Chapter 20-27

Predictions(In the next book)

I think on of the things in the next book is that they are going to somehow get back together and pretend that they are lovers so the capitol doesn't try to get in there business and kill them. So I'm thinking that all the tributes that won the games are going to have to come back in the arena and try to get the win of all time in the arena. Just a thought!

Chapter 20

My opinion on the feast is that it a place where I would die because if I was in Katniss’s shoes I would think that people would try to team up and kill me so that is what I think on this. In the book when all the most of the other tributes in the arena where around the feast trying to get the backpacks and they know that Katniss was going because they should know that they should kill her because she is the strongest out of the other tributes.

Why I picked this picture is that I think that is what the feast was like!


Chapter 21

I think the discussion going after her backpack in the cornucopia is a bold move because I think that if she died she would be letting her whole district down because Peeta would die. Katniss suggested on page 278 on Peeta could not defend himself in the cave so district 12 would not have a victor. so if she didn't get the medicine out of the backpack Peeta would not be alive at the end of the book.

I think that the backpack looked like what this one looks like.


Chapter 22

I think the decision on letting Katniss sleep in is a good thing because I think that when you have a person in the arena that can’t do anything and a person that can I would let the on that can do something sleep as much as you could. So for the most part I think that Katniss needs her sleep more then what Peeta does.

Chapter 23

I think that the death of Foxface is a good thing because when you think of it it’s one more person that you don’t have to kill. That is one more chance that you could die. Peeta should not be worrying about it like how he was on page 306 and 307 they talk about how she died and from that page to the end of the chapter she was all worried about he she killed a person.

I can't believe that she died from some berries!


Chapter 24

What I think about Peeta killing Foxface it is really not that bad because when you think of it she didn’t really kill her when she was picking her berries and when she left them up by the path where they walked threw there by where Rue was going to set of the fire to get them to go over there to distract them. But when Peeta left them up by the path Foxface just stole some and just kept on walkin and when she was in the woods a little bit she she ate the berries and she was dead in the woods and the cannon went off. You could see the hovercraft in the air picking her up but for the most part it was her fault that she died.

Chapter 25

I think the feast at the end of the games changed the battle because when you think of it Katniss would of won the battle right when Cato was running with the mutts right behind him he would of died but when he was wearing body armor it just reflected the arrow.

Chapter 26

I think that the thought of Katniss and Peeta trying to attempted suicide is bad but that made both of them get the win. So for the most part it was a good becuase that made his life a living paradise so that made the people in the capitol think that they where realy going to do it then the microphone came on and said on page 345 and 346 "stop stop ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to present you the seventy-fourth hunger games, Katniss and Peeta. I give you - the tributes of district twelve." So that made them both win in the games.

Chapter 27

I think when the cameras are going it is all show because when peeta at the end of the book he freaked out at Katniss and he just forgot her forever. So when the next time they mean I think that it is going to turn out like they like each other but it is going to be all fake like how it was in the middle of the games.

I think that is what the cameras look like in the capitol.



Chapter 15-19 Very Interesting!


I think when katniss kissed peeta is that I think that it is real because when peeta said "How about that kiss" and at that moment when peeta got cut by the sword in the upper leg and he is asking for the kiss I would to my opinion think that is real love. Will be described in chapter 19 more.


What one of my big predictions in the chapters that I read so far is that at the end I think that Peeta is going to make it at the end with Katniss and why I think that is the new rule that just came up in the games are that the two tributes from the same district can win the games.

Chapter 15

How I think Katniss’s feeling is about killing the other tributes in the tracker jacker attack is that I think she didn’t really care about them being dead because she said “That that is the first time I have killed anyone in a real fight.” She really did kill the two careers because of the tracker jacker attack.(It said that in the book!) For the most part that is how she really feels about that. I think that she was side tracked by the whole thing about Peeta saving her.

I picked this picture because I think that it shows that she did kill someone in the arena before she got in the fight.

Chapter 16

I think the thought of Katniss forming an alliance with Rue is good because for the most part two is better then one for most thing and in this situation I think that when Katniss goes out and hunts and rue gathers things like berries or when Rue set the fire then the other tributes in the area go to the fire, Then Katniss goes in and tries to steal as much things as she can, So for the most part when you have someone on one side of you it takes the fear out of things.

Chapter 17

I think the hearing on Katniss’s right ear is going to effect her in the games because if there is a person on the right side of her she will not be able to hear her and plus she will not be able to hunt down things as well for the same reasoning. If people know her ear is not working it means if there smart that they would attack her from here side.

Chapter 18

I think that the games are changing because I the people from the capitol are wanting Peeta and Katniss to hook up have them win instead of the other people like Cato and Foxface.

Game Change = Two people from the same district that are in the games can survive if that make it to the end together.

I do not want to win.

Once again I do not want this people to win!

Chapter 19

I think the love that Peeta and Katniss show is real because when they are taking care of each other they kiss, and then get food and then serve it to the other person and then kiss, and than go to bed and then wake up and kiss, and then hunt, then get lost and then they find each other and then they kiss, and I can tell when it is true or if it is staged because I know.

This is good for this chapter.


Chapter 10-14

Chapter 10

I think the tributes need trackers because the Gamemakers need to find the bodies when the tributes die. Also, the tributes need to have a camera on them at all times so the people at the Capitol can see what they are doing. The Gamemakers would need to be able to find them quickly. On page 144 it says that people rewatch the games, so they must make videos of what happened during the games. The people at home are watching it live, so the Gamemakers need to be able to switch to different people quickly

depending on where the action is.

Chapter 11

I would have handled the situation at the Cornucopia differently. Katniss tried to play it safe, so she grabbed the backpack and ran away

as quickly as she could to the woods (pg. 152). I would have

stayed in there, fought, and tried to kill some tributes so that I could get better supplies and there wouldn’t be as many people left. I would have gone for the bow because she is good with bows. Why wouldn’t she try for that instead of the backpack?

Chapter 12

In my opinion, Haymitch’s decision to withhold water from Katniss was a smart thing. He thinks that Katniss can find the water. It shows that he is not really mad at her anymore because he has faith in her to be able to pull through and find it on her own. There was really no point in giving her water. For one thing, it would be wasting money. For another, she could get something like the ointment for her burns and cuts later on when she really needed it.

Chapter 13

The Gamemakers control over the games is not fair at all. They could have killed someone like Katniss when they were throwing fire balls at her. It wouldn’t have been a good game anymore. By setting the fire, the Gamemakers took things away from Katniss. They took away her hiding place in the tree, her source of water and the food she got from her snares. It’s not fair when the Gamemakers interfere with game play and strategy because it isn’t a straight game where they all kill each other anymore.

Chapter 14

What I think the careers are going to do about peeta letting katniss go is that he is going to have this speak to both of them and then put them both in the hunger games again, the thought of the fire balls flying at katnisss, that is what haymich did and then saving each other is like crazy to think. Then peeta and katniss are going to be in a fight but that is just my opinion to what the rest of the book is going to be about. But back to the careers going after katniss.


Hunger Games Chapters 6-9

The Hunger Games

Why I picked this shower is that I wanted to show

what the shower in the capital looked like.

  1. The technology between the capitol and district 12 is like us eating hay and the cows eating steak. What I mean by that is it would be weird when having people take a shower in a weeks time and have people a little time away take showers every day. That is how I feel about this. The capital has buttons all over the wall that function what happens in the shower and when you are in district 12 you get to shower like once a week.
  2. The avox girl was running away from the capitol with her brother because she wanted to escape torture and abuse so she decided to take her brother and run away from the nasty people of the capitol.
  3. I think Haymitch didn’t want Katniss and Peeta to show their strengths during training because then tributes will save them til’ the end and take out the strong ones early. So then that makes them a lot more likely to win the games and the money.
  4. I think they think she is just an average girl from district 12 with a temper problem. So they would want to stay away from her during the games because she will flip out on them and kill them. On page 101 she shoots at the Gamemakers for not watching her practice. I think that got her mad and she couldn’t control herself and shot at them.
  5. In the begging of Katniss’ and Gale’s relationship started when Katniss was only 12 years old. She met him in the woods while she was checking out his snare. And made a deal with him for trading him a good bow for a snare. She met Peeta when she was going through garbage behind the bakery and Peeta brang out two burnt loaves of bread for Katniss.
  6. I think Peeta wanted to be coached separately because he doesn’t want Katniss to know his attack plan. Peeta might not have any skills. Katniss’s temper shows the gamemakers that she is a tough little girl and can handle whatever comes at her. They didn’t freak out and give her bad scores. On page 108 is says that they gave her a score of 11, which means she ranked the most wanted and is the best.
  7. I think Katniss will react by yelling at him later because Katniss doesn’t need that pressure now before the games. She is a yelling kind of person who is always angry and gets what she wants. She has shown that she gets angry in the past when she shot the arrow at the gamemaker’s table on page 102. I would yell at him too because it would put more pressure on me. I wouldn’t talk to him anymore. I think he actually means it, but he shouldn’t have said it because Katniss is going to be looked at differently because she is trying to hurt her supposed boyfriend.
  8. I think Gale is going to freak out because I think there is something going on between Katniss and Gale. They hunt, harvest, and gather together every day. They are together 24/7 and really get to know each other. I think he would be jealous because they obviously like each other. And at the begining of the book they where all "let's go do this and do that" and I got a feeling that they where going to date but I think with peeta there not even going to be friends any more!
Does anybody know if thins is the actor for haymich?


Chapter 3, 4, 5, questions

Chapter 3

Q1. Why I think that peeta’s dad gave katniss cookies is that he is trying to be nice to her because I think that he is thinking that she is going to be dead because he is thinking that peeta is going to kill her. I don’t think that he is going to check up on primrose because he barley even knows her and I think that he is just trying to be nice like when he gave her the cookies. He just doesn’t want to be mean and that is all. I think that he says stuff and can’t keep he’s word on it. That is the person that I think he is.

Q2. What I think gale was trying to tell Katniss before the people yanked katniss in the wagon is that “I won’t! you know I won’t! Katniss, remember I-” What I think that she is trying to say is that “Remember I Love You” and the evidence that I have to back that up is in chapter 1 Gale said “Leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods. You and I, we could make it” and I think that they are pritty close to each other like each day they hunt, fish, and harvest food for the whole family.

Chapter 4

Q3. The relationship between Peeta and Haymitch is not that good because I think the slap across the (The exact feeling that I would get from this is the stinging feeling and that just makes me want to turn around and full out deck the person!) face would tell me that I don’t like this guy and I think that is the felling that I got when Haymitch slapped her and I think that she got the same feeling too. But after all this you would have to say that being drunk has a big part of this.

Q4. I think in the games she is going to have a hard time because in the back of her head I know she is thinking of her family and Gale because have you ever been away from your family for a long time. Then when you see them again and you just don’t want to stop hugging

her and I think that is the feeling that she is going to get when she starts the games. Then on the paper it says why do you think katniss is shutting out peeta and what I think about that is they are going to have to kill each other and if you get attached to the person that you killed it is going to be harder to kill. It is like if you have a dog and it dies it is hard to get over it and I think that is the feeling that they are going to get when the time comes.

Chapter 5

Q5. I think in chapter 5 the relationship between katniss and peeta is like that they are almost friends and when katniss kissed peetas brews on the side of her face I thought that there was something going on like they are going to be friends. Like when they were walking they were holding hands I thought that was a little weird because I would only do that to my girlfriend. As I said in question 4 I think that there going to be friends and its going to be really hard to kill each other so that is what I think about chapter 5.

Q6. In district 12 I think that they don’t like people that have colored hair and stuff like that so if they go to the capitol like when katniss is there it is a little different. All the people there have tattoos so that would be a weird experience. If I was katniss I would be freaking out bec

ause if I was naked and have someone with colored hair and tattoos all over himself it would be almost scary.

Questions, Observation, Connection,

One of the questions that I have is that threw the whole chapter 5 there was talk about this flame that they lit they’re dresses with and I was wondering if it was a real frame or if it was fake because i can’t find it in the book.

Why I picked the picture of a wagon is that most of the time they are in a wagon.


Hunger Games Chapter 2 Reflection

Q1. When I heard that older siblings need to take care of your younger siblings and that just got my mind going because when my brother helps me with stuff that I can do it just makes me mad and that is how I feel about that, But in the book when prim fell out the tree and her sister (Katniss) came over and started to help her but that is different because I haven’t fallen out of an tree yet so when you are in need of help like if you got hurt bad like when I broke my leg that is the time when I wanted my brother and my hole family there so. But there is a different thing that they could be talking about because like if the parents of the house have to go to the grocery store that is a time when the older sibling is in chard. So in the book it talks about prim falling out of the tree and katniss is right there to help her and that shows that the older siblings are there if you want them to be or not so there is a bunch of ways that the question could be answerd but that is what I think on that question.

Why I picked this picture is that I don't like to be hugged and being close with other people like my older brother so that is why I picked this picture.

Link: Google Images

Q2. The question on two said what do you think that katniss is going to be against peeta in the hunger games and do you think that is going to affect her performance and I think that it will because they are in the same grade and it is just that aery feeling that you get like if you are doing something wrong and you know it and that is going to happen to her to my prediction. When I heard does Katniss owe Peeta anything and I was saying to my self she should not owe her anything because the bread was just given to her so that is her idea to give Katniss the bread.

Q3. The thing in this chapter that I was confused on was that Prim was picked and Katniss is going to the hunger games instead of her so that is why I was iffy on that so. Another one is that when I heard that Katniss was going to the hunger games instead of Prim. I was thinking that all the people in the olden days are like selfish so I was really suppressed that she wouldn’t say you go and don’t die so that is my opinion.

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Chapter One Reflection

  1. Reaping is a good way to describe the first chapter of the book because they have to get food for a lot of people because they have a big family so that is there chores do. Like in the book they have to get fish, meat like deer and gathering in the crops so reaping is a category that this falls in.
    Wendy Evans and Ray Deitz pick green beans at the Salvation Army's Family Manor. The Monroe High School girls' softball team planted the garden this year and residents at the shelter maintain the plants and harvest the fruits and vegetables.

  2. Where in the book is the place that it said “tonight is going to be a feast” On page 7 they said before that they traded a squirrel for the bread and that is the feast. So to my understandings it that it takes a lot to make people so they are not hungry.
  3. My predication to what is going to happen in the book is that two people go in to the wild and fight each other to death and the one person that doesn't die they get to go back to there home village. The other prediction that I have is that they where talking about like stuff being cheep compared to todays prices and that says to me that this book is based a long time ago. So saying that this book is going to be like a timeline from a long time ago to the current date.
  4. When at the end of the chapter they called out the name Primrose Everdeen and I don't think I would of gusted that katiness sister would be picked to go and fight a different person but I guess that there is a chance for that to happen. What I think will happen is that she is going to fight other people like what I said up above in question 3 so that is the rundown.
  5. On page 1 it was talking about the cat. I was wondering why it was all deformed and what people said to there opinion is that the people in the town are starving and look nasty. The cat looks the same way so I guess that is the proper answer. What is your opinion??????


The Hunger Games

1. The title for the book that I am reading is The Hunger Games, What I think the book is about is a girl has to hunt for all of her food and that is what she has to do to survive. I haven't herd anyone talking about the book but I can see it is going

to be good. The title for the book does not help me at all for the continent for the book.

2. The author of this book is Suzanne Collins and I haven't read any of her other books. I do recognize her but I wish that I could of read her book because I herd that she is a good writer.

3. There is an arrow going under the bird on the cover and and with black on the back ground. What I think the ring around the bird is the fighting ring where people that get chosen and fight. The mood on this book in my opinion is that it has something to do with animals and the background is black so it give me a sad feeling inside.

4. On Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, John Green but Stephen King testimonial what stuck out the most to me is the “A violent, jarring, speed-rap of the novel” Because I like the wildness, crazy and scary book and I think this book is going to be a wild one. I Don't recognize anyone else but Stephen King and I herd he was a good writer.

5. When I read the back of the book I was exited for the book but I herd it was all about these games that he has to win to save her sister from a death sentence so she has to win games with a person who’s name is not said a fight for lives. I don’t know what the games are all about but I want to know more about that.

6. I was looking on Amazon and they had a star rating as a four and a half. “1,336 of 1,412 people found the following review helpful” and they said “Wow. I was barely able to put this book down for a second after the first few pages got me completely hooked.” There was a lot more review and ratings. But non of these got me exited at all.



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