions!!!!!

Page 134 she pushes Peeta and he scrapes his hands all up right before the games. I thought that pushing him which ended up with him hurt right before the game was a little harsh.

In chapter 11 the girl with all the knives if I was Katniss and I saw her i would with no thought pee my pants. Also another thing that stuck out to me was when she was chewing on bark when she had food with her I would eat the real food not chew on bark. At the very end of this chapter All I could think was did Peeta see Katniss and if he did does he really plan to kill her?


Chapters 6-9

These chapters were my favorite so far there about to start the hunger game. I almost read ahead because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

My connections

Page 75 paragraph 1 This is the part were Effie Trinket says that if she has to she will point a gun at Haymitces head to get him to understand. I thought that holding him at gun point was a little over the top.

There was a lot more things that i commented on but you would have to understand some very long stories to understand why i said what I did.

1)There is a big difference in the amount of technology that the capital has compared to district 12. The capital has more advanced technology like those buttons that untangle your hair and dry your body and the type of soap you wanted in just a touch of a button. In district 12 they barley have electricity they only have it for a few hours a day and to watch the capital messages which your are regulated to watch. So as you can see the capital uses most of the electricity because of there hight tech showers and tattoos and much more.

2) I think that the reason that the Avox girl and her brother were running from the government is because the boy was a criminal or he did something that the capital was going to throw him in jail but then when he ran away the just thought that it would be best to kill him to take care of the problem. The capital is a murder why would they want to have people fight to death to remember the hard times why not show a video of the things that the capital is doing that is making there situation worse. t hey are making it worse by making only certain districts not hunt by I have a feeling that that have certain people hunt for them because they have all that food so were do they get it???

3) I think that Haymitch did not want Peeta and Katniss to show there strengths because then they will go easy in front of the judges because they don't think that they have much to go up against. Then that gives Peeta the chance to lift all these things and throw them around like rag dolls as my dad would say he always says not to drag my cousins around like a rag doll. this means not to beat them up. This gives Katniss the chance to shoot arrows all around in the air like a mad woman. Just kidding but if I were in her shoes I would be mad at the capital for making 12 year old girls fight till there death anyone for that matter its just wrong. I don't get there thinking on how it will make things better.

4) I think that the other tributes think that Katniss is insane if she shot an arrow at the judges but they don't know that all they know is that they have some competition because she must have done something if she got an 11.The picture below came from: Judge

  1. The begging of Katnisses and Gales relationship started in the woods when Katniss was hunting and she couldn't catch anything so Gale helped her hunt and he would also hunt and then they would trade together and then split everything between them so there families could eat. When Peeta and Katniss first met Peeta had just took a beating from his mother because he burnt a couple loafs of bread and she hit him for it. He was told by her to feed them to the pigs but when he got put there he saw Katniss behind a tree and gave her the bread why he gave her the bread s a mystery. The future of there relationship is that if Katniss lives Peeta will die so there friendship will end but she will still be friends with gale. If she dies then both of her friendships will die.
  2. I think that Peeta asked to be coached seperatly because he knew that Katniss had more skill then him because she had beeen brought up learning how to hunt and surrive in the woods not to mechine that she was doing this behind the goverments back. I think that the gamemakers liked Katnisses anger because they know that if you get scared then you will die but if you are brave (like katniss shooting the arrow at the judges) then you will surive.
  3. I think that Katniss will react mean because she doesnt want to get involved with Peeta because she knows that if she does when it comes time that they are the last two then one must die and she will not have the gutts to kill him so she will not know what to do.If was her I would pretend tat i was never there.
  4. I think that Gale felt his heart drop then he got sick and started to cry :( boo whoo who!!! He also He got very angry at Peeta and wanted to punch him. I think that Gale was very jeolous. I think that Gale has and will always have feelings for Katniss.


Chapters 3, 4 and 5

In these chapters I thought that there was a lot of excitement to keep reading also I think that it was easier to read a couple chapters at a time. Also we did not take as long to read because we knew that we were assigned a couple of chapters therefore we could read the next chapter without worrying about spoiler facts in our blog.

Personal thoughts

-Chapter 3

-(Page 34 Last full paragraph) Katniss says that they will have to learn how to do things on their own because she will not be there to help them. My response was does she know that she is going to die in the hunger games?

-(Page 35 Last half of page) Who would watch your family and friends die on a T.V???

-Chapter 4

-(page 48 2and paragraph) “I tripped?” Haymitch ask. “Smells bad.” He wipes his hand on his nose, smearing his face with vomit. Eww gross how could you just wipe vomit all over your face that makes me want to vomit.

-(page 53) Me and my mother are the same exact way. We fight well not fight but Argue all the time. About stupid stuff like um Cleaning the living room.

-Chapter 5

-(page 61 first Paragraph) Ewww shave and this would not happen. GROSS!!!!!!

-(page68 paragraph 2) Sound like a deal I would totally rip his costume off if he ripped my costume off. I would agree to do it because I’m afraid of burning my face till the skin melts.


-Chapter 3

  1. I think that Peeta’s dad gave Katniss the cookies when he was in visiting her because he knew about the bread and how Peeta gave it to her and he wanted her to know that everything would be ok and that he didn’t want her to die just because she felt bad over bread. The reason for giving the cookies could also be a good luck and try your best to overcome obstacles. Quote. I think that Peeta’s dad will keep his promise to look in on primrose and make sure that she is alright. The reason that I think he will keep his promise is that he doesn’t have anything else to do so this will help him cope with his son being in the hunger games.

  2. I think that Gale was trying to tell Katniss not to have fear or trust anybody because peoples will power to live will over take them and then she will get killed by them. The reason that I think that he would have said this before he left is because he doesn’t want to see her end up dead also that he has had a family member die because they trusted them and then in the end they killed Gales family member and won the games.

Chapter 4

3)The relationship between Peeta and Haymitch is that Peeta thinks that Haymitch is just a drunk person that won the hungers games and does know how to win just isn’t sober enough to be able to explain. So thats why he took his drink from him and because Peeta took his drink Haymitch wanted to test him and hit him and gave him a bruse. I would have to say that they will become friends (Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch).

This Picture came from: Images

4)I think that mostly Primrose and Gale will effect her the most because Prim is her younger sister and Gale is her best friend.How they will effect her is that she might work harder because she feels the need to take care of her family. I think that she is shutting Peeta out because she is afraid that he will kill her. And this is what this quote is saying.Page 60 last paragraph

“Which also means that kind Peeta Mellark, the boy who gave me the bread, is fighting hard to kill me.” This is what Katniss is thinking.

Chapter 5

5)The relationship between Peeta and Katniss throughout chapter 5 is interesting. The reason that I say that it is interesting is because I think that Katniss does truly like Peeta but she also likes Gale to and because of this she is saying that Peeta is setting her up. If I were in her shoes than I would probably feel the same way. Also I would have to make an excuse to not like one of them or else I would feel trapped.

6) Just comparing them I can make the observation that the capital thinks that it is a personal choice and lots of them probably have tattoos, but in district 12 they don’t tend to have many of these maybe the reason is that they don;t have the proper equipment or they just don’t believe in them.


Chapter 2

Before I being I would like to say that chapter two was both exciting and disappointing. The reason that I say that this chapter is exciting is because of all the drama from the hunger games. The drama is the picking the names and Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. The reason that I said that it was disappointing about how nobody stepped up to take Peeta’s place like Katniss did for Primrose. That was just ridiculous he had a older brother.

My connections

Page 21 first paragraph: This talks about when she fell out of the tree and could barley move or breathe and that this was how she felt when her little sisters name got pulled when it was only put in once. I may have been able to move and breathe better but my reaction was similar I felt as if I couldn’t move or breathe but I could breathe and move just fine as if nothing happened.

Page 24 paragraph 1

“I stand there unmoving while they take part in the boldest form of dissent they can manage. Silence. Which says we do not agree. We do not condone. All of this is wrong”.

Page 30 and 31 paragraph 1

“The boy never even glanced my way, but I was watching him. Because of the bread, because of the red weal that stood out on his cheekbone. What had she hit him with? My parents never hit us,” I said the same thing about my parents that they never hit us even when they are really mad and go outside and stay out there without a coat in the middle of the winter for about an hour to an hour and a half and then come inside and don’t eat super that night.


  1. Katniss feels like she is responsible to take care of Prim because her father is not there. Katniss has sort of filled her fathers job in her family. The reason why Prim is so important to her because she wants her to have the best life ever. In the book on page 5 in the first full paragraph it tells you how Prim and Katnisses father died. Also it talks about how her father was teaching her things to make sure that if he did die that his family would still be able to live and eat. Thats what I mean by filling his job taking over when he died by hunting and trading and much more.

  2. I think that the actions with Peeta will have a negative effect. Negative meaning that she will not want to hurt him so she will just give in. I mean why would you be mean to someone who gives you bread even after his mother hit him because it was burnt. How could you possibly want to kill someone who goes out of their way to do something for you and your family.
The picture of Katniss hunting is showing how her family gets food and the supplies that they need. This also shows how she spends her time and what her personality is like. She may or may not like to hunt but she does it because she feels like she has to.


Chapter 1

The first chapter was truly amazing just like everyone said it would be. The reason that I say that is because I never thought that the day of the reaping that everybody was all dressed up for the day that 1 girl and 1 boy would have to goo away and fight till death. This is very confusing to me on why they would want to look nice if they might die?

My connections

-Page 3 Paragraph 3Scrawny kitten,belly swollen with worms,crawling with fleas.” The cat that we just got a while ago named baby looked similar with the fleas jumping all over the place, she also had worms.

  • Page 16 Paragraph 4 This is the part that they talk about how they hold the reaping in the middle of the District. People are fine if there kid is younger because they are less likely to be picked.
  • Page 11 Paragraph 2 “We don’t hunt them on purpose, but if your attached and take out a dog or two, well, meat is meat.” I think that I would eat dog meat if I was living like they had to but not like we do today that like saying..”Ok bear (my dog) sit still so I can kill you so that I can eat you.” Thats just wrong.
  • Page 11 Paragraph 2 “Once its in soup, l’ll call it beef.” Still I would not prefer to eat dog meat unless you didn’t tell me what it was, but then I would get mad because you didn’t tell me.
  • Prediction The reason why they call it the hunger games is because they are all hungry and are fighting for the same thing.Who ever wins will be relived of hunger for a short time.


  1. From just reading the first chapter I can tell more about the history of Panem because of the word reaping. How I learned more about the history is that this District is a place were people gather things in this case I think that It might be referring to the Hunger Games. When the people gather in the square to await there death or a family member to be killed. Also the day of the reaping is when they put there names into a glass box and then Effie Trinket (the person who was assigned to the “crapy” district) and pulls out one girls name and one boys name. As you get older the number of times that your name gets put in goes up. The boy and girl go away to participate in the hunger games. I think that reaping is a good choice of words to use to describe this day because it is if you win that you get food and supplies for the district.The reason that I say this is because of the meaning of reaping.
  1. The effect of hunger on Katniss Everdeen and her family is harsh but not. The reason that I say that is because on page 16 paragraph2..

“The fish and greens are already cooking in a stew but that will be for supper. We decide to save the strawberries and bakery bread for this evenings meal, to make it special we say. Instead we drink milk from Prims goat, Lady, and eat the rough bread made from the tessera grain, although no one has much appetite anyway.”

As you can see the negative part is that they can’t always eat what or the amount we do. The positive thing is that they are still able to eat. The effect that hunger has on the district is that people sneak out to hunt so their families can eat. Also the day before the reaping can opt to add more of your names and then your family can get more food and supplies. From what I can predict most have opted so they get more food. Luck of the draw.

  1. From the information just from the setting I can make A prediction. The prediction is that the reason why we might end up that way is because right now we do a poor job of using our resources. We over use them by making things that we don’t need to live and end up putting them at a dump to just sit there and some of the stuff never decomposes. If we use all of our resources up then the reason that the world will end is because of humans and the bad habits
  2. My reaction to Primroses name getting pulled on the day of the reaping it was like I was in her shoes and my heart just stopped beating. The example of foreshow that I found was on page 15 at the bottom of the page.....

“The anguish I always feel when she’s in pain wells up inside my chest and threatens to register up on my face.”

The reason that I think that this foreshadow Primrose getting picked because I think that this is her feeling when her name got picked and she new that her sisters name was going to be pulled out to be in the hunger games.

This picture came from this web site visit: web site


The Hunger Games Prompts!

1)The tittle of the book that I am about to start reading Is The Hunger Games.My personal prediction just by reading the tittle is that this book will be about someone who either is hunting or likes to hunt. The reason I think this might be the same that you think this because of the words hunger games. This kind of sounds like hunting games.Also the picture on the cover has a bird and an arrow right in its mouth. The last thing is that this picture that I just told you about is circled in gold along with the picture is also in gold.Last year the eighth graders read this book.They talked about it all the time and how much they hated reading but that they really liked this book. I don’t remember hearing anything bad about this book.If there was no tittle I would have no clue what this might be about, now I have a better understanding.

Got pic from: google images

2)The author is Suzanne Collins. So far I haven’t read anything by this Author.I have no clue about this Author.

3)The picture on the cover is a bird as I told you before. This suggest that this book will have something to do with animals. Especially birds. The mood that is evoked on the cover is scary and maybe something to do with death.Another thing that pops into my mind is a hero. The reason that I think this is because of the colors.The colors of the cover are black for the death and scariness.The gold for the bird being the hero because gold is a very bright color on black cover.

4)The comments from Stephen King,Stephenie Meyer and John Green are positive comments not negative.Stephen King wrote that the book had a lot of suspense. I think that if it has a lot of suspense that most of us will want to read ahead. Stephen King wrote a book called Bag of Bones.

5)The blurb is making me wonder only about certain parts. the parts that I wonder about the most is why she took her sisters place? The slogan is a sense of adventure which is what I like to read about the most. I also got more background information. The information that I got is about Katniss who I think is the main character. I think that the setting is going to be the actual hunger games. The theme that comes to mind is battling for love and life.

6) By Julianecpayne

“I love dystopian science fiction, and this book is where it's at. I read it all in about 4 hours. The book was so gripping that I could not put it down! The protagonist is a surly 16 year old girl, fighting to better her family both figuratively and literally. I have rarely enjoyed a character so much.”

Most of the reviews that I have read are telling me that the book is amazing. Most all of them say that they could not put the book down. Four and a half stars. That is amazing.This person liked everything about the book. They truly loved the book and can’t wait until the next one came out.I can't wait to start reading this book, the thing that I am most excited about is the reading the book. I can't wait!


My first blog entry

The thing that I'm most excited for about vacation is no school and family but mostly x-mas. I really want an I pod touch as a present.