Last Hunger Game Blog! 20-27

Chapter 20:(feast)

  1. I would have attended the feast because it’s so the districts can get what they needed and in this case it was Peeta’s medicine.

    Knowing that if I was in the hunger games I would have to be on Peeta’s side so yeah I would cause I’m a good person. “You were worried about me? Have you taken a look at yourself lately l?” (Chapter 20 pg. 263) I think that Peeta means a lot to Katniss and I would do the same thing if someone in our class was hurt and I cared about them. If you actually think about it, if the SAD 58 district put in one boy and one girl from each district, to kill each other. Wouldn’t that be like the Hunger Games? The 7th Grade is a family if we like it or not kind of like District 12. If I was in the games and a guy from our class was hurt and needed the medicine then yeah I would probably get it for him. It’s what we do.

Chapter 21:( Thresh )

  1. I think Thresh saved Katniss because Katniss was Rue’s partner in crime. Then when Rue died Katniss was there for her like an older sister. I think Thresh saw that Katniss did it not only for her but for everyone. The funeral anyway. I also think that Thresh noticed that Katniss meant a lot to Rue. Thresh and Rue probably never talked or knew each other. But still Rue was part of the district and like I said before their practically family if they liked it or not. So Thresh had to let Katniss go if he wanted too or not cause it was the right thing to do. “You better run now, Fire Girl.” (Chapter 21 pg. 288).

Chapter 22:

3) I think it was sweet Peeta let her sleep in. I like it when I get to sleep in! I think that Peeta somehow was paying her back, he let her sleep and she got him the medicine not much of a thank you but it was a little something. I liked that he did that it showed the readers that he can actually have a heart and not betray her again. I also thought he just needed some time to think about his future if he would ever make it back that is.“Not sure. I woke up yesterday and found you lying next to me in a very scary puddle of blood.” (Chapter 22 pg. 298) Well I think he also thought she was dead. Pretty sad. Peeta should have woken her up, make sure she was alive, then sing her to sleep. Guess Bread Boy don’t have that big of a heart after all.

Chapter 23:

  1. I think Foxface’s death was important because she was a sneak and finally it came back and bit her. If she didn’t die then who knows who would have been next. Peeta and Katniss would probably die. Then Prim would be sad and Peeta’s mother wouldn’t care. Foxface should have been smarter but it’s how the book rolls. Everything happens for a reason. “What’s left of Foxface’s emaciated body is lifted into the air” (chapter 23 pg. 318.) I think that Katniss shouldn’t have freaked over Peeta getting barrie’s I mean really! He saved her sorry life!

Chapter 24: ( sick)

  1. I think Peeta will feel bad, but hey it’s the Hunger Games. That’s what you do you kill them they kill you Gamemakers are happy the end! If I was Peeta I wouldn’t feel bad about it either he killed her or she killed him or Katniss. The “love of his life” blah! Katniss freaked out but I think Peeta was stunned to find out he did something right and wrong in a twisted way. He saved Katniss, but he killed Foxface. Kind of like Katniss thinking of Gale while making out with Peeta I mean really make up your mind girl! On another note I think that Katniss should be great full that Peeta helped her out. But no! She had to freak out “I “But he knows there’s two of us and probably assumes we were hunting Foxface.” (pg.321 Chapter 24.)

Chapter 25:

6)I don’t think they should have used the muttations. Mostly because it wasn’t a fair battle. Katniss and Peeta ran and it killed Cato! Poor poor Cato. My personal reaction was, who in their sick minds would do that?! I mean really! Let them fight it out. But I also never agreed with that they would make the Hunger Games! This book makes me so irritated! -_- It wasn’t a fair fight. The star crossed lovers won cause of those dogs and Cato never had a chance! How is that fair?! But then again the Capitol is full of fools with no sense of fashion or a heart! “Muttations. No doubt about it. I’ve never seen these mutts, but they’re no natural-born animal.” (Chapter 25 pg. 331)

Chapter 26:

  1. I think it was a good idea. Because why would you want to live and know the one you loved was dead. Plus you should have died for them. If you do it together theirs not guilt. There’s no one to stop you. Plus it changed the Gamemakers minds didn’t it? They both got to stay alive and they both lived so it was a great idea. Only it would be interesting to see them both die... just my opinion! Katniss had a great idea but I don’t think she knew how much of a heart attack it caused Prim. “You didn’t swallow any? I ask him. He shakes his head. You? Guess I would be dead now if I did, I say” (chapter 26. Pg. 346.)

Chapter 27: ( Love you)

8) I think that Peeta and Katniss will stay together. But when she see’s Gales face she’s going to be hurting inside and out. Gale loved her. She loved him. But no matter what she says is true. She’s with Peeta and Peeta loves her too. I hope Gale and Peeta fight. Always nice to see. Also I think that Katniss is going to flip out on Peeta because they have to do what Haymitch does. Or did. I think Peeta and Katniss were playing a game in the Hunger Games. But then it became more. Not just a game. But true love. Sickness! Gale’s going to

at Katniss maybe storm out? But I also think Peeta and her will settle down. Have a family. But I highly doubt she will love Peeta 100% I think she will always love Gale as well. She will understand she made the wrong choice. Hunger Games or not Katniss barely noticed Peeta before! But no he’s the “heart ache” she’s been waiting for!


Hunger Games 19 - 15!

Chapters 15-19

Chapter 19: (picture to the right of dance, love, sing live)

  1. How she found Peeta was amazing. “It’s the final word in camouflage.”(Page 252.) When I read that he got hurt I was like no! I felt so bad. I would have done the same thing as Katniss. Just not kiss him. That was gross! But I would have risked my life to get the medicine. And I would have fed him cause he did feed Katniss. “Your not going to die.” (Page 253.) I think she didn’t want him to die because for one it was like she was falling for him. Falling fast for him and he was willing to catch her in the end. It seems hard to find someone like that in District 12. Although Gale was there to catch her too! He loved her to the moon and back but could Peeta move heaven and earth for Katniss? My connection to this is my parents. One always wants to give you better things in this case Gale and Peeta want to show Katniss that they love her more then the other. Although Gale really didn’t do anything for Katniss while Peeta saved her life by telling her to run. I think that Peeta and Katniss will be together for a while. Kind of gross. Okay very gross.

Chapter 18: (picture of girl)

  1. I think Katniss made that funeral for Rue because Rue reminded her of Prim, and Prim’s her world. I also think she did that because Rue trusted Katniss, the trust between them was unbelievable because well it’s the Hunger Games you kill each other. “Covering the ugly wound.”

    think she wanted Rue to somehow know she was wanted. As if Katniss believed that Rue was sleeping. I also think that Rue and Katniss seemed like sisters. It all adds up to one thing which is trust. First Rue follows Katniss around while training, then Rue makes allies with Katniss, Rue sleeps in Katniss’s arms, now Rues dead. If they didn’t trust each other none of this would have happened. I think the whole reasoning for Katniss putting flowers on Rue was because of Prim. Rue reminded Katniss of Prim and that’s why I think Katniss was crying because she was thinking of her sister and how if Prim was in the Games then Katniss would have to watch her sister die. I couldn’t bare seeing Julia die as much as I hate being around her. I don’t even want her to move out into my moms house.

Chapter 17:

  1. I think that since Katniss lost her hearing in her left ear it will effect how she hunts because without her hearing as a hunter she will be weak and defenseless. Not just hunting animals either. If you listen I bet she could have heard footsteps but now without that sense of hearing in her left ear I think she will be a bad hunter. I also think that when Prim saw Katniss getting hurt she was crying and screaming. I just hope that their mother stays with Prim and not zone out again. Just like Katniss said in the begging “you can’t zone out, not like when dad died.”

  1. I doubt the Careers will last long. Throwing a knife and missing with an arrow isn’t going to help you hunt. Not squirrel at least. I also think that someone will eat those poison berries I hope so >:] then they die! I think that Cato will be the one who eats them. Or at least I hope he does. I think that The Careers wont be able to survive the games now that Katniss blew up the food which was epic. But I think that the Careers only trained for survival as in killing people and stuff like that. Just not for hunting and getting food survival. Thats why they probably fought it out in the cornucopia because they knew they could get the food in my opinion I don’t like the Careers they seem like snobs and people who don’t deserve to live 12 or not their still snobby brats in my eyes.

Chapter 16:

  1. I think that Katniss and Rues alliance was a good idea because Rue’s sneaky and knows how to kill them and what to eat, what plants are medicine, and had the vision of a hawk. Katniss could climb, run, and shoot with a bow and arrow to get game and kill people. Together they

    are a good team, half of the reason that their a good team is because they trust each other more then I trust a lot of my friend to tell the truth. :P Also their team well alliance was small it was two again 6 I think if not more! I would have done the same thing Rue and Katniss did because I think being a team is great. Team work helps you in reality and I guess in the games now too.

Chapter 15: (picture of rue and katniss)

6) I don’t think Katniss truly cares that she killed the two girls during the tracker jacker attack. I think this because why would she? Their trying to kill her and its their problem that they had her in a tree not hers. I wouldn’t feel bad I think Katniss feels guilty about doing it because they might not have been bad people. Just killers thats all. If I was Katniss I would kill the Capitol. >:]


Hunger games 10-14

Chapters 10-14!

Chapter 10: (Picture below to the right is Ryan Hafford)

  1. I think they inserted the tracker into Katniss’s skin so that she couldn’t run off and they would track her every move. I also think its

    because if she is dead they will be able to find her easily instead of searching for the bodies they just look at their trackers.I think that they will take them off after the games because I don’t think they need to keep track of the people after the games.In the book it says “ Now the Gamemakers will always be able to trace my whereabouts in the arena. Would.t want to lose a tribute.” Page 144. I really don’t think why they need the trackers I’m betting Katniss or Peeta will yank the tracker off near the end so the cannons fire and they are alive but people think their dead. Then who knows what will come next maybe they will fall in love. For real this time not just some silly little crush. I also expect that they will take them off just to hear the tributes pain thats how mean the Capitol is.

Chapter 11:

2)I think Peeta’s decision to gang up with the Careers was stupid! Katniss was finally falling for him and he goes and back stabs her. I was as shocked as Katniss in the book it says “I almost fall out of the tree. The voice belongs to Peeta.” Page 168. I think what Peeta did was so stupid because Katniss needs him and back home in District 12 people despise the Careers. I think Peeta did it because he was to lazy to fight for the right to live. Instead he figured that he could be a little slave. But then again it could be a smart move. Learning the Careers secret abilities. Then running back to Katniss and help her kill them. That would be interesting to read. Peeta lost Katniss’s trust I think from doing the things the Careers want him to do. Like killing that girl. Helping the Careers find Katniss. Circling the tree with them. He could be with Katniss or do as the Careers say or you die. I would go with Katniss. They are using Peeta but he don’t see it or does he? Peeta needs to focus I think or Katniss will be his cutest nightmare.

Chapter 12:

(picture of water)

I think that Haymitch was keeping the water from her because he knew she was close to the pond or a little tiny mud puddle. I also think

that she had no sponsors because of Peeta switching sides. You can’t just get up and play tag with the other dudes. But after Katniss showed how good she was on that big screen, people started coming around. I think the should have the choice to give the tributes gifts and not have to get the permission from people like Haymitch. Not cool! I agree with Katniss cause in the book it says “I know he hates me. He’s made that clear enough.” Page 168. Haymitch is mean to Katniss. Just like when Peeta said the same words as Haymitch. What a slap in the face. Peeta and Haymitch need to notice that Katniss isn’t that bad she is human she makes mistakes but Haymitch can’t even send her water?! I think he’s to drunk.

Chapter 13:

The fire affected the games because it ruined the trees so no one could hide in their. Plus it drove them all together. I’m glad Katniss got

(Picture found on Google)

the ointment for the burn because it helped her get away and stay alive. I also think that the Careers are jerks. But it was funny when Katniss made conversation with them. I also think that how the Careers are in a pack its unfair. The fire drove the Careers to her and she had to climb the tree. Now theres no game around for food and the Capitol are having laughs and giggles about how Katniss was running. The Capitol is sick for doing that so are the Gamemakers. They need to grow up just like Peeta and the Careers. Shooting fire at people? Who does that? No one because it is wrong! People need to understand that in this book. I think my pinky finger is more mature then the Gamemakers. I disagree how they threw the at Katniss and ruined the woods. Don’t the Gamemakers have a heart? What about the wild life?

Chapter 14: ( Picture found on Google Images)

I think the Careers will gang up and kill Peeta. I also think that they will feel betrayed but one will be brave and take Peeta’s side. Also that they will just come out and say “ well we were using you anyway, so now that we know were your girlfriend is...we can kill you both.” I think Peeta let Katniss stay alive because he loves her and that he’s finally noticing that he made a mistake taking the side of the Careers and not Katniss. I also think that he is having mixed feelings, as if he loves Katniss but is acting like a Career to stay alive. He’s scared. I think that the Careers will kill Katniss in front of Peeta and that he will get so mad. But Katniss won’t be dead. Thats the trick we know she will be alive but they will think she is dead. Or she will put the tracker on a deer or something and take that instead.


Chapters 6-9 Hunger Games

Chapter 6

Sponge Picture

1. I would compare the types of technology in the Capitol to the type of technology in District 12 by, how the Capitol’s showers are. In the book it says “ regulating water temperature, pressure, soaps, shampoos, scents, oils, and messaging sponges.”(page 75) It pretty much describes how they don’t have to do anything for them selves even in the showers cause of all the high tech things they have. When I read about the scents and oils, etc, I thought they were spoiled people because even here in Maine we do a lot of things for our selves especially in the showers.In District 12 they barley had showers, if they were lower class then they looked like a pile of dirt and they weren’t that clean and higentic. I also found that the Capitol has a detangler for your hair, when I read that I was amazed because I have curly hair and I still can get the tangles out myself. The thought of the technology and the spoiled people in the Capitol made me really mad because I think they don’t know how to do anything themselves they got servants as well! In District 12 they barley brush there hair if there poor, but the Capitol they seem like they can’t do anything themselves! They need to be more independent I feel. When Katniss stepped on the mat from getting out of the shower it said that it blow dried her off, in District 12 you had to dry off yourself and you took showers in a lake. The Capitol also has big elevators like you see in big office buildings in the city. But in District 12 there weren’t many stairs to climb so theres no use for an elevator. At a push of a button food appears at your command , when Katniss lived in District 12 or to her “home” everyone was struggling just to get some food they were all starving. In my eyes the Capitol should share their food and give it to the poorer districts like District 12.

  1. , I also think it was because she

    I think the Avox girl was running away from the Capitol because it was an expression of rebelliondid something bad and didn’t want to be caught but got caught anyway. I don’t think she was running away with her brother because it never said so in the book. It says “And then we saw her. I’m sure it was the same girl. A boy was with her.” (page 83)The book never said anything about it being the Avox’s brother. I was amazed how they caught her though they treated her like she was a bear or a rat even, catching her in a net. They even caught the boy by shooting a bow through his chest and dragging him up by the rope that was connected. I think that she was running because she wanted to be with the boy as well, but the Capitol wouldn’t let them. Or maybe she was running because she wanted to make sure the boy was save no matter how much risk she took to save him as long as he was save and secure. When I read about how they cut the girls tongue out I started yelling at my book, yes I was yelling at a book. It made me mad and i didn’t like how the Capitol treated her. It was rude and I disapproved of it I’m not sure what was running through the people who ordered her tongue to be cut out but I think whoever did it should be killed. The Capitol is full of sick minded people just like Effie Trinket I don’t like her either I have said so in the past few of my blogs. In the book it says “No to rebel.” (page 83)

Chapter 7:

Picture of child running

1. I think Haymitch didn’t want Peeta and Katniss to show there real strength during the practice with the other tributes because he didn’t want the other tributes to see what Peeta and Katniss could really do. If the other tributes found out what Katniss and Peeta could do they would probably try and kill them first, or train to do the same thing Peeta and Katniss do so they can be better competitors. In the book it says “She has no idea.The effect she can have.” (page 93) I think that means that for one, Peeta was crushing on Katniss but

playing it cool in the process. For two I think that kind of means that she has a really good aim and really great skills and Peeta was trying to build up connivence to Katniss but in the fight of who was better at what I think they both were hitting on each other. Or that they were trying to build connivence in one another but ended up making each other mad. This book makes me mad as well so thats something I can connect with, I just wanna slap Peeta and Katniss for acting childish.

  1. I think that the tributes think Katniss would be week because it says “Each must have fifty to a hundred pounds on me”(page 94) Katniss is tinier and skinnier then the others but they don’t know how strong she is so I think that she will make a big finish in the end.I also think that she is gong to kill everyone except Peeta and then one of them will pretend to be dead or get hurt and they will both make it out alive. “Then the others, the underfed, the incompetent, shakily having their first lessons with a knife or an ax.” (page 95) I think the underfed will be the easiest to kill. But the ones who are trained for it, the Career Tributes, they will be tough but not to too hard

Chapter 8: Picture of the Weights

  1. Gale and Katniss’s relationship is romantic. They are hunting partners and they both want to be more then friends in a way you can tell because Katniss is always thinking about Gale. It’s like she’s alway thinking about him. Kinda like me and Ryan Hafford<3. I think she and him would be perfect together. Katniss and Peeta on the other hand... Peeta loves her! When I read that in chapter 9 I was like OH MY!!! I was so happy! They seem like a good couple but in my opinion he’s not hot in his description but Gale sounds better! I think Gale will be MAD if Peeta and Katniss date! D: But the thoughts of Gale will disrupt Katniss dating Peeta I
    Hunting with a Bow Photo
  2. 6. I think Peeta wanted to be coached separately because Katniss’s looks distract Peeta and he would get so caught up in her eyes that he wouldn’t get anything done or get prepared. I also think he wanted to have time to think about her and how he could come out and say that he loved her and that it would be hard for him to move on afterwards. I think the Gamemakers were so impressed with Katniss’s temper because it will make the game more excited then other games before this one

Chapter 9: picture of bow

7. I think she’s gonna sit there bewildered. I think this because it takes a lot of courage to say it out loud “So here’s what you do. You win, you go home. She can’t turn you down then, eh? Says Caesar encouragingly.” “I don’t think it’s going to work out. Winning...won’t help my case, says Peeta” “Why ever not? says Caesar, mystified.” “Peeta blushes beet red and stammers out. Because....because....she came here with me.” (page 130) I think she will get excited and run into his arms when she see’s him next! Or she will get angry and blow up in his face about it. If I was in Katniss’s shoes I would run to him and hug him when I see him the next time because it was a very romantic thing for Peeta to do<3.

8. I think Gale stormed out of the house, into the woods angry and killed rabbits. I think this because he loved her! But now he has competition. If I was Gale which would be creepy...I would do the same thing though. I think Gale wasn’t jealous just because Peeta’s not with her yet. But if they come home both alive and tell Gale their dating I think Gale will punch Peeta’s face in because Katniss is Gale’s world <3 and always have been. I think Gale has tons of feelings for Katniss because he wants to run away with her. It’s obvious that he loves her. I think he really wants to be with her. Mad Face


response to chapters 3-5

This is placeholder text for your new blog entry. Replace it with your own. Chapter 3 Questions

  1. I think that Peeta’s dad gave Katniss cookies during his visitation because he wanted to do a kind thing for her. I also think he was trying to tell her something with the cookies like you shouldn’t kill Peeta he’s a good kid or something along those lines. I think the baker will keep his promise because in the book it said “People deal with me, but they are genuinely fond of Prim. Maybe there will be enough fondness to keep her alive.” I think that he is fond of her because everyone knows her in some way and somehow from the quote it just seems that everyone loves that little girl somehow. When they said “They are genuinely fond of her” I’m pretty sure that the baker will take good care of her because of the relationship or fondness they have.

  2. I think that Gale was trying to tell Katniss that he would take good care of Prim and that he had faith in Katniss, as if he knew she was going to win. I also think he wanted to tell her he loved her.

Chapter 4 Questions

  1. I think the relationship between Peeta and Haymitch is rocky. I think this because Haymitch is never not drinking and the book says “For a few moments, Peeta and I take in the scene of our mentor trying to rise out of the slippery vile stuff from his stomach.” When he’s consuming all that alcohol he’s not fully thinking things through and Peeta seems like he’s getting tired of Haymitch not giving good advice. I also think that (picture to the left found at)

  2. Peeta’s thinking that him and Katniss aren’t going to get any sponsors because of Haymitch’s actions and in the book it says “
  3. Here’s some advice stay alive.” That doesn’t really help them much and Haymitch should grow up and really be involved. This really will set the sponsors off to another district. I think that when Haymitch punched Peeta in the face Peeta got mad at him and didn’t want anything to do with Haymitch, so I think that Haymitch will make it so that Peeta and Katniss don’t get any sponsors.

  1. I think Katniss’s family and Gale will make her fight till the end. Like she will think of them and get stronger from her memories of them because Prim and Gale mean a lot to her. I think that she’s going to win the games because of the thoughts of Prim and Gale in a way because Gale’s seems like he’s always there for Katniss and Prim’s her little sister and she’s always there to comfort and support Katniss every step of the way. I think that Katniss is shutting Peeta out because the book said “A kinda Peeta Mellark is far more dangerous to me then an unkind

    one.”and I think that Katniss is thinking that he’s going to get to her and kill her instead of the other way around.

Chapter 5 Questions

  1. The relationship between Peeta and Katniss throughout chapter 5 is kind of romantic in a way.It almost seems like his actions he does are effecting Katniss. “He grabs my right hand in his left, and we look to Cinna for confirmation.” I think that means that he’s getting fond of her and trying to be her friend but she’s just shutting him out for no reason. If you look through his eyes as you read then you take a whole other feel of the book. Like how is Peeta feeling about shutting him out and why is she doing that? Throughout chapter 5 it seemed like Peeta wanted more then a friendship with Katniss. Like Katniss and Gale, Gale wanted more then friends as well but he never got it.

  1. To me in District 12 they are grubby. There all dirty and coal dusted, and no pink or purple hair only natural colors and no body piercings or plastic surgery or body art. To me I like the way of District 12’s designs. Guys have usually kind of short hair their strong and have old clothes nothing to too fancy. The girls have braids and dresses or jeans and shirts and some hunt just like me. But the Capitol is all body art and the
    (picture found at)
    guys look like girls with purple lipstick, the book even said “Applies a fresh coat of purple lipstick.” Thats so strange to me! The girls in the Capitol have wacky hair colors of pinks and purples and blues. All weird colors. I mean I do think tattooing is a personal choice, so are body piercings and hair dyes. It’s kind of strange since you don’t see many people like that in Maine but to me it’s a choice, a personal one.

(sign to the left found at)

Thoughts and feelings:

In chapter four when Katniss was grateful of not having to wash Haymitch up I thought Peeta was being really sweet, but she thinks that Peeta’s just trying to kill her. In the chapters four and five I was really excited to see what the games were going to be about and names of the other contestants. I also felt a romantic buzz I guess you could call it that when Peeta and Katniss were holding hands. It was as if Peeta wanted a little more then be “friends.” Which I think is cute! I also think that Gale is going to effect the relationship between Peeta and Katniss because Gale seems a lot cuter then Peeta and he seems like a better friend to Katniss. All I could think when they told Katniss she was very hairy I was screaming at my book I was like “RUDE!” I mean really I know they are snobby bratty people but don’t have to be so mean to her they probably never had razors in Panem. I think that Katniss are going to make Peeta think that she will kill him because Katniss thinks he will kill her by being nice but I think Katniss will get a cold side, like a “cold shoulder” to Peeta.


Chapter two of “The Hunger Games” questions/notes/feelings. Autumn Hinkley.


1.) In chapter two, Katniss felt obligated to take car of Prim and her family because her father died in a mining accident. So her mother doesn’t know what to do. She’s in a dark place almost like she is traumatized. Since her mother is like this I think that Katniss is thinking that if she doesn’t step up and take the place of her father she and Prim will have to go to an orphanage (p. 27). I think that Katniss hasn’t really moved on from her fathers death she just has to act like it but the flash backs still come back to haunt her. She has to be strong for Prim and her mother and hunt for food and act like she’s twenty five instead of sixteen. A quote in the book that caught my eye was “Trying to remember how to breathe” page twenty one chapter two. It got me thinking when I read that

(check out this website for picture)

part because, if Katniss didn’t volunteer to take Prim’s place in The Hunger Games she would lose everything that has ever been dear to her. I think she would do anything for her family and put them first even if it meant risking her own life for them. “I volunteer!” page twenty two chapter two. My prediction is that she will survive the hunger games and see Prim again, but when she does she will teach Prim everything she knows for the next time around. Just incase Prim gets picked again.That quote reminded me of me and my cousin Ryan Hinkley mostly because he’s like my brother and always will be I would risk my life for him just like Katniss would for Prim.

2.) I think the relationship and past with Peetah Mellark will effect Katniss in The Hunger Games. My prediction on it is that Katniss will feel bad for taking the bread the flash backs will come back during the games. I also think that they will be friends again close friends maybe even more. Just like Katniss and Gale. I think that she will say sorry but someone else will kill Peetah. Katniss will win the games I predict. I think that Katniss owes Peetah a thank you for the bread even though he will probably look puzzled from the thought of her doing this. I think she would also ask why he did that even though it meant for him to get abused and punished. “Oh no I think not him.” Page twenty five chapter two. My perdition is that Katniss will be

afraid if he looks over and notices her. The book does say that she has caught him looking at her a couple of times. Or maybe Peetah will get mad at her for no reason at all but think he is right when she thinks he’s wrong about being like that.

When I read about Katniss relating to how she felt when Prim’s name was drawn was very interesting. I read that she fell ten feet out of a tree and all I could think was WHO WOULD FALL ASLEEP IN A TREE?! I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it but then I got to thinking that maybe she was tired that day or maybe no game came around for an exciting hunt because I know how that feels. “Unable to speak” (p.21). I felt the same way when Prim was picked it was one out of thousands! But I can also connect to that

(picture found on google images) feeling because when I was in about the third grade I fell off the monkey bars during recess I was almost unconsious and couldn’t breathe the wind was knocked out of me it was very scary. “No one thinks this is fair” (p.21). I think the people of Panem are right! It’s not fair! Their twelve year old children sixteen to eighteen might be better but it’s cruel to watch twelve year olds die it’s cruel to watch any die! It reminds me of toddlers in tiaras its child abuse it should be illegal even if it’s just a book!

“I volunteer!” (p.22). WHAT?! My sister would never do that for me! Thats true sisterly love. <3 I think that even though I’m selfish with my things that I would still do the same for Julia. Maybe. “Lets give around of applause” (p.23). Effie Trinket is sick in the head! Who would applaud that?! I would truly throw something at her I don’t know if it’s just me

but it’s true! Sometimes this book gets on my nerves. “No one applauded” (p.23) .GOOD! NO ONE SHOULD APPLAUD THAT! “Someone precious” (p.24). In my beliefs everyone has someone special in their lives. Just like I have my dad and Julia and even my bunny,my rabbit is my life like for real. “He hasn’t bathed in awhile” (p.24). EW! that’s so gross! Pigs are even cleaner then that! Even my uncles who drink still take a shower! “Peetah Mellark!” (p.25). I instantly thought of Evan Gore or Ryan Hafford when they

(The top picture to the left of Katniss,Gale, and Peeta found at google)
described him. The description of the father reminded me of my grandfather, except he died from a different reason.

(picture found from google)


"The Hunger Games" Chapter One Revised

Reflection/ Reactions/Opinions

In chapter one of “The Hunger Games” I found that on page three that I have heard the word “reaping” in Cheating” by Sara Evans. I thought that was pretty interesting that I could relate to a song from a book. I’m still unsure of what reaping is I think it is the day of the killing how the book uses it in a sentence.

I’ve found that I could relate to a lot of things on page four like the sentence “I slide into my hunting boots” caught my eye. It caught my eye because I hunt too. The sentence kinda made me wonder what she hunted. I also wondered where Katniss would hunt because in the beginning how they described District 12 was no woods, like a dense lonesome town. I had a question about the statement “ hunched shoulders, swollen knuckles,and broken nails” I didn’t understand what was going on at first so I had to re-read. After I re-read the text of the book I got what they meant. To me it sounds like they live in fear of District 12. The sentence “our part of Distract 12” kinda made me think about how they live. I also thought about how it seemed like they were trapped like mice in Distract 12 because they said that the people couldn’t leave and had to go to the town square for the reaping if they weren’t almost dead. It also felt like school in a way like we have districts like 58 and 59. We also have boundaries like no going in the woods no sneaking away etc...

Also on page five “sheath of arrows” certainly caught my eye. It caught my eye because for christmas I got arrows and a bow. I kinda liked that Katniss hunted cause it felt like I could relate to that since I hunt. I also think that it could relate some how to the arrow in the birds beak on the cover. I thought that was so exciting!

I felt that this chapter dragged on but it was still a good book. It was also kinda interesting how Gal told Katniss that they could run away together if they didn’t have to take care of the family. At the end I thought Katniss would be the one to be picked and I was so upset that Primrose got picked cause they say she’s a young girl about my age. Which must be scary. I also felt that I knew what would happen in a way but wasn’t sure if my prediction would be right. I predicted that Katniss would be in the Hunger Games like they said in the blurb but I also felt that she would win the games. I hope this book gets more exciting and thrilling as this chapter was in a way.


Q1.I think it would be an appropriate term because the town of Panem is a suffering town everyone is almost starved. I also think that there taking the kids out for food and if they win they can feed their family’s but if they don’t then they will die because its fight to the death on live tv.

Q2. “But there’s also food if you know how to find it” page 4. I think thats how Katniss Everdeen is staying alive because her father taught her how to hunt. I also thought that this sentence was also a way to describe the starving people. Katniss and her family are barley making it by because of her hunting skill and fishing skills. Same with Gal’s family both family’s would starve to death without them.

Q3. My prediction is that Katniss is going to say she’s Primrose so her sister wont have to do it. I also think that Gal will be the boy cause his name went in 42 times.

Q4. My reaction was shocked. I felt so shocked and I wanted to read more. I was guessing Katniss would be picked and when she wasn’t I was shocked about that. The suspense kept me hooked on that one event. I feel that it was so shocking that everyone wasn’t thinking it would be like that.

Q5. I think that Katniss is an amazing girl. I hunt and fish too so I really connect to her. I also felt that she was a hero in a strange way for doing the hunting and fishing. Primrose made me think of my cousin because she seems like a sweet little girl a little to scared of most things but very well behaved. When the book introduced Gal it automatically made me think of my friend Ryan the description was so like Ryan I wanted to tell him all about it but he’s reading it too. The relationship between Gal and Katniss I thought was a playful friendly one. I also thought that they each had a crush on each other but didn’t want to say anything to one another. I felt like Katniss really didn’t like her mother that much because she said she wasn’t beautiful anymore and most children would say their mothers are. I also thought that Katniss and Primrose were like me and Julia when we were younger cause my sister looked out for me all the time and made sure everything was going the right way for me. She was almost like my second mother like Katniss is to Primrose. Over all I thought the plot was about how Katniss will get Primrose out of the Hunger Games. I got the photo up in the left corner at the top from Google Images


First Blog Entry on "The Hunger Games" Analysis

(1).I’m reviewing the book “The Hunger Games” and the title of this book tells me that something, or someone is going be hungry and maybe be playing games for food or be in a competition for food. My sister has read this book "The Hunger Games" and her friends talk about how amazing the text is and how good the book was. They all say that it was exciting to read.

(2.)I’m still kinda guessing and I’m guessing what’s going on even though my sister has read this book.,r:0,s:0(2)The author Suzanne Collins wrote “The Hunger Games” I have never read anything by her so I’m not sure the feel she has in the books she writes like I would in another book that I’ve read by an author I know.

(3) The cover art suggests that its gonna be about games of hunger and the bird is really interesting to me it stands out and i wonder whats gonna relate to that bird.I get the mood that there will be action and a lot of competition in this book because of the circles. The covers black and the words are white so they stand out a lot.

(4) All the authors on the back say its a great book and how the violence is in a great spot for the book. I’ve recognized Stephanie Meyers she wrote “The Twilight Saga.”Stephan King is common he has a book named “It” that i have seen the movie to. When my sister told me about the book I thought it would be boring and that i never wanted to read it but the feed back of one of my favorite Authors is helping me realize now that it is a good book since I read the back of the book.

(5) I’m excited to see if the character Katniss wins the Hunger Games or not and I’m curious who the boy will be. I think I’m hesitant because when my sister told me about it I thought it wasn’t that good. I think the plot will be all about the Hunger Games and how they are set up.

The review I found was on amazon.The Hunger Games” is stared four and a half stars out of five. People say its amazing book and it is exciting to read. I think I can give it a chance but I'm still not sure if I'm gonna be to excited to read it. I'm intersted that so many people like this book and would give it a great rating. "I just finished reading this book, I normally take a week to read a book, I read this in 24 hours." Lefty Lou. I liked this review because I can connect to not putting a book down. I also liked that this person didn't spoil it.


My First Blog Entry

I'm so excited for vacation because I get to be with my family. I'm going to Augusta for a third of my christmas with my step dads mom and dad.