The Hunger Games 20-27

*Chapter 20*


1) I would have attempted the feast, because if I don’t wanna die than I will clearly go and get the things I need, I mean come on why wouldn’t you wanna go to the feast and get what you need? I definitely would of went and got what I needed. The thing that is hard in the games is when you have someone that has the same kinda skill as you because of course that person is obviously gonna go and get the things you need, because if you didn’t have the things you need then you will DIE! bye bye!

*Chapter 21*

Thresh Saved Katniss’s Life!

2) Thresh was really mad and upset because of Rue dying, so he mad sure he got who ever killed Rue back! Katniss was running back to the cornucopia because she had to get Peeta medicine because his leg was pretty bad, while Katniss was on her way to get the medicine for Peeta’s leg she ran into Clove and she started to kick the crap out of Katniss, because Clove thought that Peeta got rid of her forever, but let me tell yea something he didn’t Peeta is in~love♥ with Katniss. Clove wanted Katniss dead just like Rue, thats when Thresh herd Clove say that she was gonna kill Katniss the same way she killed Rue, thats what made Thresh mad. Thresh came right out no where and picked up Clove and smashed her head with a rock on her temple, and killed her! Thresh said to Katniss “For Rue district 12 girl, only for Rue.” I think Thresh left Katniss alone because he respected the way Katniss took care of Rue while she was dying I mean I know I would have, singing to her while she was slowly dying, and when she was dead giving her a kiss on the forehead and then covering her body with Rues favorite flowers. Katniss wanted to make sure Rue died beautiful, because I think that all Katniss was thinking was that what if Prim, died? She would of done the same thing to Katniss. Katniss loved Rue like she was her very own sister Prim.

I think that Rue meant a lot to Thresh because Rue and him were from the same district and I’m sure that they were always together because they have to work all day and I’m sure that they were friends back at home. But I think that Thresh and Rue became more close in the games because they had ti work together and they had to make sure that everyone else was dead so they could go back home together, but that didn’t work out all that great because Rue got shot in the stomach with a spear, and Thresh got attacked by these weird looking dogs. Rue and Thresh were like brother and sister they loved each other and they didn’t want anything to happen to each other.

*Chapter 22*

Sleepy Time Katniss Everdeen..

3) Peeta and Katniss what a cute couple, Peeta had to make sure that Katniss gets her sleep during the day because Katniss is always up making sure that Peeta is okay because he had a wicked bad fever over a couple of days and nights, cause of his leg. Peeta was shaking so bad because his cut was deep and he was bleeding pretty bad. That night when Katniss was watching Peeta sleep she knew right then and there that she had to go to the cornucopia because Peeta was getting bad, and the soup that the Capital sent to them didn’t really help, I mean yea it helped his energy and all that stuff but it wasn’t helping his leg get any better. So that night/day Katniss got up and headed out for the cornucopia! The day before Peeta told Katniss not to go anywhere because she could die and he didn’t want that, Peeta loves Katniss so much he couldn’t dare to see Katniss dead. But you know Katniss she don’t listen to anything Peeta says and she went out and got the medicine, yea she had a couple bumpy things happen to her in her way, but when Katniss got back to Peeta she made sure that Peeta leg was treated instantly, Peeta was mad! That Katniss went out and got him the medicine, but Katniss didn’t care. The next day Katniss took a look at Peeta’s leg and it was all closed up and it was healed!!! Yay! Katniss looked at Peeta gave him a big ol’ smooch and said “Were going home Peeta<3”

*Chapter 23*

Meant To Be♥ Or Not Meant To be?☹

4) Katniss and Peeta, Hmm is there love or is there hate? I guess I’ll never know. Peeta seems like there is really a relationship going on, but Katniss seems to think that its all just for the Game? Is Katniss really “in-love” with Peeta or is she just playing an act? This is what irritates me, Peeta really loves Katniss and he has finally had the chance to tell Katniss how he feels and now Katniss thinks he joking for the games, when Peeta is really serious I mean come on if you’ve seen the movie did you see the way Peeta looks at Katniss, its so cute! and Im guessing there is obviously something there because you don’t just kiss a guy for no reason there is ALWAYS! a reason why you would wanna kiss someone. I think that when they got back home from the games when Katniss first looked at Gale she didn’t know if she wanted Gale? or Peeta? I know that me and Avery would so pick Peeta I mean why wouldn’t you? Haha, I just hope Katniss doesn’t break Peeta’s heart. Make a good choice Katniss☺

*Chapter 24*

The Battle Is On...

5) Why would the Gamemakers make Cato, Katniss, and Peeta together? Well I mean come on, the gamemakers had to make a show, and if they have to make a show then theres gotta be action right? so there way of making a show is by combining everyone together so they can fight to the death. So there way of combining everyone together was to send out these dogs to try to either kill them and to put them all together to fight to the death. I personally think that the way getting Cato, Katniss, and Peeta together was a dumb idea because, your supposed to find the person your trying to kill yourself, not have someone else get in the middle of the game and totally screw them over. Ahh, I don’t know this really makes me mad when the Gamemakers get into the middle of the games when this is supposed to be YOU! trying to find the person and kill them yourself.

*Chapter 25*

Clove Almost Killed Katniss Everdeen? What?

6) The feast changed the game completely! I mean if Thresh never killed Clove then Katniss Everdeen would of been dead and most likely Peeta would of won! Go Peeta Go Peeta!!!!

*Chapter 26*


7) Oh my, why would Peeta and Katniss was commit suicide? I mean come on! I felt so bad when, they killed Cato the Gamemakers announced that only one person an make it home, and the way Peeta and Katniss looked at each other (in the movie) it was so sad. Peeta told Katniss to kill him so she could go home to see her family, then Katniss told Peeta to kill her. Katniss got mad and said “I’m not gonna let you die were in this together.” So Katniss takes out the poison berries and says “Together?” Peeta says bad “Yes together<3” so as soon as Peeta and Katniss were about to kill each other with poison berries the Gamemakers announced “NO STOP!!!” they look around, “The winner of the 74 hunger games are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark.” Katniss and Peeta hugged each other tight and said “Were going home! <3” Awe! how cute.

I think the sad part about the whole outcome would have to be when the one of the Gamemakers had to be execute because it was him to get Peeta and Katniss to stop so they didn’t kill each other.

*Chapter 27*

Real Relationship? Or Just Pretending In The Game?

8) Katniss and Peeta, I guess we will never know their true feelings for each other.

One minute there making out on cameras in the game, and then next I hear Katniss was just pretending in the game because she wanted to stay alive and make it through the games and go home with Peeta. I know that Peeta truly loves her, I know what it feels like to be pushed away by someone you really love because they don’t feel the same way. I just wish Katniss new what it feels like to be pushed away, because I bet Peeta isn’t feeling all that great because he’s liked Katniss for a very long time, and he finally choose to tell Katniss now that there IN THE GAME! I mean if I was Peeta and I liked Katniss I would have done the same thing because I’m obviously gonna die anyway, so why not tell the person you like, how you feel. Let me just say that Peeta had some guts to go up on stage,and tell everyone and Katniss how he feels about her, thats what you call a real man right there! doesn’t care about what the outcomes are gonna be like or anything like that, Peeta really likes Katniss and she knows it! but she just can’t face the fact that she likes him just as much.

I honestly think that things won’t change between them. Peeta has feelings for Katniss and Katniss is kinda confused on if she likes him or she doesn’t? Katniss is a confusing girl, she can’t really decide if she wants him or if she doesn’t.


The Hunger Games 15-19

*Chapter 19*

1) Oh my goodness Katniss and Peeta!!! so adorable, I knew they were gonna kiss eventually so cute!! Katniss’s first kiss I mean Katniss and Peeta were meant for each other there just so flippin cute! I have this feeling that their feelings for each other are real, nat fake not for the “game” its real and its adorable it just really sucks that one of them are gonna die and that person is just gonna be devastated :( I mean if you were of them and your “bf” or “gf” died how would you feel? I know if it was me I would wanna kill myself to be with him

2) When Katniss found Peeta it was kinda funny because he said “you’ve come to finish me off sweetheart?” and right then and there Katniss knew she has found Peeta, when Katniss was looking around for him she herd “Well don’t step on me!” haha I laughed so hard when I read that part! haha, but she could’t see Peeta all that great because he was covered in mud and grass and all that stuff so camo-flague himself so no one could find him and finish him off because he couldn’t go anywhere because Cato cut his leg
If I was Katniss and I was in love with Peeta heck yea! I would of taken care of Peeta I mean after Peeta pretty much saved Katniss’s life from getting sliced in half, she should help him and she did I thought was so nice! and when Peeta said “Katniss come here I’ve gotta tell you something” so she put her good hearing ear to his lips and when he was whispering in her ear it was tickling her ear awwwwwwwwww so flipping cutee and he whispered “You know you can kiss me whenever you feel like it :)” hehe!! so cute the she says “I’ll keep that in mind” I think its just adorable and there a good couple <3

*Chapter 18*

3) The reasoning behind the game was that if Katniss and Peeta both make it to the very end and there the only ones left that they home and its and very exciting and it makes me happy☺ because it would be horrible because they both “love" each other and it would be so sad, but let me tell if somebody kills Peeta and Katniss I’ma gonna be a’ mad! I really hope Katniss and Peeta make it home so they can be together♥ Katniss and Peeta were meant for each other I mean come on they didn’t kiss for no reason am I right? haha, theres obviously chemistry there, so adorablee!!!!!!! When I read the part about if both tributes from the same team make it to the end then they both can go home!! YAY!!!!! I would of been so happy if I was Peeta or Katniss!

*Chapter 17*

4) Oh my goodness Katniss couldn’t have hit the sack of apples any better!!!! She took that bow and aimed right at the top of the bag and sliced it open and all of the apples rolled out of the bag and onto the miens AHHHHH, BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! goes all of the miens and Katniss went flying back and she went to get up and felt her left ear was bleeding and it was ringing and right then and there she knew she has gone def in her left ear, but her right ear was still good but it was still ringing that ear worked better then next day. This is gonna affect her hearing because what if she’s sleeping in a tree or on the ground and someone that is trying to kill her comes up to her and kills her right then and there because she can’t hear out of one ear, thats really gonna suck for poor Katniss.

*Chapter 16*

5) After Katniss wakes up from the tracker jacker attack she sees and feels leaves all over wear she got stung, she looks and she sees Rue hiding behind a tree, which Katniss really doesn’t get because why would she kill Rue, when Rue was helping Katniss get better and not die because of all of the Tracker Jacker venom. Right then and there Katniss knew the only way to help Rue and herself would to create an alliance with Rue and try to kill the careers there way of killing the careers was to blow up all of their food and supplies. Their plan worked and Katniss blew up all there things but then as Katniss was heading back to wear Katniss and Rue were suppose to meet Katniss herd her name “KATNISS KATNISS HELP KATNISS HELP...” Katniss knew it was Rue. When Katniss got there she saw Rue tied up in a net and Katniss got her out and when Katniss saw someone through that spire at them she got her bow n’ arrow out and killed him in an instant, Katniss looked back and saw that the spire was in Rues stomach and there was blood everywhere☹ Katniss knew that she couldn’t save her the spire went way to deep into Rues stomach, Katniss was devastated she loved Rue like she was Prim. As Rue was slowly dying Katniss was singing her as she died... Good Bye Rue...

*Chapter 15*

6) Katniss could’t believe all of the food that was there at the capital, she’s never seen that kinda stuff before until then, there wasn’t food like that back at home in District 12. Katniss made sure she got to try all kinds of different things there. I think Katniss wanted to fill herself up before the games because she knew people were gonna be out looking for food and she knew people would be killing for food, I mean if I was in the games I know I would be doing anything to get some food. So I really think Katniss was trying to load up on food before the games because she didn’t wanna be hungry, Katniss really wasn’t hungry she was just always thirsty and she knew that was gonna be a bad issue because you can’t load up on water because you’ll pee it all out before the flipping game starts.

Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes
And when again they open, the sun will rise
Here it's safe, and here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet
and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.
Deep in the meadow, hidden far away
A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray
Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away
Here it's safe, and here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet
and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.
Here is the place where I love you.
Good Bye Rue...


The Hunger Games 10-14

*Chapter 10*

1) I think the reason the Gamemakers put in the tracker in Katniss’s arm because they want to know where you are and what you are doing at all times. They will be able to find where the body is located, when that person dies.

Also they need to have the tracker device in their arms because the Gamemakers need to know where Katniss is so they can put the cameras on Katniss so everyone in the Capital and back home can watch people die!!! What fun!!!! I wonder if once they get farther into the game they will take off the devices? Hmm Maybe, you never know this game has had so many flippin twist to it and its not ever funny. I kinda hope that they do take off those dumb devices because they sound like they really hurt >:/ I would hate having people put those dang things into my arm, but then again maybe the tracker devices could be a good thing because Katniss simply loves making everyone wonder about what she’s doing. I mean she smiled to the camera like she knew Peeta was gonna join a group, maybe she did that because she wanted everyone to know she knew he was gonna do that and maybe it was their plan all along, never know!

*Chapter 11*

2) I kinda knew Peeta was gonna join with a group so he wouldn’t have to fight through this all alone, ugh Peeta can be a bit of a girl sometimes and not wanna fight on his own but then again this might be Peeta’s plan? Maybe his way of making it through the hunger games is by teaming up with the enemies and then turning his back on all of then and kill them, I mean it has to be Peeta’s plan, he told Katniss to RUN! to get away before his group came back. Peeta might turn out to not be such a bad guy after all, but once again this might be wanna Peeta’s tricks he might be playing her to make Katniss think that he really is really nice and might just might wanna help her? You just never know with Peeta, maybe he will turn out okay?

*Chapter 12*
3) Haymich’s decision to withhold water from Katniss because he probably knew Katniss was getting very close to a body of water and he wanted Katniss to find it so she knew where she could always find water when she needed it, Katniss was pretty mad at Haymitch for not sending her any water when she asked but then Katniss sat down and through “well maybe he isn’t sending me any water because maybe I’m getting close?” then she lays down on the ground and she feels mud? MUD!! if theres mud than obviously there is WATER!! thats when Katniss was some what forgiving Haymitch he wasn’t trying to ignore Katniss, he was trying to give her a signal that she was getting close to water! and you know what she was.

*Chapter 13*
4) The fire affected the game in many ways, it killed a lot of trees and some of the game players need the trees to hind out in, it could have killed a lot of people and thats not really fair. These kids are suppose to fend for themselves and kill people on their own terms but I feel that its really not that far because the Gamemakers are getting into it. I mean yeah, I know those people made the game but they should’t be trying to get everyone in the same place because that just does not make the game interesting it just makes i so everyone dies at the same time, I mean come on what fun is that? the Gamemakers shouldn’t stinking their nose into the games business, let them find each other on their own not cheat and make the game go down hill because you wanna watch people either get burnt in the fire that YOU started or getting everyone plumped up in one area so they all kill each other. I just honestly think the game it STUPID!!! ugh, dumb game. This game really makes me MAD!!! I really don’t see the point in the dumb game anyway all you see is people getting killed on LIVE T.V yea know some of those people have FAMILIES watching this game back at home.

*Chapter 14*
5) I wonder what the careers are gonna do to Peeta? I mean he really mixed things up in the games he helped Katniss out! he told Katniss to “RUN!” I mean that was a really big twist to the games because of what he did, I think it was so sweet that Peeta would do that for Katniss after I read that I really think that Peeta just might really ‘like’ Katniss! I mean he wouldn’t of done that if he didn’t care about her we he?? Hmm... Yea I know that Peeta and Katniss act like they really hate each other but I think deep down inside Katniss and Peeta feel the same way about each other! I think its kinda funny how people act like they hate each other but yet one of them like the other person, haha!! Oh Peeta and Katniss I just know that you will end up either kissing or getting together in the games! I wonder how Gale will feel about that?

(What do you guise think Gale would feel like if he saw Katniss and Gale together as a couple and saw them kissing?)

My Personal Thoughts About These Chapters
*This game is really getting on my last nerves, I mean why would the Gamemakers get into the games business and try to kill everyone or get everyone together and make them all kill each other? The point of this game is being able to survive without being killed! not have the games makers start a forest fire and pretty much kill a lot of people because they ‘think’ it might help out there game and get things moving along, no no no! thats NOT how the game goes ugh. *I have some weird emotions to this book one minute I’m ready to kill the book because, Peeta is siding with the ‘bad dudes’ and he saying that he ‘killed’ Katniss Everdeen! I mean come on you can’t kill ‘Katniss Everdeen’ she will find you and haunt you! haha. Then I’m laughing my butt off because Katniss through a wasps nest at Peeta and the people that are trying to kill her. Then I’m about ready to scream at Katniss because she ‘TALKED’ to the people that “were” trying to find her and KILL her oh but what does Katniss so she yells out their names ugh WHY OH WHY would Katniss do that? Ugh. *Peeta is really confusing me, one minute he’s ‘In-Love’ with Katniss and then the next minute he is telling everyone he wants her dead and he will find her and kill her? I mean really? Dude make up your mind either fall for her or don’t I mean yea I know its hard to pretend that you not in love with someone when you really are but you really shouldn’t be trying to kill Katniss I mean all she’s done is push you into something to make you bleed! haha, and then the next minute he is telling his ‘crew’ that he already killed her? but she was still alive and up in a tree! I’m sorry but you won’t be able to kill that girl until she is beat up so bad she can’t climb or walk or even run, thats when you will be able to kill her. Then Peeta told Katniss to ‘RUN!’ because he knew his crew was coming after her to kill her because of what she did when she through the wasps nest at them all (which I thought was the best idea in the flippin world!). I don’t know Peeta is just a confusing guy I guess.

  • Can’t wait to read the next chapters haha, lets see my emotions then!


    The Hunger Games 6,7,8, and 9

    Chapter 6 Questions

    1. District 12 doesn’t have any of the kind of stuff the Capital does, like the Capital has all these kinds of people dressing you up and people having tattoos and theres just so much technology in the Capital then there is at District 12. District 12 really doesn’t have the best technology. “The shower alone has a panel with more than a hundred options you can choose regulating water temperature, pressure, soaps, shampoos, scents, oils, and messaging sponges. When you step out on a mat, heaters come on that blow-dry your body. Instead of struggling with the knots in my wet hair, I merely place my hand on a box that sends a current through my scalp, untangling, parting, and drying my hair almost instantly” (page 75) all these things are from the capitols technology. In District 12 they have nothing like that not even an elevator.

    2. I think the Avox girl was running away because the Capitol was running after her. The boy was with her I think because she was trying to get him to safety. It was strange and cruel how they caught them. They stabbed the boy with a sword like thing stuck to a rope through the boys chest and the girl got her tongue cut out. “ No to rebel” (page 83) I think that means that they were running and rebelling against the Capitol. I was angry when they were caught, because it was cruel how they caught them and I didn’t agree. I think the Capitol is a bad place and whoever made that place is sick in the head. I was really angry because they killed the boy! Why would they do that?! Ughhhhh.

    Chapter 7 Questions

    3. I think that Haymitch didn’t want Katniss and Peeta’s to show their real strengths in front of the other Tributes, because Haymitch knows that if Peeta and Katniss do that then people will know their weakness and then when the Games starts the people will attack them because they would know what they could and what they couldn’t do. Thats why Haymitch told Katniss and Peeta to wait to show their REAL strength in front of the Gamemakers.

    4. I think that some of the Tributes are scared of Katniss and some admire her. I would so admire Katniss!!! She is very cocky and when she was at the Gymnasium she was showing the Gamemakers what she could do with her bow an arrow and she shot right towards them! I was like ‘HOLY CRAP!!!’ I really think that when Katniss did that it really made the Gamemakers excited.! I kinda think that they liked Katniss’s attitude on how Katniss just walked right out of the room after she did that, maybe thats how Katniss got such a good score!! 11 !! Katniss was blown away when she herd that, because she really thought she was gonna get a really bad score because of what she did in the Gamemakers room. Good Job Katniss Everdeen!

    Chapter 8 Questions

    5. Gale and Katniss’s relationship is very romantic! They have been hunting partners for a while. Katniss thinks about Gale A LOT in the past few chapters. She is obsessed with him! I think that they would end up dating if Peeta didn’t get in the way. I really don’t know Peeta’s and Katniss’s relationship? haha Its kinda weird because when Peeta had the interview he told pretty much the whole world that Peeta has a really big crush♥ on Katniss. I think it was brave how he did it though.The thought of Gale will effect Katniss dating Peeta I think because she has known him a lot more but then again, Katniss kept thinking about how Peeta gave her the bread, she just needs to make up her mind and choose. I think she is fooling with both Gale and Peeta’s hearts one will get hurt in the end, or both.

    6. I think the reason Peeta asked to be coached separately because he didn’t want Katniss to make fun of him because he cant do as much as Katniss can, and now that I think about it I think Peeta doesn’t want Katniss to see how good he is, so kinda like secrete identity!!! I can’t wait to see whats gonna go down when the game starts!!! DONE DONE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! :D Im so excited!! and I just can’t hide it!!! :D haha!!! This oughta be good!

    Chapter 9 Questions

    7. I think when Peeta said those thing about Peeta loving her on the interview, Katniss was probably like “What the heck?” That wold be so bad, ha thats really embarrassing for poor Katniss, because she HATES Peeta so much because she think she’s gonna try to attempt to kill her. I would so react the same way! if I was in Katniss’s place! I mean really? If I hated someone like Katniss does with Peeta than I would freak! I mean thats like Edward Cullens asking me out over the flippin T.V!!! YUCKKKK!

    8. I think when Gale over herd Peeta say he likes Katniss on T.V Gale was like “HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY!! NOW YOU JUST HOLD ON A SEC. BUB THATS MY GIRL!! >:(“ I mean if I was Gale I would be flipping out. >:-/ I think that Gale was really angry because of what Peeta said over the interview. So I think Gale was really jealous!! haha.! OH yeah!!! I totally think that Gale has A LOT of feelings for Katniss, I mean come on there hunting buddies! haha I mean if I had a boy my age and he was a close friend and we were hunting buddies I’m sure we would start to like each other! I bet Avery would so like to be hunting buddies with Gale! She thinks that Gale is hottty and muscular! :) haha!! How would you feel if you were hunting buddies with Gale (girls)? I think that Gale wants to ask Katniss out because he really likes her, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. I personally think if Katniss doesn’t make it back and Peeta does and Peeta killed Katniss, Gale I think would so make him pay for what he did.


    Chapters (3,4, and 5)

    Chapter 3 Questions

    1. I think Peeta’s dad gave Katniss the cookies during he visitation because he wanted to make sure that Katniss wouldn’t kill his son Peeta during the games. I really don’t blame him because if Peeta was my son then I would do anything in my power to make sure he will be safe, and in this case he knows that Katniss and Peeta will be trying to kill each other so his way of trying to get Katniss not to kill his son is by giving her cookies.

    I think that if Peeta’s dad sees that Katniss is trying to kill his son on live T.V then he will stop checking up on Primrose because Primrose means the world to Katniss, and Peeta means the world to the Baker. So I feel that if Katniss tries to kill Peeta he will stop checking up on Primrose, and if Katniss and Peeta make a bond then he will keep checking on Primrose to make sure she’s okay.

    2. I think the relationship between Gale and Katniss is weird, because in the book Katniss says she has NO lovey dovey feelings for him but in chapter 3 she felt different when they hugged and when he was being taken away from her, he wanted to tell her something when he left he said “Katniss I.....” then he was gone before he could finish his sentence. That night Katniss was trying to figure out what Gale wanted to tell her. I personally think he was going to tell her “I will make sure to take good care of Primrose.” But on the other hand when Katniss was telling us how she felt when she was hugging Gale, he might have felt the same way while hugging Katniss so maybe he wanted to tell Katniss “I love you, please come home safely.” It’s kinda a hard one to answer because theres just so much stuff Gale wanted to tell her and I know he couldn’t tell her everything on a matter of 2 minutes before she has to leave.

    Chapter 4 Questions

    3. The relationship between Peeta and Haymitch is kinda weird. One minute Peeta and him are talking, and then Peeta makes a joke about Haymitch’s drinking problem, and Haymitch just snapped and waled him across the jaw and made Peeta have a big black and blue around his jaw. Peeta went to put ice on it but Haymitch told him not to because it made him look tough and not many people would wanna mess with him. As Peeta went to get up Katniss stabbed the table with her knife, and Haymitch was very impressed so he made Katniss throw her knife at the wall, so Katniss did and he was very impressed with how Katniss can throw a knife. I think that Haymitch will act like a sucky mentor to Peeta because of Peeta’s drinking jokes that he made towards him, but when I was reading this chapter Haymitch said to Peeta and Katniss “Okay let me help you guise make it through the game.” I was kinda confused when Haymitch said that because like 5 minutes ago he socked Peeta in the jaw because of the “drinking joke” Peeta made towards Haymitch, but on the other hand Haymitch might of just did that because he wanted to start to help Peeta out by making him look tough because Haymitch can’t punch Katniss to make her look tough because she’s a girl, so I think that Haymitch just did that because he wanted to make Peeta look tough.

    4. I have many different emotions on this questions because Katniss is gonna have to fight for herself to stay alive, and I don’t think Katniss wants her little sister to see her killing people because I’m sure Katniss doesn’t want Primrose thinking killing people is okay, and I bet Katniss wants Gale to keep believing in her that she is a fighter, and not a softy person. I really don’t know in a way having Katniss’s family being home watching Katniss fight for her life might have affect her performance. I think that Katniss is shutting Peeta out because she has a feeling that he is just putting on the ‘sweet act’ because he was being all nice and stuff up on stage and then when Haymitch got really drunk and then puked all over himself so Peeta and Katniss took him back to his room and Peeta took him in the bathroom and said “Okay Katniss I got it from here.” Thats when Katniss felt her was just trying to win everyone over to his side. So after that night happened Katniss told herself to get attached to Peeta because she knows he will change on her in just a matter of time and kill her. So I think Katniss is shutting Peeta out because she doesn’t want Peeta to turn on her and kill her in the games, so after she told herself that she isn’t going to get attached to Peeta she through out the cookies Peeta’s father gave to her.

    Chapter 5 Questions

    5. The relationship between Peeta and Katniss throughout chapter 5 isn’t all that great, because Katniss doesn’t know if she wants to be friends with Peeta or if she wants to be enemies with him because Katniss thinks that Peeta is just putting on the sweet act, so when the games start he can kill her easier because he would know he weakness. Thats why she’s not gonna get attached to Peeta. I personally think that Peeta isn’t trying to kill Katniss, I just think that she is just overreacting about the situation.

    6. The statement being said “Plastic surgery, tattooing, and other body modifications are personal choices and could be viewed as a fashion statement or art form.” In district 12 didn’t have any of these things because I don’t think they had any of the money and shops where you could get tattoos, but in the games people all over the place had many people with tattoos and stuff like that because they had that kind of stuff.

    Final Response:

    I had many reactions throughout these chapters, like in one part I was like ready to punch the book when Haymitch punched Peeta all because he made a funny joke about Haymitch’s drinking problems. I mean yea its not all that nice to make a funny joke about someones drinking problem, but I don’t think that Peeta was trying to make Haymitch mad and him wanna punch his across the jaw so hard that he got knocked over and was bleeding and had a big bruise, I just thought it was kinda jerkish. Then I was like really happy that Katniss was getting a make over, because she’s never had that done before and I think its just very good for her because she’s always out hunting for food for her family, so I just thought it was just really good for Katniss! To have that time to herself getting a make over. I was really confused when Katniss is telling herself that she won’t get attached to Peeta because I personally think that Peeta is a really sweet guy and I don’t think he would wanna kill Katniss because I think he really likes her. But to see Katniss throw the cookies out of the train because she thinks that Peeta’s dad gave her the cookies so she wouldn’t kill his son. I just so many reactions throughout theses chapters its not even funny! haha! I had one prediction, I personally think that Katniss and Peeta are gonna bond together so they can make it as far as they can. I don’t think Katniss can shut Peeta out forever, I mean he did give her bread, and she never got to thank him. So I personally think there gonna create a bond together and at the end of the book Katniss is gonna say “Thank you Peeta Mellark!” One of my observations was, why did Katniss’s stylists not just shave her legs and stuff, I mean less pain! haha. Good Book!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!


    The Hunger Games Chapter 2

    The Hunger Games Chapter 2
    1. I feel that the statement "Older siblings need to take care of and have responsibility for their younger siblings" is a very strong statement because in the first chapter of The Hunger Games, the reaping of District 12 was held, and they picked Primrose out of the glass box to represent for the "Girls" but her sister Katniss, Primroses older sister volunteered to take her place because she promised Primrose nothing was gonna happen to her, that her name wasn't gonna be picked out of the ballet. Katniss felt that she didn't have to worry about her little sisters name being called out of the box because she only had to enter her name once because shes only 12, but Katniss was totally wrong :-( just because your name is only in something once doesn't mean you not gonna get picked, I mean yeah sometimes you wont get picked and some of the time you might just get lucky and get picked. In this case Primrose didn't get so lucky, she got picked to go to the Game. But her older sister wanted to make sure she kept her promise, and that's just what she did. I am really glad that Katniss took her sisters place because no 12 year old girl should go through a big killing game that poor Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen are gonna have to go through.
    The way Katniss is handling the situation about taking her sister place is very responsible, she is making sure her little sister doesn't have to go through what she knows she will have to go through. I think that Katniss is a very protective sister, she doesn't let anything or anyone hurt her little sister, I'm sure if anything happened to her little sister Primrose than Katniss would come all undone on them. Katniss is a very courage's "the qualiyy of mind or spirit that enables a person to facedufficulty, danger, pain, ect. without fear: bravery" Shes always making sure her mother and sister is safe has enough food, water and all that! I'm very proud that she would volunteered for her sister safety.When I was reading the second chapter when Katniss volunteered to take her sisters place her sister Primrose was telling her "No, Katniss... No" but Katniss knew she what she was doing, I believe that if Katniss wanted her sister to go out and get herself killed she wouldn't have took Primroses place. After Primrose was holding on to her sister for dear life, Katniss told her "Primrose, let go!" she wouldn't so Gale came over and took Primrose off Katniss, and said "Off ya go Catnip."

    2. I think that the way Peeta and Katniss are gonna become a bond, not like a love relationship but a blond that will help each other through the game. I know that Katniss is really hoping that she doesn't have to kill Peeta because he gave Katniss burnt bread to take home to her family, she never thanked him at school because they never really made contact only time they really did was eye contact for like 2~5 seconds not very long so that's why she never really said thank you to him, but she said "Well there's going to be 24 more districts there so I hope they kill him so I wont have to." But now that I really think of it I don't think that Katniss will let anyone hurt Peeta because like I said before I think they will create a bond so they always watch each others backs. I think when Peeta and Katniss finally talk and all that Katniss will say "Thank, you" and Peeta will say "Uh... for what?" and then Katniss will go on about what he did for her when they needed bread. I feel after they talk about the whole bread thing then that's when they create a bond together, so neither of them will get killed. If they create a bond together there gonna kick some butt.!!
    3. I had many different reactions to this chapter. There were times I was really upset then happy, then wanting to punch the book, and times where I was sitting at the edge of my seat wondering what gonna happen next. I hate it when chapters leave me hanging and wanting to read ahead of the gang, but I know I can't so I'm like sitting at the edge of my seat predicting whats gonna happen next. My reaction to Katniss saying "No, I volunteer" was really shocking and very happy that Primrose doesn't have to go through all the killing and stuff. That was my biggest reaction to this chapter was when Katniss was volunteering, because not many people would volunteer to take someones place like when that lady said "Wow, we haven't had a volunteer in decades." Katniss was trying to hold back all the tears, she did a good job on holing back all the tears. Only time Katniss cried is when the all the cameras were facing some dude that fell. That's when she let out some emotions. The time when I was sitting at the edge of my seat was when they were picking a boy out of the glass box. I was wondering of Gale was gonna be the boy that was being picked, but it wasn't it was Peeta Mellark. When they picked Peeta's name out of the glass box the women said "Any volunteers?" Katniss knew that Peeta had 2 brothers but one of Peeta's brother was 19 years old and he was too old to be entering the ballet, and his other brother was just a chicken and probably didn't care that his brother was entering The Hunger Games. When I was reading the part about Katniss being outside in a cold rainy day and she was out by the pigs and Peeta when they were little came out and gave her a slice of bread because the bread got burnt in the fire while cooking it. When I was reading that I thought it was really sweet of Peeta to come out and give Katniss some bread to bring back to her family to eat. I just didn't really get why after Peeta gave the bread to Katniss they never talked they just make quick eye contact, Katniss wanted to thank Peeta very much for giving that to her for her family but she never got the time to thank him. Katniss when she saw Peeta outside pretending to give the bread to the pigs like his mother had asked him to, she saw a big mark on his face, Katniss was wondering if his mother might have slapped him across the face because Peeta might have burnt the bread on purpose because he saw Katniss outside in the cold rain, so he might have burnt the bread so he could give it to Katniss. The more and more she thought about it she felt really bad that if he burnt the bread on purpose so he could give it to her, that's why Katniss felt it wouldn't be right if she never told Peeta thanks. When I was reading the part about her describing what his face looked like I was really upset, because no kid should be hit so hard that you can see what happened and all that, I just think its just plain cruel that anyone would be slapped and kicked around like poor Peeta did. When Katniss and Peeta had to turn around and shake hands they looked at each other and kinda just stood there and shook hands. When I was reading that part I felt like they were just like "wow, day-ja-voo." I don't know why that part struck out to me it just did, it was like they had a connection there that they just had to stare at each other to figure out what was really going on. After they were all done shaking there hands and after the women got done telling everyone the Treaty, the women said "Now can we have a great big round of applause," no one would ever clap their hands, I know I wouldn't clap my hands I mean really would you be clapping your hands if you saw 2 people risking their own life's to go into this dumb cruel game The Hunger Games? I sure would't when I was reading that part I kinda said to myself "Now only if that women got put into what the kids had to go through then maybe just maybe she wouldn't be all happy happy and clapping." Instead of everyone clapping they did this thing that they always do normally at funerals, but they did it here while Katniss and Peeta were standing on the stage with all the cameras standing in their face. I thought that it was a very sad chapter and when they did that thing where they put their hands up by their face and send off a message it made me wanna cry because Katniss and Peeta know their gonna die :(


    The Hunger Games Chapter 1

    The Hungers- (Chapter 1)

    1. The nation of Panem, It is located on the western side of North America, and the capital is located in an area formerly known as the Rocky Mountains. Not many people know about ‘Panem’ so really to a lot of people the place ‘Panem’ is unknown.

    The definition of 'Reap' is "cut or gather (a crop or harvest." This connects with the book because the "Reap" is when they all gather in the circle and wait for who will be called out of the glass box, and who will be entering The Hunger Games.

    In Panem the rule is cruel and violence. After The Darkest Days a horrible game was invented. This game is called ‘The Hunger Games.’ I think that the reason for the ‘Panem’ is to see who can survive throughout the game, to see who’s strong and who’s weak, to see who will win or and who dies.

    2. The effect ‘Hunger’ has on Katniss’s family is very high, Katniss is always out with Gale hunting for food all day, So when the day is over they have enough for probably breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But then Katniss and Gale meet up again for another full day of hunting.

    They live in North America. North America is a very harsh place, you can't do much. Theres fence all around the camp because District 12 doesn't want anyone trying to sneak away. Katniss and Gale never follow the rules at District 12, their not allowed out of the camp but they do anyway because they have families to feed. I really don't think District 12 has the best environment. They make the kids starve because they don't let them leave the area to hunt for food, they always play that dumb game "The Hunger Games" to me personally I hate that they make kids under the ages go. I mean 12 years old come on, thats a bit harsh they don't have a clue what to do but they send them anyway. If I HAD to send kinds off to do that dumb ridiculous game they would be ages 20-30 thats it, not KIDS! For the district 12 in their food supplies isn’t the greatest because they really can’t go anywhere for food because there not aloud to go out of the fence so they can’t go out in the woods whenever they feel hungry, Katniss and Gale are the ones that go out every day and hunt for food and there not suppose to go out of the fence but they do anyway because they really don’t care. A lot of people are thinking that they can run off of the district 12 and live out in the woods all by them selfs without having to deal with feeling like there going to starve to death all the time, but they also know that if they do run off and try living in the woods they will get caught be someone, because there not allowed over then fence. But Katniss and Gale don’t really care if they get caught by the people that run district 12, the way they feel about this all is, “We have a family to feed, I’m not gonna let my family starve to death just for the district.” So they everyday go out and hunt for food for their family.

    3. I think that so far the book is very good!!! But I’m really mad that they left me hanging at the end of the book :-( because they said “Primrose Everdeen” and I was like “WHAT? She’s only a little 12 year old girl, Ugh you would think that if there’s like over a trillion names in a glass box than you would think that someone else would have been picked.” I think that Katniss might volunteer and take Primroses place because she wants to protect her, in every way she can because she loves Primrose very much and she doesn’t want anything to happen to her.

    4. “WHAT? She’s only a little 12 year old girl, Ugh you would think that if there’s like over a trillion names in a glass box than you would think that someone else would have been picked," but no they just had to pick Primrose a little 12 year old. I am very made that they picked. I just hope that her sister steps up and takes her place because I have a funny feeling she might take Primroses place because in the chapter 1 thats all Katniss was really talking about was always be very protective of her little sister. I'm very proud of Katniss and how protective she is of her little sister, I bet it makes Primrose very happy to know that she will always have a sister that will watch out for her. I don't know why I have such a good feeling about Katniss talking her little sisters place, I just really have a gut feeling that Katniss is gonna be talking her sister place!!

    5. I had many reactions, observations, and predictions throughout this chapter. I was sad, happy, curious, and then at one point siting at the edge of my seat waiting for what was gonna happen next. One of my boggest reactions is when District 12 picked a little 12 year old girl that really doesn't know much about hunting and killing and all kinda of animals. On the other hand her older sister Katniss knows pretty much everything about hunting and killing stuff. I was pretty upset when I herd that little girls name was called out for her to go into the T.V show "The Hunger Games." Like I said earlier I have a predictions that Primroses sister Katniss might tak her little sisters place because she doesn't wanna see her sister get hurt s I think that Katniss might volenter to step in and take her place, because she promised Primrose that nothing would happen to her and she wouldn't get picked to go to the game "The Hunger Games." So I have a good feeling that Katniss is gonna volenter to take her place so nothing happens to her and so she can keep her promise. Thats what I love about Katniss! Primrose should be very pleased to have a sister like that.!! The other thing is when Katniss and Gale go out of the fence and go into the mountains to find food for their families. I love hunting, so me and Katniss kinda have some things in common. I don't mind killing animals its the fact that I don't like watching animals suffer :-( thats what get me if I shoot something is seeing it suffer.

    I don't know why but when Gale and Katniss are together, theres something there I don't know what it is but I have a feeling that Gale likes Katniss and Katniss likes Gale, they just wont admit it to each other but they do! Haha. I like when Gale and Katniss always sneak out and meet up in the mountains and go hunting together, they're not aloud to leave the fence or they will get in some serious trouble. The reason for them always having to go out and out for food because they need to be able to feed their families. I would do the same thing if I was Katniss or even Gale.


    The Hunger Games!

    The Hunger Games

    1. I am going to be reading the book The Hunger Games, I think the book is going to be about a girl that has to do with survival and you have to know what to do to be able to survive out in the wild, when I looked at the book cover “The Hunger Games” I saw that the title had “Hunger” in it, I think that the book is going to be about a girl that has to be able to survive and you have to fight to be able to survive. I’ve herd a lot about this book, I’ve seen the previews about the movie, I’ve herd my sister Sarah talk about the book a lot because she really liked the book and the way she was describing it I really like it and I can’t wait to read this book! This book really doesn’t really give me any new information, because I’ve seen the previews and my sister told me about it a lot. So I’m pretty excited to read the book The Hunger Games!

    2. The author of this book is “Suzanne Collins”, and I’ve never heard of that author before. The way people describe Suzanne Collins, she sounds like she's a really good author! I can't wait to read her book "The Hunger Games"! Maybe if I read this book I will try and find more books that she writes.

    3. The way the cover looks to me is it’s going to be a very dark mysterious story to me they have ‘Black, Gold, and Gray’ colors all over the front and back, theres a bird in a circle with an arrow in his mouth I think that there is going to be a lot of violence because there is a bird with an arrow in it's mouth. I think theres going to be knifes, and arrows involved in this story. I think that this story is going to be about a girl that has to be able to survive throughout the story. The mood to me is very exciting and I can’t wait to read this book, it seems like it’s going to be a very dark, scary, horror, and mysterious book and it’s going to be like a mind tricking book. I like mind tricking books they really draw my attention to the book! I love horror movies so why wouldn't I like the book? The way different authors were saying good things about the book I really think it's going to be a very exciting book. It's going to be like, "Sit on the edge of your seat" exciting!

    4. The reactions of the author “Stephen King” was he thought it was a good book and very violent, jarring, speed-rap of a novel/book. The author “Stephenie Meryer” was very obsessed with the book and she couldn’t put the book down. The author “John Green” thought the book was very well plotted and perfectly paced. I recognized the authors “Stephen King" and "Stephenie Meyer”, and the way those two authors described the book makes me very excited to read this book. I like the types of books that have adventure, violence and mystery in it.

    5. What excites me the most is the book is like a mind game. It’s going to be hard to figure out at the beginning. When I found out about the content of the book, and who wins in who dies in the end makes me think that this book will really keep me interested in it. I think the over all plot is going to be about a girl named Katniss and a boy that doesn’t know the name yet... They have to go through and be able to go through courses and survive it. It’s a game about who wins and who dies.

    The ratings and the reviews of The Hunger Games is "4 1/2" stars are filled in. A lot of people rating this book as "WOW, I could not put this book down!" or "This was the BEST book!!! I read the book in 2 days!!!" or "No one can write a great book like Suzanne Collins she used the best words I love her books she writes!!!" There is just so many people saying how great the book was, and they could barley put the book down.

    Now that people are saying all these great things I really can't wait to read this book!!! I'm so excited!!


    My first blog entry

    Over vacation, I will be spending it with all of my family members! Were gonna have a nice Christmas Breakfast with all of my family members. I can't wait to see my Aunt and little cousin Blin! I'm so excited for Christmas I've been counting down the days! 5 days left!!