Huger Games Chapters 20-27

Chapter 20

I probably would have went to the feast. The back packs had the thing the remaining contestants needed the most. It would be a good idea if you needed medicine like Peeta.

Chapter 21

I think Katniss made the right decision to go after the backpack at the cornucopia. Even if it meant lying to Peeta.

Chapter 22

It was a good idea for Haymitch to send food. Peeta and Katniss were right by water so it was not needed that much. And Katniss already got Peeta the medicine. So it made more sense to send food that they needed more than sending something they didn’t need.

Chapter 23

I think that it was better she died from eating the berries. If Foxface didn’t eat the berries than Peeta and Katniss would have to hunt her own and that would be difficult. Foxface is really sneaky and would hard to follow if she was trying to not leave any tracks than she could kill them when they are not expecting it.

Chapter 24

I think that the gamemakers decided that the rest of the games would take too long if they progressed like usual. They probably just wanted to end the games with there only 3 tributes left.

Chapter 25

It wasn’t really fair how the capitol sends out the mutations. They are probably stronger and faster than the last 3 tributes. They would not stand a chance at close range combat. Katniss might stand a chance cause she has the bow but Peeta will not be able to fight them.

Chapter 26

I think that suicide was a good idea. It was a good way to tell the capitol they were done with their games. The gamemakers, peacekeepers, and president Snow thought It was an act of rebellion, but to the viewers, and as Katniss said in book 2, it was “an act of love”.

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Chapter 27

Katniss was worried that the capitol would take their anger for her out on her friends and family. I think that they probably would. On page 356-357 Haymitch told Katniss: "‘Listen up. You’re in trouble. Word is the Capitol is furious about you showing them up in the arena. The one thing they can’t stand is being laughed at and they’re the joke of Panem.’ I feel dread coursing through me.” I think that Katniss was kinda scared when she heard that the Capital was mad at her. I would be freaked out knowing how the capitol can do anything they want and can make your death look like an accident. So the people at the capitol are the people that I would not want to make look stupid.


Hunger Games chapters 15-19

Chapter 15

I think that the tracker jacker kills are counted as hers. She dropped the nest on them so she technically killed them with her actions.

Chapter 16

I think that Foxface has a good plan on sneaking around. She is probably waiting till there is one more tribute left than she would strike and kill.

Chapter 17

I think the career tributes will have a harder time surviving without their supplies. They would have to hunt and gather their food while hunting for the remaining tributes. Which may or may not be difficult.

Chapter 18

I think the game change is different now because Katniss wants to avenge Rue. Now she wants to hunt the Careers down instead of them hunting her all the time. She also wants to find Peeta so they can both win.

Chapter 19

Peeta and Katniss are in love to the people that are watching the games. But Peeta said in the capitol before the games began that he was pretending to be in love with her during the tribute interviews. So I don’t think that they are really in love.


Hunger Games Chapters 10-14

Chapter 10

I don’t think it would be necessary to have a tracker planted in the contestants. They are in a arena and cant go any where. I guess the contestants could escape. But there must be traps so they couldn’t. They must take the trackers out. Either by cutting it out with a knife or by some thing more high-tech.

Chapter 11

I don’t think it was a good idea that Peeta joined the Career tributes. I think eventually they are going to stab him in the back (literally and figuratively) when they can’t find any body else to kill.

Chapter 12

It’s unfair how much the gamemakers really control the Hunger Games. At first I thought it was just survival against the conditions and other tributes. But now I am starting to realize the gamemakers have complete control over the games. On page 177 Katniss thought “The gamemakers don’t want me dead. Not yet anyway. Every one knows they could destroy us all within seconds of our opening gong. The real sport of the hunger games is watching the other tributes kill one another. Every so often, they do kill a tribute just to remind the players they can.” So you are not just surviving the other tributes and conditions, but you are surviving the gamemakers.

Chapter 13

I don’t think that Katniss will be able to play at her best with the burn on her leg. She might not be able to run as fast to get away from tributes. She might have trouble doing other things like climbing trees (like she did to escape the career tributes). On page 181 Katniss thought: “I pick a high tree and begin to climb. If running hurt, climbing is agonizing because it requires not only exertion but direct contact of my hands on the tree bark.” So that proves that she will have difficulties through the games.

Chapter 14

I think that the career tributes might not have heard Peeta telling Katniss to run. But if they did hear Peeta they will probably kill him. Probably because Peeta let an easy kill go, and that she is a threat because she scored an 11.

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Hunger Games Chapters 6-9

Chapter 6

The Capitol’s technology is more advanced than district 12. In the capitol food appears at the press of a button. But in district 12 you have to either find it in the woods or starve. Also the capitol is more wealth then the other districts and can also do more financially (they can afford to buy better things). So the Capitol is more advanced in every way.

I think the Avox was running away because she did something wrong. Like committed a crime.

Chapter 7

Haymitch did not want the other tributes to know what they where capable of. On page 92 Haymitch said to Peeta and Katniss: “In the training center they will have weights, but don’t reveal how much you can lift in front of the other tributes. The plans the same for both of you. You go to group training. Spend the time trying to learn something you don’t know. Throw a spear. Swing a mace. Learn to tie a decent knot. Save showing what your best at until your private sessions.” So I think that if they showed the other tributes what they were best at the contestants could maybe piece together a way to kill them. Also they would be better off trying to learn a skill that they don’t know that would be useful in the games.

I don’t think the other tributes like how Peeta and Katniss stole the show during the presentation (when they were on fire). I also think they might not like how Katniss scored an 11 (higher than the other tributes) from the gamemakers.

Chapter 8

At the beginning of Katniss’s and Gale’s friendship they where not really friends, just hunting partners. On page 10 Katniss thought: “It took a long time for us to even become friends, to stop haggling over every trade and begin helping each other out.”

It was the same way for her and Peeta. She thought that he was playing an angle so she did not trust or like him that much. But all through chapter 8 they were friends on and off. But I think Katniss’s and Gales relationship will be like hers and Peeta’s.

I think Peeta asked to be coached separately because he did not think it was necessary to be coached together for the interviews. I think the Gamemakers were interested in Katniss’s temper because her anger could be her best weapon in the games.

Chapter 9

I think that Katniss might be a little shaken after that. It probably caught her off guard unless she knew he liked her. I don’t know how I would react.

I think Gale might have been shocked when he heard what Peeta said. But I don’t think he is jealous because Peeta will probably be killed. But I do think that Gale likes Katniss.


Hunger games chapter 3, 4, 5

Chapter 3

I think that Peeta’s dad gave Katniss the cookies because she trades squirrels she kills for bread he makes. So I think the cookies were to show that he is sorry she was going to the games. I am pretty sure that Peeta’s dad will keep his promise and check on Primrose. On page 38 Katniss thought to herself: “I feel some of the pressure in my chest lighten at his words. People deal with me, but there genuinely fond of Prim. Maybe there is enough fondness to keep Prim alive.” So I am pretty sure that the baker will keep watch on her.

I think that Gale was going to tell her that he could support Katniss’s and his family so she didn’t have to worry. The last thing I would want (if I were in the games) would be too distracted by family and friends and let my guard down. Letting your guard slip once could be the last move you would make so it was a good move to reassure her (if that was what he was going to tell her).

Chapter 4

I don’t really think that Peeta likes Haymitch because he might not be able to help them because he is drunk most of the time. But he agreed that he would not drink as much as usual and help them if Peeta would not interfere with his drinking. On page 58: “All right, I’ll make a deal with you. You don’t interfere with my drinking, and I will stay sober enough to help you. But you need to do exactly as I say.”

I am not sure if Peeta will trust Haymitch because if he is willing to harm Peeta and Katniss would he really try to help them.

I think that Katniss might not be able to give the games her best effort because she might be too worried about her family. At some moments in chapter 4 Katniss would be thinking of her family and what they would be doing the night Katniss was away. On page 53 she thinking: What are they dong now,my mother and Prim? Were they able to eat supper? The fish stew and the strawberries? Or did it lie untouched on their plates?” And Katniss was also wondering if her mother was holding on for Prim, or already leaving. So I think that might affect how she performs in the games.

Chapter 5

All through chapter 4 Katniss tried to have as little to do as possible with Peeta. Katniss said that she usually gets attached to nice people and did not want to get attached to Peeta. But in chapter 5 Katniss eased off a little and didn’t mind his company that much.

Throughout chapter 5 she was talking to him and laughing with him like they were friends.

Unlike the capitol district 12 is too poor to afford body modifications, tattoos, or plastic surgery. But the wealthier people in the district might be able to afford it. But the Capitol on the other hand is very wealthy so almost every body there can afford it.


On page 41, Katniss thought Peeta might just be pretending to be a wimp by crying and showing it on the cameras.

It just seems weird how Katniss assumes he is playing at this angle. Can’t people show they are sad and not be judged. Especially since you are going to have to kill or be killed.


Hunger Games chapter 2 blog

Katniss feels that she needs to take responsibility for Primrose. She thinks that since nobody else would take care of Prim, Katniss needs to. Primrose is also the only person Katniss really cares about in the seam. On page 18 she said "How can I leave Prim, the only person in the world Im'e certain I love." So that shows how she feels towards Primrose.

I don't think Katniss will be able to kill Peeta, not after how he gave her family the bread. So I think the games might be difficult for Katniss, especially how she is either going to kill or be killed. She even said on page 33 "There are twenty-four of us. Odds are some one else will kill before I do." So I am pretty sure she will not kill him. Katniss may not owe Peeta anything but she thinks she dose. Mostly because Peeta gave her bread even though he got hit.

On page 26 it says how after Katniss’s father died her mother never did anything. I thought it was really pathetic how she would quit and just would lay down all day. Usually people can get through sadness like that, but this made no sense.


Hunger Games Blog #2

The first chapter

Reaping seems like an appropriate term because since Panem has had a bad history, the reaping is a bad moment for parents who have kids that can participate. The definition of reaping is harvesting, so the reaping in the Hunger Games is like harvesting 24 people to participate. But it also means that you receive a reward or benefit as a consequence of ones own actions. So the reaping (and hunger games) is to punish the 12 districts for when they revolted against the capitol.

Hunger is such a problem in Panem some of the contestants that have to feed their family by themselves must apply for a tessera. Which is adding your name more times than needed (increasing the risk for getting chosen) in exchange for a years supply of grain and oil for each person you are feeding. Katniss has to do this every year since she was able to participate.

The picture is from google images.

I think that since Katniss really cares about prim she wont let her go to the games. I think she will try to do something to change it.

I was shocked when I read the name. I thought was kinda unfair because Primrose was so young. Also because I thought Gale and Katniss would have been picked because of how many times there name was entered. I thought it was cruel how the capitol makes it more likely to pick some one who needs to feed their family constantly or poor people who are starving. I thought it was mean how some parents would bet on who is more likely to get picked.


Hunger Games

I am looking at the Hunger Games book cover. The title Hunger Games suggests that there might be survival involved. Ron Lobdell told me it was a good book. The title gives me a pretty good idea on what it is about.

The author is Suzanne Collins. I have never read any of her books. Since this book is by a new york times best selling author it should be good.

Since there is an arrow in the birds beak, the cover art suggest there might be survival involved. The gray and black in the back ground suggests that it might be dark and gloomy.

The comments said that it was really good and they could not stop reading. Knowing that an author like Stephen King thought it was “a Violent, jarring, speed-rap of a novel” means it must be good. Seeing Stephen King’s review helped to excite me.

The fact that the hunger games is a fight to the death excites me. What I am curios about is if she loses or wins. What makes me hesitate is there is the word “love” in the last sentence. I expect the plot to be Katniss trying to survive. I think the suggested theme is trying to survive.

I found a 5 star review from Michael A. Behr "mabehr" on saying that it was really good and he could not put it down. He also said there was a lot of violence and it was suspenseful. The fact there is a ton of violence and it keeps you in suspense helps to excite me. I am more interested in the Violence (if you cant tell), but I am also excited if it is as good as the reviews say it is.

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