Chapters 20-27

Hunger Games Blog Chapter 20-27

This picture is totally Peeta

Chapter 20

I would’ve attended the feast because if I needed something really bad and it would help my chance of survival I would go get it especially if the person I love really needed it.

Chapter 21

I think it was a good choice for Katniss to go get the backpack because Peeta needed it so he could live. Katniss made a good choice to drug Peeta because if she didn’t do that he would’ve not let Katniss go to the cornucopia and he would’ve been dead in a matter of a couple days. Peeta said this to Katniss, "Your not risking your life me!" I thought this met Peeta was not going to let the love of his die for him even though he was willing to die for her.

Chapter 22

I think that the decision to send Katniss and Peeta food was because of the way they acted out of love so people didn’t want them to starve to death. I also think it was sign to let Katniss know that the more loving they acted, the better chance of survival.

Chapter 23

I think that the importance of Foxface’s death was to give a clue of what the berries might do to save them later on such as poison Cato. I think it was a good thing that Foxface ate the berries because if she didn’t Peeta and Katniss might not have known that they were poisonous and could’ve died.

Chapter 24

I think that it was a good thing that the game makers tried to get Peeta, Katniss and Cato closer together because if they didn’t Peeta and Katniss could’ve died of starvation if they were in the cave another night. I also thought that it was a bad decision because the game makers shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with the games. If the games aren’t good enough for them they should go and fight instead of kids.

Chapter 25

I think the use of mutation was not fair because for one the bodies were suppose to go back to their families and two it was wrong to do that because the mutts could overpower them all. I was surprised that the game makers turned the other tributes into mutts because I thought that the bodies were suppose to go back to their homes. I wonder if the mutts could remember anything that has ever happened to them or if the capital gave them new minds.

Chapter 26

I think that Peeta and Katniss’ decision to attempt suicide was smart because if they swallowed the berries that would make the capital look bad and that maybe they would think twice before the next hunger games. I think that Katniss might get in allot of trouble with the capital now because she made the capital look foolish.

Chapter 27

I think that Peeta and Katniss’ romance might continue because I think that Katniss will realize she truly does love Peeta but there will take time for her to be 100% sure of her self first. I hope Katniss and Peeta will end up together so both of their lives can be full of happiness.


Chapter 15-19 blog

Chapter 15-19 Blog

Chapter 15

Katniss’ decision to eat a lot of food while she was the capital was both stupid and smart because she knew she was going into the games and be low on food so she shouldn’t have eaten that much because now her body wants even more food than normal. It was sort of smart too because she was able to build up strength before the games as well.

Chapter 16

I think that Katniss’ decision to form a alliance with Rue was smart because they both had different strategies and strengths in the games so if you combine them together it gives them great strength. Like Rue is good at hiding as well as Katniss is but she has been able to find the roots and berries that Katniss hasn’t been able to. Then Katniss is a good hunter so she can kill stuff and get more food for them.

Chapter 17

I think that Katniss’ loss of hearing will effect her in the games because she needs her hearing to hunt and to be alert of enemies. I think that now she will have to rely on her eyes and one good ear for the games now. I hope that she can regain her hearing soon or that if she wins, the capital can fix it.

Chapter 18

I think the rules had changed because the capital and other people see that Katniss and Peeta are alive so they want them if they both live to be able to be together. I think that the rules also changed because of when Katniss had that mini funeral for Rue that maybe the capital did feel bad and wanted Katniss and Peeta to be happy together.

Chapter 19

I think that the feelings that Katniss and Peeta share with each other are both real and fake because Peeta really does like Katniss and I think Katniss does like Peeta but just won’t admit it to herself so she is kinda acting. I think that in the end Katniss will realize that she truly does love Peeta and will be with him for a long time.

This is a link to a quiz for the hunger to find out who you are more like. I got Peeta <3


Chapter 10-14 blog

Chapter 10-14 Blog

Chapter 10

I think that Katniss has a tracker placed in her arm because in order to get gifts from the sponsors they have to be able to know where she is. Also when they die the game makers need to pick up the bodies with the hovercraft so they know where they located. Then in order to be seen on the T.V. they need to know where they are so they can see you. I think that when the games are over that the tracker will still be in them because if the capital ever needs the winner for something they can fid them with ease.

Chapter 11

I think that Peeta teamed up with the Careers because he knew they were after Katniss so he wanted to possibly at some point kill all of them or help Katniss by warning her when they were about to attack. I think that Peeta’s choice was bad because he may not be able to help Katniss and he could end up getting killed himself, but I also think that his choice was semi good because he may be able to save Katniss and still live trough it.

Chapter 12

I think that the game makers control over what happens in the arena is stupid and unfair because they are making kids fight to the death and now they feel the need to through in some fire because not every one is dying every five seconds. I think that if the game makers want people to die that they should come and fight instead of kids, it should be the selfish people in the capitol fighting.

Chapter 13

I think that Katniss’ burns will affect her in the games because she may not be able to run that fast or climb that well. I think that the burns on her hands will make it harder to fight with because of the blistering pain. I was kinda wondering who else the fire hurt and how bad it was.

Chapter 14

I think that careers will not kill Peeta but will beat him for letting her get away.

I think that maybe Peeta will run away from the group and try to find Katniss. I think that if Peeta does do that he will find Katniss pasted out on the ground so then he will try his best to save her.


Who do you think is better Peeta or Gale?

I think its Peeta. <3


Chapters 6-9 blog

Chapter 6-9 Blog

Chapter 6

Q1. The technology in the Capital is very high tech like showers you can select your cleaning, blow dryers that dry you with out a towel, voice

controlled food selection, and even something so you can pick your view of the Capital.

In district 12 when you take baths its in a tub and you have to boil the water for it. When you want food you can barely even get it there, you need to get it yourself. Then finally, theres really not much of a view. So there isn’t much technology in district 12 compared to the Capital.

Q2. I think that the Avox girl and the boy were running away because they might have done something wrong so the leaders of the Capital were going to punish them both by death or to become an Avox. I think that it was the girls idea to run so they killed the boy to punish her and then made her the Avox so can live to remember that day.

Chapter 7

Q3. I think that Haymitch didn’t want Katniss and Peeta to show their real strengths because he didn’t want them to be the first killed in the games. I think that because Peeta can is strong so Haymitch didn’t want people to know that and then Katniss is good with a bow so he didn’t want people to know how good she is so she doesn’t get killed.

Q4. I think that the other tributes think that Katniss would be a easy target up until they saw the score 11, so maybe then they thought she would be the main target, maybe people will kill Peeta to make Katniss weak because they are a team to them. I think that because of the way people looked at them, they were jealous of how much attention they received, they saw them holding hands so they must want Peeta to die so they think she will fall too of depression and sadness.

Chapter 8

Q5. The beginning of Gale and Katniss’ relationship was Katniss walking home after hunting when she saw rabbits hanging from snare traps so she goes to look at them then Gale came out from behind a tree thinking that she was stealing them for food. Once Gale and Katniss got to know each other better they were good friends and hunting pals. Then if you look at Katniss and Peeta’s relationship with each other it started off by Peeta giving Katniss bread then their first real conversation talking about when Peeta gave Katniss the bread and Peeta saying it was nothing.

Q6. I think that Peeta asked to be coached separately because he didn’t like how Katniss got a better score than him and thought that if he was coached with Katniss he would look like a weakling if he didn’t do as good as her. I think the game makers were impressed by Katniss’ temper because it made her seem unpredictable about what she’ll do next and it made her seem strong and brave.

Chapter 9

Q7. I think that she was flattered that he liked her but also worried now because that she knows that about him, that it will be hardy to kill him if she has to. I was shocked when he said it but I did figure that was going to happen soon though but I thought he was going to kiss her when he told her.

Q8. I think that Gale was shocked by hearing that and was jealous because he does seem to have feelings for Katniss but just acts like he doesn’t like her like that because he may think of her like a sister or family. I bet that if Katniss survives this, Gale is going to ask her out because he wants to be with her.


Chapter 3-5 Blog

Hunger Games Entry for Chapter 3, 4, and 5

Chapter 3

Q1. I think he gave Katniss the cookies because maybe he wants Katniss to help Peeta in the games and to make sure that both Peeta and Katniss eat so they don’t die of starvation. I think that he will keep his promise to check on Primrose because Katniss would trade with him so he still would want Katniss to trade with him she lives.

Q2. I think that Gale was trying to tell Katniss that if she lived that both of their family’s could run away together to get a better life. I thought that because he said that they could run away together in the first chapter and that if you win you could get food so then if they did run away they would have food.

Chapter 4

Q1. The relationship between Haymitch and Peeta is that Haymitch is trying to get Peeta angry because if he is tough enough during the games he might have a chance of winning. I think that Haymitch can act like mentor after slapping Peeta in the face because he is trying to toughen him out, making him deal with pain by not letting him ice his face.

Q2. I think that Katniss’ family and Gale will effect her performance in the games because she will know that her family needs her and Gale is her best friend so she can’t lose him. I think that because whenever I need to do something I use parts of my life to motivate me to do my best. I think that Katniss is shutting Peeta out because of when he gave her the bread so she now feels like she owes him so she doesn’t want to get to attached so she feels even more closer to him.

Chapter 5

Q1. The relationship between Katniss and Peeta in this chapter is that they were talking to each when they were lit on fire and the man that dressed them told them to hold hands. When Katniss tried to loosen her grip on Peeta’s hand on page 71 he said

“ No, don’t let go of me, please, I might fall.”

I think he likes her so thats why he didn’t want her to let go. Then at the end he tells her she looked pretty in fire and she should wear it more often. Katniss thought he was just trying to make it harder on her during the games so she was gonna fight back by kissing his cheek.

Q2. The people in district 12 dress more in some clothes we wear today like hunting clothes, jeans, boots etc. vs. the capital who wear body paint, make up and other weird clothes along that line.

Final Response

I think that now that Katniss is going along with Peeta’s “game” by acting nice and flirting that Peeta is going to think that it means something for real and try to protect Katniss in the games then possible let her win or if she dies he might want to die to. Another prediction I’ve made is that maybe if Katniss or Peeta wins that maybe Haymitch will take the prize and trade it for beer and other because maybe thats why he was trying to help them.

I hope that in some point in the book that someone will tell that annoying woman ( a.k.a Effie Trinket ) to shut up and keep to herself she seems so stupid and annoying that I want her to fall off a kill or even to have lose her voice so she can shut the stupidness and opinions she has up.,r:11,s:98


Hunger Games chapter 2

The Hunger Games Chapter 2 Blog

link to bread

Q1. I think that Katniss feels like she has to take care of her family because sense her father died she may feel like she has to take over for her fathers place in the family. I think this because when her mother wasn’t eating or taking care of her family, Katniss feels like she’s the adult of the house.

Q2. I think that Katniss’ relationship with Petta is that she’s going to see him about to get killed and she’s going to help him before he dies because he saved her life, and now she feels like she owes him by trying to save his.

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Q3. I was wondering why Peeta would give Katniss the bread if they never spoken to each other before and weren’t friends. Page 30-31.

I felt bad for Katniss because first Primrose got picked for the games and Katniss stepped up to take her place. Then Peeta got picked for the games and that might be hard for Katniss because of when he gave her bread.


I think that if Katniss wins the games and comes home that Gale will end up dating Katniss because when Katniss takes Prim’s place for games he trying hard to keep himself together so maybe he has feelings for her. I also think that if Katniss wins he games that Peeta’s family will hate her and try to do something to get Katniss in trouble with the peacekeepers so she gets taken away from her family to get even.


Hunger Games Chapter One

The Hunger Games Chapter 1 Blog Entry,r:8,s:0


I think the term “Reaping” is when someone gets chosen to be in The Hunger Games. The definition that fits this the most would be “You eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions,” and “Gathering,” is probably a good term for this because people are gathering in the square to wait to see who’s going to The Hunger Games and the consequences are if you get picked you may die in the games.


The effect the hunger has on people is that they don’t think of animals as pets, they think of them of food. Like when Katniss tried to drown her sisters cat when they first found her.


Some predictions I’ve made are that Gale or Katniss are going to end up getting caught hunting illegally and end up getting brutally punished for their actions and one of them may take the other one down with them.


My reaction when they pulled Primrose’s name was shocked. I thought to myself that she only had one entry in there and that it was unfair for her to have to go on her first year. I think that you should be 14 or older in order to go to The Hunger Games and should know how to hunt, also it should be a option if you would to go.


My reaction to the book is that its really good and I can already tell it has suspense. A prediction I’ve made is that maybe Katniss and Gale will end up going to The Hunger Games together and have to kill each other because Gale looked at Katniss then turned away quickly so maybe his was scared that would happen.

I think that Gale and Katniss are going to end up together because they see each other everyday and the way they can act around each other. To me, Katniss seems like a country girl who likes to hunt. I think Gale maybe a heart throb country/city boy with a cool personality, from the way he acts and talks, he seems as if he would be cool to be around.


The Hunger Games Blog Entry
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The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

Blog Entry

Looking at the the cover of the book The Hunger Games , I think that it may have poaching because it shows a bird getting shot with a arrow. My older brother has read this book for school and he said its a really good book, so if he says its good it must be because normally he doesn’t like any books. The title doesn’t give me info, but in the magazines I read it has talked about the book and the movie, so that helps me a bit.

The author of this book is Suzanne Collins. I haven’t read anything by her, but I do recognize her name because I’ve seen her books in stores, but other than that I’m not that familiar with her.

The cover art to me shows that possibly a group of people are poaching illegally. I think this because the background is black as if it was night, also there is a bird with an arrow going through it and off to the sides it has something thats looks like a target being the poachers, aiming at the bird which is gold with a circle around it.

I found what the other authors said about the book making me want to read this more. I have heard of Stephen King but am not interested in his books because I don’t like horror, but I have heard of Stephenie Meyers, I enjoy reading The Twilight Saga that she wrote, so hearing her comments really caught my attention.

After reading the back I’m excited to see what happens in The Hunger Games and excited to see who she may meet along the way. I was shocked when they said “ fight to the death on live TV.” I am wondering what will happen to Katniss in this adventure and am wondering what her near death experience was. I think that the over all plot is going to be survival vs. death, and also I think that she’s going to have to make a tough choice. I think that the theme is realistic fiction because it is possible that this might have happened somewhere in a different country. The setting is in Panem, North America. Pamem seems like a cruel, harsh place that makes people send one boy and girl between the ages of 12- 18 to go to the Hunger Games and fight to the death on live TV.

The review I read said it was a great book and once you start reading it you can’t put it down. They said it would be a exciting book, especially if you like Dystopian Society kind of stuff.


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