Hunger Games: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27

Chapter 20: The Feast

Q1. I got this picture from a hunger games website.If I was in the Hunger Games, fighting for my life, I would have attended the feast. The feast played a very important role in the outcome of the book, and things that happened in the past throughout the Hunger Games began to shine. Katniss risked her life to save Peeta’s. I was so thankful that Thresh saved Katniss’s life, he must have really loved Rue. I know Katniss did. Seeing the killing at the feast and why some people were killing the tributes. Like Thresh killed Clove because he thought she killed Rue. Even though our backpack was small, it probably held one of the most important items there. The shot of medicine saved Peetas life and healed his cut almost instantly. Amazing. If Katniss hadn’t of gone to the feast Peeta would have died and probably all of the tributes would have stayed alive. She saved his life! Page 285-286, “I promised Cato if he let me have you, I’d give the audience a good show...Forget it District twelve. We’re going to kill you. Just like we did your pathetic little ally...What was her name? The one who hopped around the trees? Rue? Well first Rue, then you, and then I think we’ll just let nature take care of lover boy. How does that sound? Now where to start?”

Chapter 21: Thresh saved her life

Q2. Thank god for Thresh. He saved Katniss’s life, just because of her reaction to Rue dying. I think it meant a lot to Katniss, in more than one way. One way is that she’s still alive, then the other is that I think Rue meant a lot to Katniss. Rue reminded Katniss of Prim, I think thats why she was so special to her. I think that night after the feast when the anthem played Katniss didn’t expect to see anyone, but Thresh’s picture showed up. I know Katniss felt like crying, but wanted to stay strong for the cameras. If Katniss had showed weakness she would loose sponsors and stop getting presents. Thresh showed respect and kindness to Katniss, just to be killed by Cato the next day. Page 288, “Just this one time, I let you go. For the little girl. You and me, we’re even then. You understand?”I think Rue and Thresh had a special relationship. They were from the same district, and both know what its like to suffer, maybe if they won they would have been rich. I thought that Thresh was like Rue’s big brother. Katniss showed respect to the district and Thresh showed respect to Katniss. They’re even now.

Chapter 22: FOOD!

I got this picture from a hollywood blog website.I think Haymitch sent Katniss and Peeta a care package to show them they could make it through the games. It was sort of a reminder of what was waiting for them when they got back. Also Haymitch was probably telling them that water was around them and the medicine was at the cornucopia. This gave both Kaniss and Peeta the extra push and energy they needed to win the games. Throughout the end of the games I dont think Katniss and Peeta would have survived without the sponsors and without each other. In the end it was a smart idea to give Katniss and Peeta food rather then water and medicine.

Chapter 23: On and Off camera:

I think on camera Peeta and Katniss sort of put on act, but maybe some of their relationship is real. Both off them really played it up once the announcement was made that both tributes from the same district can win. They were really on camera all the time so they would kiss and be all lovey-dovey. When the moment came where Katniss and Peeta were off camera Peeta found out she was faking, Peeta was broken hearted. Katniss acted strong, but on the inside I think she actually loves Peeta. I think the one thing separating Katniss from fully loving Peeta was Gale. Katniss loves Gale and Peeta. She needs to just choose one. Page 372, “..So, what you’re saying is, these last few days and then I guess, back in the arena...that was just some kind of strategy you two worked out? Katniss? He drops my hand and I take a step as if to catch my balance. It was all for the games, the way you acted. he said. Aready the boy with the bread is slipping away from me.”

Chapter 24: Foxface...

I got this picture from a blog website. I really don’t think Peeta will feel bad for killing foxface. It might have came as a surprise for him, but its one step closer to being home, in district twelve. Peeta also had no idea that those berries were night lock, or in that case could kill you in seconds. It is a good thing Peeta hadn’t snacked while Katniss was hunting or he could be dead. Even though Peeta’s still alive he scared Katniss half to death when she heard the cannon and came back to find him missing. That right there only proves her love for him. Peeta is sweet and sensitive and of course...romantic. This scared Peeta and probably taught him a lesson to be more careful. Page 320, “It takes a while to explain the situation to Peeta. How Foxface stole the food from the supply pile before I blew it up, how she tried to take enough to stay alive, but not enough that anyone would it, how she wouldn’t question the berries we were preparing to eat ourselves.”

Chapter 25: The Feast:

I got this picture from the same website as the one above. I think the feast changed the outcome of the game a lot, especially when it came to Rue’s death. Thresh must have really loved her and wanted to get her threw the games. Thresh killed Clove because she said that she killed Rue. Thresh almost killed Katniss but let her go this time because she killed the boy who killed Rue, and because she buried Rue in flowers to show her respect for the district. The consequences that Thresh faced after the feast wasn’t what I expected though. If the feast hadn’t of happened I dont think that Katniss and Peeta would have won. Clove would have been alive and eventually Clove and Cato would have killed Peeta and Katniss. Maybe Thresh would’ve won.

Chapter 26: Suicide?

I think the only reason that Katniss and Peet BOTH tried to commit suicide, was because they were in love. Now, Katnisss says that she was faking it, but if she didn’t love Peeta she would have killed him right then and there when she had the chance. Katniss said on page 343, “Your not leaving me here alone.. Because if he dies I’ll never go home, not really. I’ll spend the rest of my life in this arena trying to think my way out of it.” If Katniss had killed him she would have gone insane and killed herself. The logic behind the berries is so they both die, and neither one of them has to deal with the pain of losing one another. Katniss does love Peeta...and there is no way you will convince me or any of my friends that she doesn’t. Katniss is in denial.

Chapter 27: Relationships are complicated...

I got this from another blogger page. I think, now that Katniss broke Peetas heart, that Katniss and Peeta wont even really talk. They might pass by each other and wave, but its just awkward now. We all know that Katniss is in love with Peeta but Gale is the thing getting in the way, so now Katniss has to pick..instead of making the readers think about whos hotter and more romantic. Now that the cameras are off I was hoping that they would be together, but they will not have the same love and connection that they did in the arena and in the capital. ITS SOOOO SAD!! They need to be together. Especially because now they will live in Victors village and be right across the lane from each other. I hope they will repair there love for each other and get over the act.

Thoughts- As you can probably see, my thoughts and defiantly feelings are mentioned above. :)

Except I just have to say since this is our last blog on chapters...

I LOVE PEETA MELLARK!!!!!!!!! :) ;)


Hunger Games: chapters 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19

Chapter 19

Meant to be...

Q1. I think Katniss and Peeta actually love each other. We already know Peeta loves her, but since Katniss took care of Peeta like it was an instinct, that really showed she liked him. I couldn’t believe they kept kissing either. People who don’t love each other don’t kiss every two seconds. I don’t think their love is staged. Katniss may be acting like its fake, but she’s not fooling anyone. :) As the book comes to an end I think Katniss and Peeta will stick it out and when they win they will be a couple (I’m guessing, I hope! ) The only thing I’m worried about is if Peeta really doesn’t love Katniss. Maybe he just wants to stay alive. I hope its real. :) This is Katniss and Peeta! I got tthis picture from an art website.

Chapter 18

Its all part of the Game...;)

Q3. I think they changed the Games for a few reasons. One reason could be that they saw Katniss and Peeta’s love, it would be a heart break if they had to kill each other Maybe if they didn’t just announce one winner it would make the games more interesting. I know if I was watching the game I would love to see two districts fighting against each other. After reading these chapters over and over, I for once agree with the Game makers decision to make two winners. This could also be a lead into the other books. If only Katniss or some other tribute lived the rest of the story wouldn’t play out right. Now, if they win, Katniss and Peeta can live happily ever after! :) Page 244, “ Claudius Templesmiths booms down from overhead, congratulating the six of us who remain. But he is not inviting us to a feast. Hes saying something very important. Theres been a rule change in the games. A rule change!...Under the new rule, both tributes from the same district will be declared winners if they are the last two alive.” This picture is the game makers studio where they control the games. I got it from a hunger games website. Tour of the Capital.

Chapter 17

The Capitol can fix it

Q4. I think loss of hearing will affect Katniss’s game play a lot. Katniss says in the book that she relies on her hearing more than her eyes, especially for hunting and now her hearing has been cut in half. She could possibly die if she’s not careful. Cato or Clove could sneak up on her, also if she wants to find Peeta she’s got to be extra careful. When it comes to the games, you better have your guard up, cause you never know whats coming. As for the Capital, they don’t care if some one loses their hearing, because they will either die, or when they get back to the capital they will fix it. Either way this hearing thing wont last forever.

I got this picture from a Hunger games the movie website. This is Ceaser in the Capital.

Chapter 16

Rue? or Prim?

I think Katniss formed an alliance with Rue because she reminds her of Prim. They are the same age and are both sweet and innocent. She probably wanted to protect Rue, because if she came face to face with Cato and the Careers she would not probably stand a chance. Katniss and Rue work very well as a team and can sneak around very easily. Katniss has the history and hunting skills and Rue has the good planning and knowledge when it comes to food. Katniss thought of Rue as her little sister, and would do anything to protect her. If I was Katniss and I saw Rue get killed I wouldn’t have handled it as well as Katniss. Katniss was calm but furious and sad all at the same time. I respect her decision to bury Rue in flowers, I think it will pay off later on in the games, maybe with Thresh, since he’s from her district. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Rest In Peace Rue, I didn’t expect this coming at all.

Chapter 15


I don’t think Katniss loved killing the girls, but if it leads her closer to District 12, it doesn’t matter. That was one of Katniss’s first kills so I don’t think she knew what to expect. Also when she was killing the tributes she had got a few stings herself, so she didn’t really know what was going on. At the time she was suffering from the hallucinations and she barely managed to get away, when she stole the bow and arrows. If Peeta hadn’t of been there Katniss would of been killed, but instead Peeta saved her and got his leg cut,bad. Peeta is a real, pure of heart boy, thats hot :), and gorgeous and a genuinely nice guy. I LOVE PEETA! :) I got this picture from another art website.

Thoughts and feelings!

I LOVE PEETA MELLARK!!!!!!! Omg hes sooooo gorgeous and sweet and I love Gale to but, team Peeta all the way. I also love these chapter! I was sitting on the edge of my seat the WHOLE time! I already finish the book and saw the movie, but im not gonna give anything away. When Rue died I almost cried...but I didn’ was so sad though :(. Books always do stuff like that, when something good is happening they always have to ruin it. By the way the only thing I’ll ever agree with the gamemakers about is the game change, because Katniss and Peeta are meant to be and are in LOVE!! Anyways I loved these chapters and cant wait to read the next books. I got this picture from a reviews website. HES SO HOT!!!


Hunger Games: chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Chapter 10


Q1. This picture shows GPS trackers. I got it from a NIST science website.I think the Gamemakers inserted the trackers in all of the tributes, so they know where they are at all times. In order to stream the Hunger Games on T.V they need to know where the tributes are so they can put the camera on them. If the tributes didn’t have a tracker and they die the Gamemakers wouldn’t know where to find them. At the end of the games I think the Capital will remove the tracker from the winner. If the other tributes are already dead, then why bother take them out. Page 143 and 144, “I am a statue. But that doesn’t prevent me from feeling the sharp stab of pain as the needle inserts the metal tracking device deep under the skin on the inside of my forearm. Now the Gamemakers will always be able to trace my whereabouts in the arena. Wouldn’t want to lose a tribute.

Chapter 11

Come on Katniss, stay focused!

I got this picture from a Hunger Games website. This is after Katniss got the bow and arrow.

Q3. In the cornucopia I would have just focused on me! Instead of thinking of a boy and what he said, or how he will do in the games. I would have made a civilized plan to get the bow and arrows, so I could survive in the games. Katniss had made a plan and then started to think about Peeta. Why did Peeta have to admit that he loved her. Its just another distraction. If Katniss hadn’t of been worrying about Peeta she would have had the bows a lot earlier. Katniss is tough and has good instincts, but when it comes to boys she doesn’t have a CLUE! For now Katniss should just focus on winning. Page 150, “...I find myself positioning my feet to run, not away into the surrounding forest but toward the pile, toward the bow. When suddenly I notice Peeta, he’s about five tributes to my right, quite a fair distance, still I can tell he’s looking at me and I think he might be shaking his head. But the sun’s in my eyes and while I’m puzzling over it the gong rings out. And I’ve missed it! I’ve missed my chance!”

Chapter 12

What? Gamemakers?

I got this picture from a background fire page.

Q6. Ok, first of all when I started to realize that the Gamemakers are doing all these things to kill people, I was mad. I thought that the hunger games was supposed to be natural, like kids killing kids, not gamemakers killing tributes. I was SO MAD when I realized that they set fire to the forest and almost killed Katniss. I don’t get why they have to help out. Instead of moving the killing along faster their going to kill everyone. Why Gamemakers why! As the story continues I’m guessing that the Gamemakers will kill some more people and do more crazy stuff that no one likes. ITS SUPPOSED TO BE NATURAL! Page 173, “This was no tribute campfire gone out of control, no accidental occurrence. The flames that bear down on me have an unnatural height, a uniformity that marks them as human-made, machine made, Gamemaker made.”

Chapter 13

FIRE!!! X(

Q7.I think the fire effected the games a lot. I know it effected Katniss badly. Katniss was burned and the smoke got into her lungs it totally weekend her body. I personally think the games should be totally NATURAL. The fire probably took a toll on many people. Katniss was weak already and now that she got the burns its way worse. I think the fire sectioned off a part of the land to drive the tributes together. The Games are going by so fast for me. Why do the Gamemakers have to help. The fire could have cut off a water source or a hiding spot or some kind of helpful resource. Just LEAVE THE TRIBUTES ALONE! Page 172, “The heat is horrible, but worse then the heat is the smoke, which threatens to suffocate me at any moment...I run choking, my bag banging against my back, my face cut with branches that materialize from the gray haze without warning, because I know I’m suppose to run.”

Chapter 14

Saving or Sparing?

I got this picture from the same Hunger Games fan website. Katniss and Peeta.

Q9. I HOPE that the careers will not know that Peeta let Katniss get away. If they find out I think this would give them a good reason to spare Peeta. The only reason they are not killing him is so they can get to Katniss. I personally think he orking against them and trying to keep Katniss alive. I think Peeta will plan a sneak attack and kill the careers. Thats what I hope. Peeta needs to act fast or else the careers will kill him FIRST! Peeta loves Katniss and I think he’s willing to spare his life to save Katniss. Thats what he just did. Page 193, “What are you still doing here? he hisses at me. I stare uncomprehendingly as a trickle of water drips off a sting in his ear....Get up! Get up! I rise but he’s still pushing at me. WHat? WHat is going on? He shoves me away from him hard. Run! he screams. Run!.....Sick and disoriented, I’m able to form only one thought: Peeta Mellark just saved my life.”

Thoughts and Feelings and Predictions!

I got this picture from another news website in an article about the Hunger Games.

I thought these chapters were AMAZING! I loved how I felt like I was right in the book watching this happening. Every chapter theres new twists that you don’t think will happen and your surprised with every turn of the page. When I was approaching the end of chapter 14 I didn’t know at first what was happening, I thought the hallucinations was really happening. Then I realized it couldn’t happen like that. I was also astonished when I read that Peeta Mellark saved Katniss Everdeens life. That was impressive. I am just hping he doesn’t get caught for that. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I read this, especially the part about the tracker jackers. If you really think about Rue also saved Katnisses life by warning her about the wasps nest. If Katniss didn’t have all this experience hunting and in the woods, she would have no idea. Katniss was smart to cut the nest down and get the careers out of there, but she’s lucky she only got bit three times. I also love that she got the bow and arrows! Even though Katniss was about to hand her life to the careers she trusted Peeta and ran with the weapons still in her arms. I cant wait to read more and see what happens to Katniss and Peeta. I bet Katniss will be weak and maybe caught by the careers, and I bet Peeta will get caught by the careers but he could kill them before before they kill him. :)


Hunger Games: chapters 6, 7, 8, 9


I got this picture from a technology blog website. This pictures show how strong technology really is. Q1. District 12 and the Capital have totally different technology. In District twelve there really isn’t any high tech stuff. They have electricity, but most people in District 12 are more worried about not starving and supporting their family’s. In the Capital there is always every kind of new technology out there. They have blow dryers that blow dry your hair and detangle it. Page 75 “Instead of struggling with the knots in my wet hair, I merely place my hand on a box that sends a current through my scalp, untangling, parting, and drying my hair almost instantly.” The Capitol has showers with a whole control pad. Page 75, “The shower alone has a panel with more then a hundred options...” They have every kind of fantasy item thinkable. The Capital is always on top of high fashion and electronics. District 12 can’t afford any of the fancy electronics. If I had a choice to live in District 12 or the Capital, I pick the Capital right away. All of the technology in the Capital is every girls dream!

The Avox Girl

Q2.I think the Avox girl and her bother were running away from the capital to rebel. I was thinking that they were trying to run away from the Capital because they didn’t like control they were under. The Capital seems like a fun place to live, but the consequences when you do something bad, seems grueling. The Avox girl might have done something bad and want to escape, or she may have just wanted to have freedom. For what ever reason the girl was running away, she didn’t exactly choose the right place to run to. The woods in District 12 isn’t the safest place, you can get executed for hunting.


Q3.I think Haymitch didn’t want Katniss and Peeta to show their real strength during the training because then the other tributes would know what to expect and how to handle them, during the real games. Haymitch wants them to act weak so the other tributes don’t come after them. Buy the looks of things Peeta’s looking weak and Katniss looks like a girl who likes to spin around in dresses and giggle. On page 128, paragraph 2, “...I lift up my arms and spin around and around letting the skirt fly out letting the dress engulf me in flames. The audience breaks into cheers.”

I got this picture from a celebrity/news website.


Q4.I think the other tributes think Katniss stands out. She wears bright clothing that looks like fire or have bright colors. Katniss and Peeta look like the odd ones out and I think the others don’t really know how strong Katniss is. If I put myself in the other tributes shoes I wouldn’t be afraid of Katniss. Katniss seems like she has anger management problems, but in training with the other tributes Katniss looks sloppy and an easy target for the others. In Katnisses interview she was giggly and she didn’t expose her strengths, which is a good thing. No one knows the real side of Katniss besides Peeta. I got the picture below from a halloween ideas website. It shows Katniss is independent and on her own for this journey.

Gale or Peeta?

Q5.The begging of Katniss and Gales relationship was more of a “help each other survive” relationship. They helped each other hunt and split their game. As the years continued I think they began to develop feelings for each other. Neither Gale or Katniss have fear when it comes hunting. When Katniss and Peeta first met, Peeta gave Katniss bread and basically saved her family’s life. Katniss never really excepted Peeta, she thinks he’s playing games. He is putting on the sweet act in Katnisses mind. As the book progresses Katniss begins to hate Peeta even more. Peeta seems like a baby even though he’s really sweet. Peeta told Katniss he loved her, on his interview. Page 130 last paragraph, “Well there is one girl, I’ve had a crush on her ever since I can remember...she came here with me”. In the future I can see Gale being with Katniss, if Katniss makes it through the games. Katniss and Gale are alike and it seems like Katniss excepts Gale and has feelings for him. I hope Katniss and Gale will be together. Only one person can make it through the games, and since Katniss and Peeta are both in the games they could never be together. One if not both will die during the games, and it seems like Katniss doesn’t even like Peeta. In the future I think neither Katniss and Gale or Peeta and Katniss will be together.

Coaching Separately

Q6.I think Peeta wants to be coached separately because Katniss won’t except him. All she has done is put him down and make him feel weak. Peeta probably doesn’t want Katniss to see his skills and if he is weak he probably doesn’t want her to make fun of him. If I was Peeta I wouldn’t want Katniss to know my strengths and weaknesses. Peeta should steer clear of Katniss. I think the Gamemakers were so fascinated by Katnisses temper because it shows strength and braveness. The Gamemakers acted scared and surprise, but Katniss showed them that she means business. Katniss scored the highest score by just shooting an arrow at the Gamemakers.

Peeta Loves Katniss

Q7.I think Katniss will be embarrassed. She gets annoyed with Peeta and thinks he’s putting on the sweet act. Katniss probably will think its just words and hes saying for attention. Peeta has different sides. sometimes he’s down to earth and sometimes he is very annoying. As I read I tend to not like Peeta each chapter. I feel bad for Katniss, she doesn’t need to think about Peeta when she’s fighting for her life. Peeta is just a distraction. If Katniss thinks about Peeta during the games it could sacrifice her survival. I would be annoyed if I was Katniss. Like I said above I wouldn’t want another distraction or another thing to worry about. Katniss needs to think about her survival and thats it.


I think Gale was jealous when Peeta admitted that he loved Katniss. Gale and Katniss have known each other for so long that I think they have feelings for each other. Gale is in love with Katniss (secretly). I really do think Gale was jealous. If Katniss was in Gales position she would be jealous to I bet. I DO think Gale has feelings for Katniss. He sounds Hot and sincere in all but Katniss and Gale have known each other and even talked about their futures together. Gale and Katniss belong together. :) I got this picture from a hollywood news website.

Feelings and Thoughts

I personally loved this chapter. It was gut wrenching and I was on the edge of my seat. I got frustrated with Peeta and I was mad when he sad he loved Katniss on air. I think it was for attention. I loved these chapters. I wish Gale was a part of Katnisses life so Peeta would leave her alone. Katniss will win the Hunger Games. I can’t wait to keep reading!

I got the smiley face from a "history of the smiley face" article.


Hunger Games: chapter 3, 4, and 5 blog entry


Q1. I think Peeta’s dad gave Katniss the cookies because he realizes that she is going to be going through a tough time and she’s never really had anything like that before. I think Peeta’s dad has seen how Katniss has been caring for her family for the past several years, and thats not what kids are supposed to do. To me, I think this is a small gesture to Katniss to show that he does see whats going on he does understand. I also think he could of given Katniss the cookies so she won’t kill Peeta. Katniss appreciates this at first but then realized that it could all be an act. I’m almost positive that the baker will check up on Prim. He obviously sees how innocent and sweat she is, but she basically looks up to Katniss for guidance. Now that Katniss is gone I think Prim will have to start acting her own age. She kind of acts seven instead of twelve, she going to have to become more independent. The baker also agreed he would continue to trade with Prim. On page thirty seven chapter three, Katniss explains how Prim always trades with the baker. “When she sells her goat cheese at the Hob, she puts two of them aside for him and he gives her a generous amount of bread in return.” I’m sure Peeta’s dad will keep his promise. I choose this picture above because Peeta's dad gave Katniss cookies and Katniss ended up throwing them out the window. Cookies played a big part in these chapters. I got this picture from a cooking gourmet website.

The Last Words

Q2.I think Gale was going to encourage Katniss to help get her through the Hunger Games. He was probably going to reassure her that her family would be ok, and that he would take good care of them. I personally was hoping that Gale was going to tell Katniss that he loved her and that if she survived he would marry her. Of course probably every girl would hope for that. Gale also could have told her to not trust anyone. The Games are tough and some people play tricks. She needs to watch out.


I think that the relationship between Haymitch and Peeta is rough. I’m pretty sure that Peeta isn’t very found of Haymitch’s drinking, and in that case makes jokes about it. Haymitch eventually got sick of it and punched Peeta in the jaw. This punch could have happened to help Peeta look tougher for the games. My opinion on that is that your mentor is supposed to support you and give you advise, not punch you because you were being truthful. I think Haymitch might be a little bit more stubborn towards Peeta now. I just think that Haymitch doesn’t realize how much he drinks and how it takes a toll on the kids.

Friends and Family Comes to Mind

I think that Katniss’s family and Gale will affect her performance in the Hunger Games a lot. I’m sure Katniss will always think of her family and how if she makes it through she won’t have to go back to a miserable life. She will be able to live life with her family and not have to risk her life poaching. I don’t think that Katniss can stand the thought of leaving her sister alone with her mom for the rest of her life. I also think that Katniss will be thinking of what Gale wanted to say when he was torn out of the room. Katniss and Gale are destined to be together and I think she will push through for him. Katniss secretly wants him. I think Katniss is shutting Peeta out because she thinks that he is putting on an act. She thinks that Peeta is putting on the sweet act and she just won’t except him. Katniss is just trying not to get attached to Peeta, so when it comes time for her to kill him, it wont be as hard. I wish she would except him. I got the picture above from a Hunger Games summary website. Its a picture of Gale, Katniss and Peeta. Katiniss has to trust both of them.

Katniss and Peeta

The relationship between Peeta and Katniss throughout chapter five is more of a team relationship. At this point in the book Peeta and Katniss are riding in a chariot, agreeing to both rip a part of each others costumes off. In chapter five Haymitch and some of the costume designers are telling Katniss and Peeta to hold hands, which I think Katniss actually liked. Katniss is trying to hard to ignore Peeta when she should really develop a team relationship with him. They need to stick together.

“Plastic Surgery, tattooing, and other body modifications...”

In District 12 there are really no body modifications. No one does their hair every day or dresses up a lot. Theres really no tattooing or plastic surgery going on in District 12. Everyone is just trying to survive and not starve to death. In the Capital fashion and body modifications are huge. There are stylists every where and everyone can afford it. The Capital is very lucky apposed to District 12. I got the picture above from a Hunger Games article.

My Thoughts

I personally loved these chapters. I thought their was good parts and some parts had me on the edge of my seat. One thing that made me mad was when Katniss would not except Peeta. I thought it was unfair and she is probably going to need Peeta’s help in the Hunger Games. I also was trying to picture in my head what Katniss’s and Peeta’s costumes looked like. Things for Katniss and Peeta are about to get a lot worse, this is just the beginning. I don’t know why people would find pleasure in watching people die. I loved this chapter and all the suspense happening throughout. I can’t wait to read more!


Hunger Games: chapter 2 blog entry

Sisterhood Shows

Q1.Katniss defiantly follows the the statement “Older siblings need to take care of and have responsibility for their younger siblings.” She takes care of her sister and makes sure she looks presentable in public. Katniss puts the food on the table, and acts like the mother of the family. I think Katniss feels obligated to care for her family especially Prim, because ever since her dad died her mom has been depressed and hasn’t acted as the leader. Prim was only seven at the time and needed a mom, Katniss seemed to fill that position. Katniss stepped up as the mother and the father at age eleven. “At eleven years old,with Prim just seven, I took over as the head of the family. There was no choice.” Overall I think Katniss loves her mom, but again is annoyed with the way she has been acting. Katniss lost trust in an important person in her life. Who knows what will happen when she goes to the Hunger Games. I got the picture above from A Hunger Games information website.

A Trusting Relationship

Q2.I think that Katniss’s previous relationship with Peeta will affect her performance by not wanting to kill him. Peeta literally saved three peoples lives by giving Katniss bread, and she feels she should repay him. As I was reading I started to wonder if Katniss would repay Peeta by giving him her life. I don’t think that Katniss owes Peeta anything, he was just being a nice person. “...he threw a loaf of bread in my direction. The second quickly followed, and he sloshed back to the bakery, closing the kitchen door tightly behind him.” I think some kind of trust relationship will develop between these two. I don’t think Katniss will have the hart to kill him. I got the picture on the left from Wikia, a Hunger Games informational website.

My Thoughts and Feelings
Q3.My thoughts on this chapter was that I LOVED it! The chapter had suspense mixed with surprises and also Katniss showed loyal ship to her sister. Throughout the whole chapter I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. On page twenty-two paragraph two Katniss takes one for the team. “Prim! The strangled cry comes out of my throat, my muscles begin to move again. Prim! I don’t need to shove through the crowd. The other kids make way immediately allowing me a straight path to the stage. I reach her just as she is about to mount the steps. With one sweep of my arm I push her behind me. I volunteer! I gasp. I volunteer as a tribute!” This action really showed me that Katniss loves her sister. Katniss knew that if Prim went on to the Hunger Games she didn’t have a chance, and being the best big sister ever she took her place. Katniss I think really inspired a lot of sisters reading this book showing that other peoples lives are just as important as yours. I also liked how Katniss flashed back on things in the chapter, like when Peeta spared her the bread. Katniss told the whole story about Peeta and how he really helped her out. As the book continues I think it will get way more suspenseful and probably violent. By just what I read so far I am guessing that life lessons will be told and that peoples actions will change. Maybe Katniss will let her guard down and loosen up, and hopefully while Katniss is away her mom will become more of a leader for Prim. I loved this chapter and I can’t wait to keep reading! I got the picture above from a Hunger games review and gallery website, called Wikia.


Hunger Games: Chapter 1 entry

Before I start I would just like to say that I absolutely loved this chapter. I can defiantly see how people have gotten sucked into this book by just reading a few pages. I didn’t want to put the book down, but I forced myself to! I can’t wait to move on to the next few chapters! The photo on the left I got from Wikia. Wikia is a website all about the Hunger Games.

Q1.In the first chapter I have learned that Panem in District 12, is well known for the “reaping” also known as a suspenseful gathering before the “Hunger Games”. On page three paragraph one Katniss said, “Today is the day of the reaping.” I was unsure how to react to this, I didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. I had heard of the “reaper” which means death, but never “reaping”. Based on the definition I think reaping means gathering. I think this because throughout chapter one Katniss, Prim, and their mother were getting ready to go to the reaping, then when they arrived the whole town was gathering in the square. The reaping is an appropriate term to use because, according to Merriam- Webster dictionary, it means gathering usually relating to harvests and crops, but reaping can just mean to gather. Throughout the whole chapter the reaping seemed to come up. I got mixed feelings about it because one moment everyone was scared, then gifts were given, then they gathered at a festival, then finally someone has to go fight for their lives. Suzanne Collins also doesn’t tell us what the reaping means until the end of the chapter.

Q2. The effect that hunger has on district 12 is some people are literally starving. The only reason Katniss and her family are surviving are because, before he died, Katniss’s dad taught her how to hunt and not get caught. Poaching is illegal in district twelve. Katniss is sixteen and every morning she sneaks out and meets her friend Gale in the woods. Gale is eighteen and he also supports his family. Katniss and Gale hunt, fish and pick berries. They can usually get as much as they need for their families, then go to the black market and trade. On page eleven paragraph one, Katniss explains how many things her and Gale have gathered in one morning. “By late morning, we have a dozen fish, a bag of greens and best of all, a gallon of strawberries.” Survival is tough in district twelve, especially because hunting is illegal.

Q3.So far (based on the setting) I can predict many things. One prediction I have made is that this book will have lots of violence. I think this because the setting is in a very dark, dictated town,that is huge on the Hunger Games, or fighting until the death. Also the town is very strict on no hunting. People trade and do some civilized things, but sending children to fight to the death, is wrong. I can also predict that there will be lots of bumps and surprises along the way, especially since Primrose Everdeen was picked to go to the Hunger Games. I’m pretty sure that throughout this whole chapter everyone was thinking that Katniss would be chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, it was a shock when Primrose was picked. I’m positive there will be more surprise’s to come. My last prediction for this book is that I think Primrose Everdeen will win the Hunger Games. If you really think about a lot of authors do that. They surprise you in the beginning then in the end the main character has something to do with either the success or the failure that has been building up throughout the whole story.

Q4.My reaction to the pulling of Primrose’s name was probably the same as everyone else’s. I was SHOCKED. I literally sat down for thirty minutes and all I did was think about how this could happen. In the book it said that Primrose’s name was entered once. Once! Some peoples name was entered forty-eight times. Not only is this just not fair, a girl like Prim does not have a chance. She is twelve years old how could this happen. I’m exited to read on and find out what happens to pore Primrose Everdeen. I got the picture on the left from another Hunger Games website.

Q5.I had many reactions, observations and predictions in this chapter. My reactions were all different. One minute I would be surprised, then happy then curious and even on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next. On page three paragraph three I was sad and curious at the same time. Prim had brought home a stray cat and Katniss was trying to drown it, I was so sad. I guess I just hate when cute innocent animals are killed, or when their owners hate them, (except when it comes to my fat lazy cat who gets all the attention and loves everyone except me.)One of the biggest things that kept coming up in my notes was the “reaping”. It seems like on every page the reaping was mentioned. I got mixed feelings on it though. First you here that it’s a bad day of the year, then gifts are given, then dresses are worn, festivals take place, then finally you find out two kids are going to compete for survival. Katniss was also talking about how some people, after the ceremony, would be celebrating and the others would be trying to figure out how they would survive the next few weeks. Also Katniss and Gale were talking about how they didn’t want to have kids because they didn’t want to have their kids go through “the reaping”. In the end I finally found out that the “reaping” means “the Hunger Games.” Katniss said that she would stand by Prim, especially in the next few hours. She says it will be tough for Prim. Another thing I noticed in this chapter is that Katniss is very tough. She is always watching out for her family to make sure they survive. Katiniss hunts illegaly, to provide for her family, she watches out for her younger sister and to top things off she got her name entered extra so they could get tessera. I think one of the things that makes Katniss stronger is her dad dying. She cried for months every night, and now I think she wants to protect her family, she doesn’t want to let them go. She is one brave girl. I think Primrose is more of a shy inexperienced type of girl. She looks up to Katniss and wants to follow in her footsteps. Primrose is going to have to become stronger, because she was entered into the Hunger Games. I was shocked when I found this out especially because her name was entered once. It’s not fare. The relationship between Primrose and Katniss is very strong, they look up to each other and that’s what sisterhood is all about. When it comes to Gale, I think he’s a lot like Katniss. He’s brave, strong, provides for his family, and poaches. I think he means a lot to Katniss. If she didn’t have Gale as a friend she would be completely blank and not as happy as she is now.

Even though Gale is
eighteen and Katniss is sixteen, someday I think they will end up together. Right now Gale and Katniss are currently friends, but it will eventually happen. I think the general plot of this is survival. Survival is key in this town. The big reason was hunger, but now the big reason is Prim going to the hunger games. Will she survive? Overall I loved this chapter and can’t wait to keep reading! I got the picture on the left from yet another Hunger Games photo website.


Hunger Games blog entry 1

1. The title of my book is "The Hunger Games". Looking at the cover of the book I can predict that there will be hunting and war. The reason I think this is because there is a picture of a bird with an arrow through it. Also the cover is very intense, its black and it has silver and red writing. The color of the font makes me wonder even more if the book is about fighting. In the past I have heard many of my friends talking about how great the “Hunger Games” is. They recommend the book to everyone. My friends say that from the moment they picked up this book they were hooked. Now they have read all the books and cant wait for the movie to come out. From the title I now can understand more about what the book may be about, because of all the feed back from my friends!

2. The author of “The Hunger Games” is Suzanne Collins. I’m looking forward to reading this book because I’ve never read a book by Suzanne Collins before. Her name sounds familiar, I hear my friends talking about her, but I’ve never read any of her books before.

3.The cover of the book suggests to me that this book is going to be dark or intense. Just by the cover I can guess that this book could be scary. The back ground is pitch black and the font is silver with a red outline. The words are in block letters and very bold. The way the title is written such as the font and colors I can already tell that this story is not just going to be a walk in the park, I think it will be a grueling, intense book. The mood for the cover of this book is very dark and stormy. It kind of projects a war image, because of the font and the choice of colors. Also the image on the front of the bird with an arrow through its mouth and wings tells me that there will probably be something to do with hunting.

4.Stephan King, Stephenie Meyer, and John Green's comments suggested to me that this was a great book. They explain how this story is "A violent, jarring, speed-rap of a novel that generates nearly constant suspense." - Stephan King Entertainment Weekly. These authors say that they love this book and they couldn't put it down! My reaction to these comments was the same as it is to everyone else's comments,WOW! I was intrigued. These comments were exiting and really showed me that I might actually love this book. Out of these three authors the only one I recognize is Stephan King. I have heard of him from my mom who loves his books, Olivia who really loves his books and Mr McCafferty, who also enjoys his books. The comments from all the authors excites me! The way they describe that they couldn't put this book down and how suspenseful it is, makes me feel like I cant wait to read this book! Over all I cant wait to read this book! I got the picture on the left from Wikipedia.

5.The thing about this book that excites me is the level of suspense. I read reviews and hear people who talk about the book saying that the suspense level is what kept them hooked. Every one says that once they picked up this book they couldn't put it down, they never wanted to stop reading. My curiosity builds every time I hear more about the book. I have heard that this book is packed with lots of things, from government to poaching. I wonder how all of these things can fit into the story. As I hear more about this book my ideas change. One minute I will think one thing then the next minute I will think something totally different. The only thing about this book that I'm hesitant about is the hunting and war part. I'm not huge on hunting, I don't have anything against it, but me personally I don't like killing animals. Also when it comes to war, I don't really love the violence part, such as killing each other. In some cases I don't mind it at all. Other wise I think the story sounds amazing. As far as background knowledge goes, I wasn't really clear on the book when I first heard the name. Now that I've explored the book more I recognize that the book is more about war and its a very intense, suspenseful book. I think that the overall plot will be about a lot of things, but mostly hunting and war. I say this because whenever I talk to people about this book they mostly tell me about the war and sometimes hunting. I'm guessing that the setting will probably be near the forest in some where like Maine, but warmer. The theme may be, don't take what you have for granite, because someday it might be gone.

6.I have now read many reviews and so far almost everyone loves this book! Every good review is five stars and now I cant wait to see if I will give this book five stars. Some people gave this book three stars or less, but only because of the violence level. One of the reviews I read was by Michael A Behr, on amazon. Michael loved the book. He thought that this book sucked him in and he didn't want to put it down. The review is linked above, its reviews in blue. The things people like about this book is the suspense, the violence and just the way they couldn't put the book down. Some people even read the book over and over again. People say the suspense level is amazing and is what helps keeping them hooked. Not everyone loves the violence part of this book but say the story wouldn't be the same without it. The violence is tough and reminds people of violent times, but the way its written is very interesting. Of course no one can put the book down because its SO good! I am very interested in things people typed especially the violence part. The one thing that made me even ,more exited to read this book is when everybody says they couldn't put this book down. I never realized how much violence is in this book until I read the reviews. At some points people say they were having flash backs from how much violence is in the story. I'm very exited to read this book, now all I have to do is convince Miss Nerney to let us start reading! :)


My first blog entry

I am so exited for vacation! We are going to do lots of fun things! I'm most exited about Christmas, and dreaming big about the wildest presents. I have been counting down the days! 5 days left!